Feather Craft Vega Bond 1

1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond

I’ve flown on airplanes with less rivets than this 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond. It was an all-aluminum boat of the future in the 50s, a comic book come to life. It’s still all-aluminum today, but the future has passed it by. And the seller isn’t into comic books so much as the beat culture. His stream of consciousness description of this Feather Craft captures the genre as well as Kerouac could have ever hoped: “boat is in great shape for the age has zero leaks runs and drives great could use a crab cleaning does not like to ideal real well but once your going runs fine has electric trim all lights work and its up to code with all the safety equipment these boats are pretty rare and hard to find well in michigan anyway.” Indeed. This 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond is begging you to take it out on the open water and write your own adventure. The journey begins in Fremont, Michigan, where your Feather Craft Vega Bond is listed on eBay with a current bid $3,500.

Feather Craft Vega Bond 1
This 1956 Feather Craft Vega Bond is an all-aluminum vision of the future, from the past.
Feather Craft Vega Bond 2
You’ll own the water when you climb into the plush aluminum interior on this Feather Craft Vega Bond. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

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