1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 1

1954 AristoCraft Typhoon

Up for bids here we have 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon in perfect restored condition. It’s obviously an old boat, but everything in it and on it looks brand new. It’s only been in the water five times since its restoration. The hull is all original with all the original hardware, and the decks were replaced about 35 years ago. The motor is a great running little 1956 Mercury Mark 25. And the interior, is, well, beautiful if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan. It’s green and yellow, which you can see from about a mile away, and it’s plenty bright. But I like it. It makes this 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon look much less stodgy than some classic woodies. It looks like a boat you should go out and have fun in. This AristoCraft is currently located in Chelsea, Michigan, and it’s on eBay with a current bid of $2,081.

1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 1
This little 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon is only a 12-footer, but it’s built for fun and ready for the water.
1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 2
This AristoCraft Typhoon is fully restored and in perfect condition. Go Pack Go.

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