1977 Taylor SS Jet Boats

Today we have not one, but two very nice Taylor SS jet boats offered by the same seller in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Of the garaged Taylor, the seller boasts there’s none nicer in the country. I’d have to disagree and remind this eBay seller that the nicest Taylor in the country is by far Taylor Swift.

Photos of both boats, well, they suck. The first Taylor listed is a “restored top to bottom” model with a 460 Ford. The description goes on to make some unintelligible comparisons with Ferraris and Detomaso Panteras and doesn’t actually say much about the boat. My favorite piece of sales gold – “THROUGH A ROSTER TAIL AND GET YOUR BUDDIES WET.” Yes, it was in all caps with those misspellings. Translated I believe it means this boat throws a badass rooster tail that will drench your homeboys. Good thing the pictures are worth a half dozen words. Currently at $2,550 with the reserve not met.

Taylor SS number two is an all original example that I sure wish had some better photos. The quilted, diamond-stitched seats look near perfect in the seller’s dimly lit garage. With only one other previous owner it’s a Taylor time capsule.  However, this boat’s $7,500 Buy it Now has most people humming “Weeee are never, ever, ever, getting back to-gether!”

If I could only pick one Taylor to bring home, I’d take Swift every time.

Taylor SS Jet Boat Interior
This is the restored top to bottom Taylor. Nice little rig for not a whole lotta do-re-mi.
1977 Taylor SS Jet Boat
You can save two grand off an original Taylor if you can settle for this restored example.
1977 Taylor SS Jet boat
All original, two owner, Taylor SS. If you’re looking for one, this has to be high on the list. The problem is, not all that many people are actually looking for one.
Taylor SS Jet Boat Interior
This one is my preference. Diamond stitched vintage 1970s vinyl luxury.

22-foot 2006 Donzi Shelby GT Special Edition

Another day, another Donzi — but this pristine 22-foot 2006 Donzi Shelby GT is no ordinary boat. Stephen in Neptune Lake, Florida, who shared his Holman-Moody 302 with us last week, sent this listing across our desks and said it’s the boat of his dreams. It’s easy to see why. You’ll be the king of the lake in this craft, a stylistic throwback to the classic Shelby Mustangs that wore the KR “King of the Road” code. It even has the Le Mans stripes to give it the same imposing look as the ’65 G.T. 350. But the Mercruiser 496HO motor dwarfs the power plant in its classic automotive counterpart, and the Bravo 1X lower unit won’t waste an ounce of that power. You’ll be able to do burnouts without even taking it off the trailer. Once you put it in the water, other boats will bow. See what I did there? Good, now for your part: Check out the full listing for this Special Edition Donzi Shelby GT on Craigslist, then head down to Miami to pick it up so you can start living your own dream.

Donzi Shelby side
A Mercruiser 496HO motor and Bravo 1X lower unit make this pristine 22-foot 2006 Donzi Shelby GT on of the baddest boat you’ll find.
Donzi Shelby top
Le Mans racing stripes, Livorsi gauges and a beautiful blue interior drench this Donzi in cool.


1990 Kawasaki Jetmate

If cartoon kings Hanna-Barbera ever built a boat, this would be it — the 1990 Kawasaki Jetmate. I’m pretty sure there’s a lost episode of The Jetsons in which George takes the family to a small lake outside Orbit City to enjoy some futuristic leisure time in a Jetmate just like this. It doesn’t even have a steering wheel. A joystick is all you need to drive this boat. So if you ever had an Atari 2600, you should be in good shape. The seller says it’s all original, runs great and is probably the best Jetmate you’ll find anywhere. It might actually be the only one you’ll find anywhere, so get over to eBay and put in your bid on this 1990 Kawasaki Jetmate.

Kawasaki Jetmate exterior
Yes, this is a real boat. It’s a 1990 Kawasaki Jetmate. And yes, you operate it with a joystick.
Kawasaki Jetmate interior
One seat front and center, two in the back, that’s all you need. The interior of this Kawasaki Jetmate looks remarkably fresh.


2008 Chris-Craft Lancer Woody Heritage Edition

This 2008 Chris-Craft Lancer Woody Heritage Edition will make you feel right at home pulling up to another high-end watercraft and asking for the Grey Poupon. It is a boat for the new aristocrat. Climb into the cockpit and breathe the deep aroma of leather-bound books and rich mahogany. The seller himself calls it the Maserati of the waterways — a boat that will never go out of style and can be kept in families for generations. There’s not much else to say. Put on your short pants and tasteful polo, light a pipe and cruise the lake in style. All you have to do is click over to eBay and put your bid in on this Chris-Craft Lancer Woody Heritage Edition.

chris-craft exterior
This is a beautiful Chris-Craft Lancer Woody Heritage Edition is powered by a 5.0 Volvo Penta GXI motor that only has 129 hours on it.
chris-craft interior
The interior of this Chris-Craft Lancer Woody Heritage Edition features a full teak cockpit and is in immaculate condition.

