1969 Bombardier Sea-Doo PWC

1969 Sea-Doo “The Original” PWC

In the late 1960s Ski-Doo dominated the saturated snowmobile market manufacturing machines that competed with the likes of John Deere, Bolens and even Montgomery Wards. Then in 1969 Laurent Beaudoin, Chairman of Ski-Doo developed a snowmobile for water – the original Sea-Doo. Powered by a not-so-good for salty, wet environments, liquid-cooled 372cc twin cylinder Rotax engine that fed a jet drive, the original Sea-Doo only lasted for two years –1969 and 1970. This 1969 example on Craig’s List in Milwaukee, Wisconsin appears to be as nice as you can expect for a 45 year old example of the first ever personal watercraft. Though stated to have not been running since Debbie Gibson was still a pop-star, it’s a very rare piece of Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo and watercraft history. For the $4,500 asking price I think it would make a fine decoration hanging from the rafters of a north woods Wisconsin drinking establishment.

1969 Bombardier Sea-Doo PWC
Many similarities between the first Sea-Doo and early Ski-Doos including handlebars, color, seat, and overall style.
1969 Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft
Black and yellow, just like the Bombardier corporation put on the snow in the same era.
1969 Sea-Doo Rotax PWC
The 372cc liquid-cooled Rotax engine, a Ski-Doo staple on snow, powered the all-new Sea-Doo.

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  1. I know this is an old article but the 69 sea doo is not the first PWC. The Vincent Amanda Water Scooter (1957) beat it by 18 years. It was not a jet drive but clearly a PWC

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