2014 Deep Impact 399C

What?! Can’t a guy dream? And if you’re gonna dream, why not dream 40-foot big? What got me on this Deep Impact boat was number one, that silver/pewter color and number two, the matching 350 horse Mercury Verado engines… all four of them. For those who are multiplication deficient, that’s 1,400 horsepower – capable of pushing this 40 foot object of lust in excess of 75 miles per hour. Wanna fish? Perfect boat. Wanna cruise? Perfect boat. Wanna buy it? Bring $519,900 on over to eBay and punch the Buy it Now button.

2014 Deep Impact 399C
For being nearly 40 feet long, this boat doesn’t have an overwhelming presence on the water. In fact, it’s quite sporty.
2014 Deep Impact 399C
Modern fishing electronics, flat screen TVs, his and her berthing units. Please, someone, float me a half mill.
Quad 350hp Mercury Verado Outboards
I’ve always been a butt man. And man, this behind id fine. Some might call it a lot of junk in the trunk. I see 1,400 horsepower.

1985 Baker Rally Sport Tunnel Hull

I’m not much for the 80s graphics on this Baker tunnel hull but I do like the hull design itself. Oddly the colors match the Mercury racing engines but this one sports an older 200hp outboard with the traditional blue vinyl. Owner claims the hull was designed for “100+ MPH” but I doubt in the current configuration it would even see 65. Everything appears neat and clean and if you’ve got $10,000 you could be the very first bidder on this Baker in Guttenberg, Iowa.

1985 Baker Rally Sport
I can live with the exterior but the yellow seats are a bit much.
1985 Baker Rally Sport 200hp Mercury Outboard
I like that rounded rear hull design. Many manufacturers used it and I think it looks good on every one.

1985 Baker Rally Sport Interior

1971 Campbell 496 V-Drive Daycruiser

This 1971 Campbell is done up real nice, uh-huh. The big block 496 looks to have about a dozen paychecks dumped into it – including a twin turbo setup good for up to 15 pounds of boost. The engine is probably better suited for tires over a prop, but who am I to judge? Gelcoat and interior look great for a boat approaching 50 years old. Seller has this Campbell Daycruiser optimistically priced on eBay with a Buy it Now of $29,500 in Sagle, Idaho. Unfortunately I don’t see these boats bringing that kind of money even with a museum-quality V8.

1971 Campbell V-Drive 496 racer
I wanna go fast, daddy. Well little buckaroo, hang on.
1971 Campbell 496 Big Block V8
I can’t imagine how much dough was dumped in this V8, I love the dual carb setup. I’d never put the cover on.
1971 Campbell Interior
That last gauge is way out in right field, a long look over when skipping along water at 70+ MPH. The good news is, they are NOS Stewart Warner gauges, so that’ll be worth the fiery water wreck to look at.

1989 & 1990 Vintage WetJet PWCs

Here is a pair of vintage WetJet PWCs. This was the first ever “jet ski” I rode at about age 14. I remember these things being an absolute blast. Not sure if that’s a product of my being 14, or them actually being that much fun. Usually I see these in pretty rotten condition, but this pair looks quite nice. Both are powered by 430cc engines and are in running conditions and come with a “metric TON” of parts per the seller. At only $1,200 for the pair, on a trailer, someone best be gettin’ to Norwood Young America, Minnesota to pick these WetJets up!

1990 Wet Jet PWC
The 1989 is powered by a 428cc Cayuna engine, the 1990 has a 432cc Brut. Paint the trailer and you’ve got a sweet set up.
1989 Wet Jet
One of these Wet Jets is a 1989 and the other is a 1990, but the seller doesn’t identify which is which. Both look nice and clean given the age.

1969 Hydro Cycle Barracuda

We’ve got another Hydro Cycle Barracuda sighting folks. This one is not as nice as the one we found last week down in Florida, but it’s $5,000, either. This Barracuda, completely lacking any description other than telling us it has “scuffs, chips and scrapes” is listed on eBay in Hampshire, Illinois with an unmet reserve inching toward $1,000.

1969 Barracuda Hydro Cycle
This Hydro Cycle appears to have the original Chrysler 25hp outboard. Notice the blue Barracuda in the back. These thing reproduce like guppies if left alone.
1969 Barracuda Hydro Cycle
Mustard yellow, blue and red have all been represented on the Hydro Cycle color pallet. With a little buffing I think this one could be decent.

