1957 Correct Craft Collegian

1957 Correct Craft Collegian

The Correct Craft Collegian was like the Atom Skier’s older, bigger brother. The 18′ big brother that went to college and became a successful banker. When you’re a successful banker in the late 1950s you show off to your other friends by purchasing a fine wooden boat like this beautifully restored Correct Craft Collegian.

This Collegian in Labanon, Indiana is powered by a Chrysler Crown six cylinder engine pushing out 135hp. Moving an 18 foot long chunk of double-planked mahogany takes some power, and that was the biggest six cylinder Chrysler made at the time.

The seller claims to have spent nearly twenty grand on the restoration of this old Correct Craft and it looks it – lots of new wood, a 5200 bottom and 15 coats of spar varnish later you can now buy it on eBay where the current bid is just short of $9,000 with the reserve not yet met.

1957 Correct Craft Collegian
I did not put that little glimmer in that picture with Photoshop, that’s real shine, people.
1957 Correct Craft Collegian Interior
i don’t know what the reserve is on this old Correct Craft, but anything around $15,000 gets a you a real nice vintage inboard.

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  1. Is this boat still for sale? I called in November of 2014 and have just assumed it has sold. Info on availability please!

    1. Our listings highlight boats that are for sale when we write about them. What happens after that… we’re not sure.

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