1935 Gar Wood Boat

1935 Gar Wood

Long before Garfield was a fat orange cartoon cat, Garfield Wood was the first man to ever crack 100 miles per hour in a boat. He went on to design some of the most beautiful boats of the early 1900s – known as Gar Wood boats.

This 1935 18″ double cockpit Gar Wood is one of those examples. When you stop to think, damn, this boat is 80 years old, you have a lot more respect for what we were building nearly a century ago. I can’t imagine any boat today being admired 80 years from now. This Gar Wood is a restored example with really no needs. It has spent its entire life in and around Lake George, New York, where you can start the bidding on eBay for  $54,900.

1935 Gar Wood Boat
This is an 80 year old chunk of varnished mahogany that still puts any modern boat to shame.
1935 Gar Wood Interior
They don’t build them like this anymore. This Gar Wood has undergone a complete restoration.

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