2012 Gary Thurman Deck Over Airboat

2012 Gary Thurman Deck Over Airboat

If you were to ask me, “Why do you even want this 2012 Gary Thurman Deck Over Airboat?” I would respond to you with a line my two year old son hears on occasion, “Because Daddy said so.” I want an air boat and it’s just “because”.

Now if I actually had an airboat I’d need to be chasing someone through the Louisiana Bayou. A chase scene just seems fitting for me and an airboat. I’d drive the Gary Thurman Deck Over around corners and navigate the shallow waters like a Formula One driver.

The 377 Chevrolet Engine on a 12 ft. aluminum boat has to haul ass. Who wouldn’t want to hammer that V8 airboat across some shallow water where other jet boats and speedboats just can’t go.

If I had $10k to play with I’d “Buy It Now” and play a few summer. Then hopefully flip it back down south for the same price or slightly more.

2012 Gary Thurman Deck Over Airboat Chevrolet Engine
This Chevy V8 sitting on a 12ft. aluminum airboat makes me wish I spoke cajun and was ripping through the Bayou chasing down crocodile poachers (if that’s a thing).
2012 Gary Thurman Airboat Rear Prop
Sporting a 70 inch prop plus trailer with new hubs and bearings, this Gary Thurman airboat package looking as turnkey as it gets.

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