Switzer 1

1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger

This 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger is small and built to haul ass. Unfortunately, the Mercury 850 85-horse outboard won’t fire, but you can still haul it on a trailer. This Switzer-Craft has been family owned since original purchase, has been used less than 15 seasons in almost 40 years. The floor has been replaced and the re-upholstered “marbleized” leather seats are practically new. It has a few minor condition issues, but the fiberglass and gel coat are in good shape. It was built in Illinois and has spent it’s life in Cheboygan, Michigan. But we all know the real Sheboygan is in Wisconsin, where it belongs. Buy It Now for $1,800 and then eat a brat.

Switzer 1
The owner of this 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger speeds across a local lake, letting the ladies know he’s up for whatever.
Switzer 2
This 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger is a pretty simple little boat – a few seats, a hull and an outboard. That’s enough.


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