1963 Chris-Craft Holiday

The Holiday, when restored, is one of my favorite Chris-Craft models. The combination of mahogany and fiberglass make a spaceship-like marriage. This 18′ Holiday is described as though it’s had a somewhat recent restoration, although the pictures are not showing the same story. Powered by a 283 cubic inch, 185 horse Chris-Craft motor that’s said to run excellent. The price seems fair at $8,500 no matter what the condition if it’s a runner and a sweller. Find this 1963 Chris-Craft Continental on Craig’s List in Mystic Island, New Jersey.

1963 Chris-Craft Holiday
The owner says the hull was “refurbished” but doesn’t say when or to what degree. Apparently enough to win 3rd prize at a Philadelphia boat show in 2006.
1963 Chris-Craft Holiday Interior
The owner states the interior was “redone as original” but in the photos it’s already looking pretty tired and dirty.
1963 Chris-Craft Holiday Stern
For $8,500 on a trailer, if you have some time and a little money to put into this old Continental I think you could definitely bring it to the next level and not have more than $20,000 in it.

1956 Chris-Craft Continental 26′ Twin Engine

If John Wayne had a Chris-Craft, this would be it – a twin V8, 26′ mahogany monster. Okay, well, it just so happens this 1956 Chris-Craft Continental was formerly owned by the Duke himself. Well, the paperwork to prove it is long gone, but if you slide the seller $60,000 you can carry on the tale. Only 80 of the twin engine Continentals were ever built from 1956-1959 so it is a rare boat, for sure. This one looks to need a complete restoration, so the hefty asking price is very optimistic. Especially given that it’s now powered by twin 350 V8s, whereas the original motors would most likely have been a couple of Chris-Craft M engines. You can grab this Continental on Craig’s List in Gig Harbor, Washington for $60,000 and boat off into the sunset. The John Wayne provenance looks like it will cost you about $40,000, the remainder is for the boat.

1956 Chris-Craft 26' Twin Engine Continental
This boat needs everything, but primarily it needs a $35,000 price reduction.
1956 Chris-Craft 26' Twin Engine ContinentalInterior
The interior looks like it’s in good condition, so maybe a little clean-up will go a long way. Still, with non-original engines, an ill-fitting trailer, and some hull work, it’s a pretty big project.


2011 Sutphen 21 SS

This modern Sutphen is a dandy. The three color fiberglass makes it stand out in a classy way. Powered by a 377 Mag at 320hp through a Bravo I-Drive. The boat is loaded with options and has been rack stored since new. Owner claims this 21′ Sutphen SS currently has less than 100 hours that were all spent in fresh water. The boat has a lengthy list of options and a good set of photos along with the listing on Craig’s List where you can buy it for $39,995 in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.

2011 Sutphen 21' SS
About the only feature on this boat I’m not a fan of is the body-colored fiberglass “windshield”. I’d look at wrapping that in a glass black to give it the look of a true windscreen.
2011 Sutphen 21 SS Interior
The interior is loaded with options – LED lights, Momo tilt wheel, billet throttle, stainless hardware and more.
2011 21' Sutphen SS
I love the color combo on this boat – silver with the blue and yellow racing stripe.

1970 Biesemeyer 20′ Jet Boat

This classic 20′ Biesemeyer jet boat was fully restored in 2007. Originally manufactured in Phoenix, the boat received new stringers, floor, gelcoat and oak interior. Powered by a 455 Olds, a 70s era jet boat favorite, that was removed and “freshened” – whatever that means. It’s a got a brand new interior and a custom trailer that was fabricated just for this rig in 2005. You can get your hands on this classic jet for $22,000 on Craig’s List in Phoenix, Arizona.

1970 Biesemeyer20' Jet Boat
I’m sure the owner has way more in this vintage jet boat than the $22,000 asking price. Unfortunately the vintage jet boat market would make me believe it’s worth about 33% less than that.
1970 Biesemeyer Jet Boat Interior
The interior has been nicely restored with clear coated oak plywood, new seats, new gauges and new wiring.

1953 & 1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet

Wisconsinites must love these Baby Bullets. The last one I saw was also in the Badger state – an unrestored 1953 model that pretty quickly sold on Craig’s List in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. These racer twins – a 1953 and 1954 model – are fully restored right down to the vintage Mercury outboards. The owner claims both boats can top out at over 40 miles per hour. You can take your pick for $5,500. Find them on Craig’s List in West Bend, Wisconsin.