1973 Donzi Classic 18′ 2+3

Handyman wanted: fix this Donzi then impress your friends all for less than $6,000. Act now. That’s how the ad should read. Instead we learn that we need a water pump, been stored inside for a few years and it’s got a nice trailer. This Donzi Classic 18′ definitely needs sprucing up. Find the 2+3 Donzi on Craig’s List in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $5,500.

1973 Donzi Classic 18' 2+3
Fixer-upper Donzi, get yo’ checkbook ready.
1973 Donzi Classic 18 2+3
The interior looks largely, if not completely, original. Love that steering wheel.

1964 Crestliner Skibird

According to seller, this 1964 Crestliner Skibird is as rare as a baby pterodactyl. More amazing is thing is still in original condition and looks great. Not like lip injection and botox great, but aged well, great. Said to have come from a private collection of an “elderly gentleman to cover final expenses” – eesh. TMI. The original 75hp evinrude hangs off the back and it’s sitting on the trailer waiting for you to come get it off Craig’s List in Rochester, Minnesota for $10,000.

1964 Crestliner Skibird
Kind of a plain boat, except from overhead, it has some nice fiberglass work and vintage chrome.
1964 Crestliner Skibird Interior
Not much over 50 years old looks this good. I love the center throttle control – like an airplane.
Evinrude 75hp Outboard
The Evinrude 75hp outboard even looks showroom fresh.

1969 Hydro Cycle Barracuda

Oooooo, barracuda! Hat tip to Heart for the lead in on this one. The Hydro Cycle Barracuda was the forefather of the Bombardier PWC. Only instead of a jet drive safely pushing water out the rear, this one ran a 35hp Chrysler outboard motor with a prop waiting to chew your leg off when you tumble in the drink flipping wake turns. The seller states he found this one in unused condition in a barn in 1979. The only thing I ever find in barns is cow shit. This Hydro Cycle looks clean as a prop-severed arm, so I’d be willing to risk a limb on it. Find the Hydro Cycle Barracuda on Craig’s List for $5,000 buy it now in Palm Harbor, Florida.

1969 Hydro Cycle Barracuda
The Hydro Cycle was sitting in a barn, unused, for nearly a decade when the current owner took her into the daylight and rode it like a water pony.
1969 Hydro Cycle BarracudaChrysler
The 35hp Chrysler was still shrink-wrapped when the seller found the boat. I’d have left it that way, cuz, well, it’s kinda fugly. I’d drop a vintage Merc on it.

1958 Sea Fury

I would love to give you a long, eloquent description of this fantastic 1958 Sea Fury, but the owner has elected to do so instead – “I am the Second owner  the condition is very good. it run nice and lots of fun” – out of fear of losing something in translation I did not omit or add one space, period or capitalization. Verbatim, folks, verbatim. Here’s what I can figure out from pictures and listing specs: 35hp Johnson outboard, 14′, trailer, small scratches. Pony up $9,000 on eBay to the Casselberry, Florida owner and the Sea Fury will be all yours.

1958 Sea Fury
This is a neat old boat, but nine grand neat? Not so much, more like nineteen hundred neat.
1958 Sea Fury Johnson Javelin Outboard
The best part of the boat, other than those voluptuous fins, that 35hp Johnson Javelin outboard.

2013 Supra SA550 World’s Edition

I never even knew this boat existed, quite frankly that’s probably a good thing. It’s a 550hp Cadillac CTS-V powered Supra SA550 ski boat. Yep, it’s a CTS-V tuned 6.2 litre supercharged V8… in a boat. Outfitted with all of the modern wakeboard accoutrements I feel this boat is a bit of a bargain given it’s powerplant and the price of similarly equipped new boats. This Supra model has been discontinued, so if you want the 550 ponies, this is the only way to get them. A quick national search shows no others for sale. I’d guess this SA550 was pushing over $100,000 new, but you can scoop it up on Craig’s List in Fremont, Wisconsin for $69,995.

2013 Supra SA550 CTS-V Powered
The black over silver exterior is bad-ass. But not as bad-ass as what lives inside.
2013 Supra SA550 Interior
The seller doesn’t mention how many hours are on this 2013 Supra SA550. Unless it were a ski show boat, it doubtful it has more than a couple hundred.
2013 Supra SA550 CTS-V 6.2 litre 550hp
Just look at it, dummy. Now close your eyes… hear it?