1960 Glasscraft 1

1960 Glasscraft with Flying Scott Motor

Here’s an interesting little 16-foot fiberglass runabout. It’s a 1960 Glasscraft with a 60-horse Flying Scott motor. The boat isn’t kitschy or heavily stylized like a lot of 50s and 60s fiberglass boats, but it still has some vintage style. The boat is clean, the chrome is shiny and the motor runs well. The original sparkly upholstery has some wear (obviously) but it’s still in good condition. The original manuals are even included. You could dress it up a little or take it out on the water as is. This 1960 Glasscraft is located in Gurnee, Illinois, and you can Buy It Now for $3,499.

1960 Glasscraft 1
This 1960 Glasscraft is all original and it’s ready for the water.
1960 Glasscraft 2
Two seats up front and two corner booth in the back. And that turquoise naugahyde. This boat has zazz.

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