1953 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet
This 1953 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet is powered by a 1953 Mercury Super 10 outboard with Quickie lower unit.
1953 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet Merc Super 10
The interior is restored on the ’53 Baby Bullet with the original steering wheel and comes on a nice little jet ski trailer.
1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet
This 1954 Baby Bullet gets a Mercury Mark 20H vintage outboard, otherwise it’s nearly identical to it’s older brother.
1954 Switzer Craft Baby Bullet Merc 20H
For $5,500 a piece, I don’t know how you could spend less and have more fun in a vintage little Switzer racer.

2008 Greavette Streamliner Replica

The original 22′ Greavette Streamliners fetch six figures, so this reproduction example for a mere $75,000 or offer seems to be an apparent bargain. Patterned after the original Canadian design, this Greavette features a modern 5.7 litre 340 hp powerplant, West bottom and custom trailer. Offered through a New York brokerage, it’s listed for $99,000 at the website. Looks like you can save 25% or more if you’re in the market for a reproduction Streamliner by making an offer on it here via eBay.

2008 Greavette Streamliner Reproduction
The original Streamliners were built out of Canada through the 1950s. Streamliner started building boats just prior to the great depression.
2008 Greavette Streamliner Reproduction
The design of the streamliner is unmistakable. The smooth lines are very attractive in mahogany.

1929 Chris-Craft Cadet Triple Cockpit

Restored in 2000 this 22′ Chris-Craft Cadet looks nice, but very utilitarian compared to the beautiful barrel back design that would come a decade later. Powered by a 100hp Chrysler marine motor, this boat is claimed to have all its original hardware and instrumentation. It’s currently offered for sale on eBay in Lake George, New York for $21,000 with the reserve not met.

1929 Chris-Craft Cadet Triple Cockpit
Not too shabby for just a few years short of its 100th birthday.
1929 Chris-Craft Cade Triple Cockpit Interior
The owner calls this a “triple cockpit” though I’m not entirely sure that’s an accurate description of this boat’s layout.

1995 Donzi Black Hawk Limited Edition

This is the second Donzi Black Hawk to pop up for sale in the past few months. The first one was located in Wisconsin and the owner was asking $34,900. This one is Canada, eh. Essentially the boats are identical 575hp 22′ monsters. The owner doesn’t identify what number hull of the only 40 Black Hawks this one is. Owner claims this one has less than 100 hours on its clock and it looks it. Other noticeably different items include red trim tabs and a black lower unit on this model vs. the previous one listed. I wouldn’t think either of those things would have varied from Donzi. If I were to wager I’d say the black lower unit was stock, but the red trim tabs are not. Make you wonder if the lower unit on the other Black Hawk is a replacement. Find it on eBay at $30,000 buy it now or offer.

1995 Donzi Blackhawk Limited Edition
For some reason I found the first Donzi Black Hawk totally gaudy, but I’m more accepting of this one. Maybe the 575hp is fogging my decision making process.
1995 Donzi Blackhawk Engine 575hp 496 cubic inches.
496 cubic inch high output Mercury I/o pushing 575hp. Okay, I can’t argue with that. Claimed 100 hours and it shows.
1995 Donzi Blackhawk Lower Unit
The lower unit on this boat is a masterpiece. Billet, chrome, red trim tabs, if only the rest of the boat weren’t adorned in 24K gold trim and screaming chickens.

1996 Four Winns U19

Kind of treated like the poor man’s Donzi, these Four Winns U19s are one of my favorite speed boats. I prefer the graphics of this 1996 model over the 1997 model. This one looks to have great glass but the engine and interior show signs of what looks like mild salt water usage or lots of humidity to me. Owner says fresh water use only, so perhaps it’s just a bit of TLC gone missing. The 5.8 litre MerCruiser puts out 275hp good enough to push this boat at over 60 MPH. Find it on eBay at $10,975 or offer.

1996 Four Winns U19
I’m a sucker for red racing stripes on a cool hull. The U19 is just that.
1996 Four Winns U19 interior
The U19 interior doesn’t look all that fresh, nor does the engine compartment. But then, the boat is pushing 20 years old, so maybe a pardon is in order.

1985 Century Coronado Cardel

I’m not sure what I find attractive on this old Century Coronado Cardel – it’s kind of a cougar boat – it’s old, yet sexy and could probably teach you a thing or two. Both the description and photos would suggest the owner takes very good care of his older lady. New prop, polished teak, and sealed fiberglass. What you won’t learn is anything about the engine. Obviously a v-drive, it should be powered by a V8. Find it on Craig’s List in New Orleans, Louisiana for $16,000.

1985 Century Coronado Cardel Interior
The original polished teak table takes the center stage in what affords more room than most modern pontoons.
1985 Century Coronado Cardel
The owner says this Century, in black cherry, is a rare color. Okay. What’s even more rare is finding anything from 1985 that’s tastefully done. So, hat’s off Miss Coronado, you’ve stood the test of time.