1968 Hollywood Wood Evinrude Outboard

1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Boat

This is a Hollywood wooden boat circa 1968. It has an interesting configuration that I’d describe as part runabout, part utility. Both interior and exterior are restored to as new condition. The 1963 75hp Evinrude outboard fits this boat well and looks the part. Only bummer is those modern throttle controls.

You can find the Hollywood Wood on eBay in Willis, Texas where the reserved price is currently just over $1,500.

1968 Hollywood Wood Evinrude Outboard
A 75hp Evinrude outboard form 1963 had to be damn near the top of the food chain. The motor compliments the boat.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard
Owner says the “condition is good” and I’d have to say based on photos, I agree. I also agree that the Bronco tucked back in that car port is the perfect little vintage tow vehicle.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Interior
The interior is done to a nice standard. Complete with cupholders.

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