1957 Cadillac Lido Antique Boat

1957 Cadillac Lido

This is a super cool antique, a 1957 Cadillac Lido 16 ft. aluminum runabout. I for one, did not know that a Cadillac Marine and Boat Company ever existed. No, the marine version it is not tied to the Cadillac Motor Company. Sounds like there was a little bad blood between the two companies back in the day. The Cadillac Boat Company was taken to court by General Motors for use of the “Cadillac” name back in 1955. The boat company won the case and was awarded $41,000 from GM to cover legal fees and loss of reputation. Interesting to say the least.

The boat company hailed from Cadillac, MI, go figure. Looks like they made boats for roughly a decade from about 1955 into the mid-60’s. The base price in it’s vintage year of this ’57 Cadillac Lido, the company’s model 646, was $798 dollars. That MSRP is equal to roughly $7,200 in today’s market.

The Lido boat for sale here is in excellent condition. The current boat owner has never even run the 1958 Johnson Outboard Motor. The unique boat was strictly used as a show piece along with a classic Bel Air car of the same vintage. Now, I love boats because I love being on the water so there’s no chance I could be as gentle with this runabout. Show boat or not. I’d have to drive this aluminum classic. The price at $23k seems steep for an aluminum vessel, but then again, this one is super RARE.  I wouldn’t want this to be the only boat I’m running, but it’s very cool addition to a collection if that’s what you’re looking for.

1957 Cadillac Lido Interior
Used strictly for show, everything about this boat is in great condition. I love the “57 Heaven flag flying from the bow.
The 1958 Johnson Outboard has not been run by current owner. It looks clean however and I’m sure with a little elbow grease she’d kick right over.

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