Hallett Barron V-Drive

1964 Hallett Barron V-Drive

Feast your eyes on this motherfucker – 1964 Hallett Barron v-drive. So, so, cool. Where do I start?

Let’s begin with the monkey pod plywood hull. Now I’ve never heard of monkey pod before, let alone know it’s a rare rain forest wood. To me a monkey pod sounds like a crazy place an ape stores its valuables. Alas, to see it on this boat is magnificent, the grain is striking and a perfect match for any type of wooden racer.

Moving beyond the monkey pod, take a look at that massive Chrysler 440 V8 wedge motor. No specs on horsepower, but who cares, it’s just fun to look at – braided lines, vintage Mickey Thompson aluminum finned valve covers, double carbs poking up with intakes that resemble knight helmets who use the giant headers as jousting sticks.

The tuck and rolled glitter red over white interior is an absolute perfect match to the rest of this Hallett’s style. I would actually get some sort of creepy pleasure pain out of burning my ass on the red seats in the scorching sun.

Top this whole package off with a matching pearlescent white tandem axle trailer with white walls and all I can do is try to figure out how to lift this entire boat through the picture window into my living room for permanent display. This Hallett Barron can be yours with some aggressive bidding on eBay where it’s currently creeping up on $26,000 (reserve not met) in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Hallett Barron 440 Chrysler Wedge V8
What’s that you say Mr. Chrysler V8 Wedge 440? Ahh yes, don’t fuck with you. Understood, sir.
Hallett Barron Monkey Wood
Feast your eyes on the grain of monkey pod. It’s a wood, apparently. Yeah, who knew.
Hallett Barron V-Drive
Even the trailer is flipping cool on this rig. Pearlescent paint, white walls and moon caps.
Hallett Barron V-Drive Stern
The Casale v-drive tries to harness the power from the Chrysler 440. Check out those headers the size of small cannons.

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