Sanger top view

1979 Sanger Bubble Deck V-Drive

I like that the owner of the 1979 Sanger Bubble Deck V-Drive still calls this overblown beast a ski boat. Sanger makes some nice boats to be sure, but you’re not taking this for a quick slalom run at dusk before you pull a chair up to the campfire. There may not be many hours on the Hat Racing-built LS-7 engine — only 3.5 — but it has just about everything else you can imagine tacked on, including Lucas fuel injection, Sanderson headers with water injection and Trimetric hardware. It would look more at home on the front of a completely over-the-top ’31 Ford hotrod than the back of this “ski boat,” but it’s still over the top. Interestingly, it’s a left-side drive — perfect for hustling on the back-alley boat racing market in England. It’s a 19-foot boat that seats four, if you can find two passengers who don’t mind that mass of motor in their faces. The owner has $55,000 invested in it, but you can slip over to eBay where the bidding on this “new” 1979 Sanger starts at $25,000. The boat is conveniently located in the U.S.

Sanger profile
This 1979 Sanger Bubble Deck is long and sleek, but only 19 feet. It’s basically a fiberglass hull strapped to a massive LS-7 engine.
Sanger top view
If you look closely, you can see the 1979 Sanger Bubble Deck under the LS-7 engine. It really makes you want to motorboat, doesn’t it?.

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