1958 Century Coronado Sliding Hardtop

1958 Century Coronado Hardtop

I can’t be sure why this Century model is named the Coronado. Perhaps after the affluent Coronado Island in southern California where the sliding hardtop was necessary because the sun never stops shining? Gather your friends after a grueling polo match, pile into your classic Coronado with a 9-year-old bottle of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. The 354 Hemi powers you around the bay while you sip the grape nectar and comment on how 2002 was a much better year for Cabs. This Century is ready to roll with a new(ish) 5200 bottom. The red and white vinyl interior looks true to original form and will pamper your ass like your  favorite thoroughbred saddle. Jump on your Gulfstream and jet over to Clinton, South Carolina and pick this 21′ Century Coronado hardtop up on eBay where it’s currently at $24,900 Buy it Now.

1958 Century Coronado sliding hardtop
If the top comes down, the price goes up. In this case, If it has a top at all, the price goes up.
1958 Century Coronado Sliding Hardtop
I’m a big fan of these old Century Coronados. The hardtops work well for keeping those pesky paparazzi photographers from ruining your afternoon.
1958 Century Coronado Interior
A little spilled red wine in here? No problem, matches the red and white Century interior.

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  1. Hi, where did you find this boat if you don’t mind my asking, I think it used to be my dad’s. Would love some info on it. Tx

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