1973 Chris Craft XK22 1

1973 Chris Craft XK22

This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a boat you don’t see every day. Chris Craft only built 220 of these 22-footers between 1971 and 1976. This is number 64 of only 75 produced in 1973, and one of even fewer outfitted with the 350 Corvette engine and Volvo 270 Velvet Drive. It saw some saltwater in its previous life, but it’s been all freshwater since the total restoration in 2007. My favorite part of this classic Chris Craft XK22 is the interior. This was once a corporate boat owned by JLG, the forklift company, but the orange and white interior with brown accents and those big seats bear a strong resemblance to the inside of a 1970s A&W. The Root Bear would look right at home in this boat. This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is out in Boulder City, Nevada. Check out the full listing, and Buy It Now for $75,000.

1973 Chris Craft XK22 1
It’s orange and white, and this 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a real dreamsicle on the water.
1973 Chris Craft XK22 2
The interior of this Chris Craft has the frosty mug taste of a corner booth in an A&W.

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