1977 Correct Craft American Skier

If you don’t like this American Skier, well, you’re not American, or perhaps even human. Something about these old Correct Crafts just drives my ventricles. This one appears to be clean and original as you’ll find. Indicating less than 800 hours – the Ford 302 is a solid, steady V8. The interior shows very limited wear in what almost certainly looks like the original vinyl with the exception of the rear bottom cushions. Too bad really, the rest is so nice. The Paw Paw, Illinois seller says all the gauges and lights work. Grab this 1977 Correct Craft American Skier now on Craig’s List for the very reasonable price of $4,500. Or if you have any beater muscle cars lying around, the seller is willing to trade as well.

1977 Correct Craft American Skier
A very classic Correct Craft design with clean graphics and very nice trailer.
1977 Correct Craft American Skier
I cannot figure out why this Correct Craft is still available, what’s missing? It costs less than Chicago Bears season tickets and is worth far more.
1977 Correct Craft American Skier Interior
The interior and gauges (all said to work) look as good as the exterior. Love the centered up speedo.

1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 502 Python

Finding a 1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique with the 502 cubic inch “Python” engine is a bit a of a rarity. This one appears clean and has been for sale on and off in the Correct Craft forums on the interweb for the past year or so. Still, I can’t help but post it if only for the music that engine creates in my ears while I write about it. The Clearwater, Minnesota seller is very thorough in his description and pictures. Check it out on CraigsList where it’s offered at $28,500.

1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 502 Cobra
This is one of those boats I’d use as a ski-cruiser. The sound of the 502 cubic inch motor is Beethoven through exhaust pipes.
1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 502 Cobra
I love the the graphics and color scheme on this Correct Craft. However, the tower looks like scaffolding and demonstrates how far modern tower designs have come aesthetically. But, WTF, it’s got a 502, live with it.
1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique Interior
The interior is described well – said to have only one small tear and a separating seam. It also has a very nice stereo, ballast system and a trailer.

1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Project Boat

Another 1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique, only this one will cost you $23,000 less… only problem is you have to finish it. The hull has “new paint” per the seller. The engine description is lacking some explanation only allowing us to know it has one, and it’s low hours. The only items that are claimed to be needed yet are a windshield and the gauges. All in, if the parts are there, you could have a pretty nice classic Air Nautique for around $6,000 and a hundred hours of labor. Find it on Craig’s List in Waterford, Wisconsin for $5,900 OBO.

1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Interior
Seller says there’s a $3,000 newly restored interior that goes with the boat. You’ll need it along with a floor, some carpet and other accouterments.
1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique
The exterior hull and trailer both look very good in photos. The question now begs, what will the rest of it take?
1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Project
The seller doesn’t mention the status of the drivetrain, other than it has a low hour motor. Hopefully the transmission, exhaust and all associated parts are included.

1973 Century MK II

The Century MK II was originally manufactured from 1971-1975 and was available as a v-drive, jet or I/O. This model is the v-drive powered by a 340 cubic inch Chrysler marine engine with a reported 191 original hours on it. The condition of the boat doesn’t seem to support the low hours, unless it’s just purely neglect and sun damage. The top of the bow looks to have a lot of fiberglass hazing and the rear seat and dash both need some attention. Regardless, this is a very cool and desirable old Century boat. There’s a video of this boat running – if you watch it, you may end up buying it. Too bad the music drowns out the far more pleasurable sound of engine noise. You can find this 1973 Century MK II on eBay in Punta Gorda, Florida for $7,900 Buy it Now.

1973 Century MK II Speed Boat
A close inspection of the bow shows some needs. Nothing that can’t be cleaned up. Tough to tell if it’s dirt or fiberglass haze.
1973 Century MK II Boat
Experts say the early model Century model MK IIs came with a 1:1 gear ratio and were screamers. The desirable tranny can bring $3,000 alone. Other trannys were a 1.5 and a 2.00.
1973 Century MK II Interior
The front seats look to have recently been redone. The dash and rear seats still need some attention. If this were a sub-$5,000 boat and closer to Wisconsin I think I’d have to grab it.

1958 Larson Falls Flyer

Unless you got to visit the Mikkelson Collection before it was dismantled at auction a couple of years ago, you’ve probably never seen a Falls Flyer. So here’s your chance to own your very own 1958 Larson Falls Flyer. This Falls Flyer is said to be “the only model in existence” – whatever that means. Maybe in that color combination? Not sure, because others do exist. The Falls Flyers were made from 1938 until 1960. Every single one is a masterpiece – especially the early models manufactured out of cedar with a canvas skin. Here’s your chance to own one, find it here on eBay in Hallandale, Florida with a $17,900 Buy it Now.

1958 Larson Falls Flyer
The 1958 Larson Falls Flyer took design cues from the auto industry – including fins with turn signals.
1958 Larson Falls Flyer
This 1958 Larson Falls Flyer is said to be “totally restored” but it appears that chrome is pitted in photos and the interior looks sloppy.
1958 Larson Falls Flyer Evinrude
A better look at the Falls Flyer’s turn signals. The vintage 40hp Evinrude outboard looks the part.

