1962 Elgin Wooden Walkthrough Boat

1962 Elgin Wood Boat

This 1962 Elgin Wood Boat has peaked my interest this afternoon. It’s 14 feet long, built from Mahogany and has a unique walkthrough floor plan. Ok ok, I’ll be honest with you, any boat that I can find for $5,000 or less peaks my interest. This 1962 Elgin is right at that mark with an opening bid of $5,000 and the boat has been completely restored. Although I’m usually partial to the throatiness of a classic inboard set up, I think this Elgin woody might do the trick. ┬áIt’s in mint condition and for that price you’re getting a boat that’s both pleasure and show ready.

Now don’t get me wrong, that 1958 Elgin 35 HP Skipper outboard will do the job for bouncing around smaller bodies of water. You’re not pulling any skiers, and I’m not telling you to launch on one of the Great Lakes for a pleasure cruise either. A small chain of lakes would be ideal for this classic walkthrough wood boat. It has a little more than a week left on the auction with no action yet. If it’s me I’m keeping an eye on it for a few more days before making my move. If the bidding stays anywhere near that starting bid and you’re looking for a conversation piece with a little joy riding built in then this is a boat to consider.

1962 Elgin Outboard Motor
This is a budget friendly classic mahogany Elgin woody with Elgin outboard and a full restoration completed.
1962 Elgin Walkthrough Wood Boat
The walkthrough floor plan is a unique feature for this vintage boat.

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