Chris Craft Wonderful 1

1939 Chris-Craft Barrelstern Runabout

Do you like luxury? Well this 1939 Chris-Craft Barrelstern Runabout was the height of luxury in a 19-foot hull when it was built, and it’s even more impressive today. Not sure why all the photos look like Polaroids from 1981, but this boat is beautiful. It’s been restored to show condition and is in desperate need of a salt-and-pepper-haired gentleman to don a captain’s hat and take the helm. The apostrophe before the “S” in the name is the only thing I question. ‘S Wonderful. She’s Wonderful? Tis Wonderful? Buy It Because It’s Wonderful? Make up whatever you want, but first you need to navigate over to eBay and make a run at this classic Chris-Craft. The boat is located in Mission Viejo, California, and the bid is currently at $40,100.

Chris Craft Wonderful 1
Look at it. It wants a parade. Pick it up and you’ll be the envy of all your friends this Fourth of July.
Chris Craft Wonderful 2
This 1939 Chris-Craft Barrelstern Runabout has been restored to show condition, inside and out.


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