1974 Windcraft Hurricane Hovercraft

1974 Windcraft Hurricane

That’s how it always happens… you’re ready to pack it in for the day and there it is, BAM! You walk right smack into a hovercraft! This 1974 Windcraft Hurricane Hovercraft has me excited. OK, let me make that comment more accurate… all hovercrafts get me excited. I have no idea what it is that excites me about hovercrafts. I’ve never even been on one. The hovercraft infatuation I have most likely comes from growing up in the ’80s and thinking that some day, just some day we might all be floating around on hovercrafts. Ahhhh, the 80s…  those were the days.

Side conversation on hovercraft usage….  If you are taking the hovercraft out do you say, “Hey Honey I’m going out hovering!” Maybe, “Don’t mind me I’m just hovering!” Hovering doesn’t have the best ring to it… any suggestions for us?

Ok, back to the hovercraft at hand. Dating pre-80’s this 1974 Windcraft has an interesting set up. The 484cc Chaparral snowmobile engine sits in the front of the hovercraft while the rider sits up on it like a jet ski or motorcycle. Much different set up than you’d normally find on a vintage hovercraft. It looks to be in OK shape given it’s DOB, but you can expect some work needed. The Hurricane does come with a new trailer which appears to be a basic utility trailer. The trailer is a win-win as you could use it for other purposes when not piling on the fun parade with your personal hovercraft. I can’t say I’m super current on my hovercraft pricing knowledge, but $2400 seems fair for any machine that sets you up for as much fun as hovercraft could.

1974 Windcraft Hurricane Hovercraft
What is the “Hovercraft du Jour”?… Well sir that would be the “Hovercraft of the day”… Mmmmm, sounds great, I’ll have that!

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