1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II Aluminum Barrel Back

A polished aluminum barrel back boat. Kinda of like polishing an old rock – you can sell almost anything when it’s shiny. This 1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II wouldn’t get a second look if not for its very sexy barrel back behind. Powered by a much newer mid-80s model Mercury outboard, this little tin can would look good at any vintage boat show with an outboard closer to its birthday. Regardless, the boat appears to be in very nice condition with newly upholstered seats, a functional trailer and that sexy booty. Find it ending soon on eBay in Beeton, Ontario currently at $2,150 with the reserve not met.

1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II Aluminum Barrel Back
Were you just looking at my ass? Pervert. Keep your eyes off my back end.
1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II
This is about as cool as any vintage aluminum boat can get – meet the 1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II.
1956 Feathercraft Vegabond II
The photographically-challenged seller only offers one picture of the boat without a cover on. Unfortunately this was it.

1976 Donzi Sweet 16 V-Drive

Per the Charlotte, Michigan seller, this 16-foot Donzi was completely redone over a three year period. This v-drive, yes, v-drive powered Donzi Sweet 16 has a supercharged 406 GM small block turning its prop… rapidly turning its prop. Redone in orange with a single silver stripe and silver interior, it’s not a color choice I’d have made, but it seems to work on this boat. Find it on PowerBoatListings.com with an asking price of $18,500.

1976 Donzi Sweet 16 V-Drive
1976 Donzi Sweet 16 factory v-drive. Clean Sweet 16s are hard to find, this v-drive model is as scarce as the gasoline that would have powered it in 1976.
1976 Donzi Sweet 16 v-drive 406 V8
I’m guessing a supercharged 406 small block wasn’t the factory power plant in 1976, but hey, if the shoe fits…
1976 Donzi Sweet 16 Interior
The newly appointed vinyl seems to fit the era – 1976.

1964 Belmont Mahogany V-Drive Double Cockpit

I have never seen an all wood Belmont before. Typically the early Belmonts were very smooth and fast looking fiberglass over wood boats manufactured out of Fresno, California . This restored 16′ Belmont double cockpit has a very cool look to it, especially with that stern intake. Powered by a 283 cubic inch Chevrolet engine, this boat should be a screamer. It also looks like this old classic wooden Belmont boat is a v-drive. Find it on eBay in Providence, Utah with a starting bid (with reserve) of $26,000.

1964 Belmont V-Drove Mahogany Double Cockpit
The seller has restored the boat, including the trailer. Check out the the Kelsey-Hayes style knock-off wheels. If only you could pull one of these to the lake with a 1966 Corvette.
1964 Belmont Wooden Boat
The rear air scoop looks cool on this boat and the rear engine must provide power via v-drive. I was unable to find any information on Belmonts from this era to know if that scoop is real, or an add-on.A wooden boat with trim tabs and an air scoop are definitely not the norm.
1964 Belmont Boat Interior
The seller has replaced nearly everything on this boat including seats, gauges, steering wheel and wood. Given the expense of restoration, the $26,000 reserve doesn’t seem out of line, but will most likely go unsold with similar wooden boats of the era selling in the high teens to low twenty thousand mark.

1966 Formula Jr 17′ Barrel Back

If I had a spare $35,000, I’d wire it over for this 1966 Formula Jr 17′ barrel back speed boat. The seller has surely spent a bundle restoring this beautiful vintage racer. New paint, new 355 GM motor, new outdrive components, new interior, new carpet, restored trailer. An all-around great looking boat that appears to need nothing. Grab it off Craig’s List in Windham, Maine for $35,000.

1966 Formula Jr 17' Speed Boat
Five coats of clear metallic blue and a silver stripe with a trailer painted to match. A great color choice.
1966 Formula Jr 17 Speed Boat
I would like to see how this boat sits in the water. The high bow and rear engine are probably even more exaggerated when it’s floating. Looking like it’s preparing for launch straight into the air like a rocket.
1966 Formula Jr Barrel Back
The re-polished chrome emblems, through-hull exhaust and barrel back rear end all fight for your attention.

1969 Glastron Carlson Corinthian 19′

Have you ever seen something so ugly you end up thinking it’s cool? This 1969 Glastron Carlson Corinthian cuddy cabin might be just that. This 19′ monster is definitely odd looking. Hull registraion numbers show a previous New Jersey home but this boat now resides in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. The seller will let it go with any variety of outboard powered options including twin Mercurys, single Evinrude or even no motor. Find it on Craig’s List for $5,995 with the twin 125hp Mercs.

1969 Glastron Carlson Corinthian Twin Mercs
Twin 125hp Mercury engines of the same vintage as the Carlson Corinthian seem to fit the boat’s look the best.
1969 Glastron Carlson Corinthian 19
In other photos the seller provides, the boat has a sticker that affectionately read “FUGLY” right below the side window. If the shoe fits…
1969 Glastron Carlson Corinthian Interior
The seller says this boat is “all original, excellent condition” but obviously the wiring needs a little work, and the steering wheel is definitely not original.