Donzi 18 1

1972 Donzi 18 “Oh Baby” prototype

If you’re looking for the most beat-to-shit Donzi money can buy … ding ding ding … here it is!!! The seller has an insanely long, barey coherent story of basically every agonizing minute of this 1972 Donzi 18 “Oh Baby” prototype‘s history … prototype for a rare model, built with so much promise, but forgotten about in the back alleys of New Jersey, only to be found, neglected but with so much life still left in its soiled hull, and eventually saved and taught to love again. She was rehabilitated in the 80s, and based on the photos, she’s been systematically abused every day since. But that doesn’t mean you can’t her to dance again. And if you’re a good negotiator, you might be able to negotiate for some VHS tapes of family outings in this boat after she got clean the last time. It’s in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $500.

Donzi 18 1
This Donzi was a prototype for the “Oh Baby” hull design, but it’s rough. The blue tarp is actually flattering in this photo.
Donzi 18 2
This Donzi prototype has been beat to hell, but you’ll have the only one around if you buy it.

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