1964 Belmont Wooden Boat

1964 Belmont Mahogany V-Drive Double Cockpit

I have never seen an all wood Belmont before. Typically the early Belmonts were very smooth and fast looking fiberglass over wood boats manufactured out of Fresno, California . This restored 16′ Belmont double cockpit has a very cool look to it, especially with that stern intake. Powered by a 283 cubic inch Chevrolet engine, this boat should be a screamer. It also looks like this old classic wooden Belmont boat is a v-drive. Find it on eBay in Providence, Utah with a starting bid (with reserve) of $26,000.

1964 Belmont V-Drove Mahogany Double Cockpit
The seller has restored the boat, including the trailer. Check out the the Kelsey-Hayes style knock-off wheels. If only you could pull one of these to the lake with a 1966 Corvette.
1964 Belmont Wooden Boat
The rear air scoop looks cool on this boat and the rear engine must provide power via v-drive. I was unable to find any information on Belmonts from this era to know if that scoop is real, or an add-on.A wooden boat with trim tabs and an air scoop are definitely not the norm.
1964 Belmont Boat Interior
The seller has replaced nearly everything on this boat including seats, gauges, steering wheel and wood. Given the expense of restoration, the $26,000 reserve doesn’t seem out of line, but will most likely go unsold with similar wooden boats of the era selling in the high teens to low twenty thousand mark.

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