1973 17-foot Holman-Moody Ford 302 ski boat

I’m not sure if the Holman-Moody team ever met The Munsters, but if they did, and that meeting somehow led to some little understood maritime mechanical mating ritual, I’m pretty sure this 1973 17-foot Holman-Moody Ford 302 ski boat would be the offspring. The metallic pea grean, the monster power plant, the pure racing lines, and the all-black cockpit that looks more like the inside of a ’32 Ford hotrod than any boat I’ve ever seen — it’s like if Dragula had a hot sister with a sexy little hull. And speaking of the hull, the seller doesn’t even know who made it, but who cares. It has a Holman. Moody. Motor. With only 242 hours on it. This boat was built to haul ass. Plain and simple. Thanks to Stephen in Neptune Beach, Florida, for sharing this listing with us. Now it’s time for you to do Stephen — and yourself — a favor and jump over to craigslist and make an offer on this metallic-green Holman-Moody monster

Holman Moody front
Lean, mean and green –this Holman-Moody Ford 302 ski boat is your chance to own a piece of racing history.
Holman Moody interior
The interior of this 17-foot Holman-Moody-equipped racer is vintage hotrod all the way.


1996 Four Winns Donzi Unlimited U-19 Racer

Are you the guy who grabs fistfuls of shrimp at the black-tie dinner party while everyone else is standing around sipping wine and suffering from erectile disfunction, who likes thundering across a peaceful lake full of fishermen and party barges and leaving them all rocking in your wake? That kind of man needs more than a boat, and this 1996 Four Winns Donzi Unlimited U-19 Racer is much more. Everything from the racing stripe across the bow to the giant air scoop on the stern (think early 70s Camaro) screams about your desire to have whatever is bigger and better than the next guy’s, and this high performance 19.5-foot I/O is like having an armadillo in your pants. The seller even boasts lightening quick hole shots. How can you go wrong? The rare hotrod (only 111 made) features a fuel injected 5-liter Ford 351 Roush racing package with a Volvo Penta SX Cobra outdrive. Seller says the interior of this testosterone-fueled phallic monster is nearly perfect, so jump over to eBay and snag your Four Winns Donzi Unlimited for a Buy it Now price of only $14,900. Your male dominance awaits.

Four Winns Donzi bow
This Four Winns Donzi racer has the long, sexy bow every woman craves, and the racing package to fulfill her deep desire for speed. Don’t let her down – bid today.
This minty Four Winns Donzi racer will make you the envy of every man and woman on the lake. You'll be the hammer of the gods among mere mortal boaters every time you get it wet.
This minty Four Winns Donzi racer will make you the envy of every man and woman on the lake. You’ll be the hammer of the gods among mere mortal boaters every time you get it wet.

1979 Glastron GT150

Everyone loves a Glastron. They’re fast, fun little boats, and this 1979 Glastron GT150 is no exception. Even James Bond drove a Glastron, using the sleek GT150 to escape Mr. Big in Live and Let Die. This 15-footer is equipped with a 1968 65 hp Mercury 650 ELS, tested, no doubt, on the motor manufacturer’s infamous “Lake X” somewhere in Wisconsin, a fitting location for testing a secret agent’s outboard of choice. This boat has been refurbished and is listed in good condition. So if you love the water and need to elude sinister villains, it’s time to make a trip to Pennsylvania to pick up this Glastron GT150, with a current bid of only $2,000

Glastron GT150 exterior
This refurbished 1979 Glastron GT150 looks like a banana but it flies like a bee, and it’s ready to race across the lake of your choice.
Glastron GT150 interior
The cockpit of this 1979 Glastron GT150 practically begs you to climb in and go fast. You’ll feel like James Bond, or maybe Gold Member, behind the wheel of this sleek yellow machine.


1986 Supra Comp TS6M Ski Boat & Trailer

This 1986 Supra Comp TS6M was built for skiing, and you’ll look good hanging on to the rope with one hand and waving to your fans with the other as this classic 80s craft pulls you down the lake. My buddy had a boat just like this in high school. He spent most of his time doing power turns trying to impress the girls who were always a few cabins down, but I can attest to how nice it was to ski behind. This one needs some work, but at the current price of only $800, you can afford to head down to Florida to pick her up and bring her back to all her former glory. The listing says the trailer has a 2-inch ball, but I assure you, the balls on this 1986 Supra Comp are much larger.

Supra Comp exterior
This 1986 Supra Comp TS6M is just waiting for the right owner to breath new life into her and make her a skiing queen once again.
Supra Comp interior
The interior on this Supra Comp needs some work, but this is a boat that’s begging for your attention.


1957 Century Palomino

This 1957 Century Palomino doesn’t have the prerequisite fins that I desire from anything ’57 vintage, but it’s still a cool little mahogany cruiser. This 16-footer would look a little better with a vintage Johnson Sea-Horse, but the 1978 85hp Evinrude outboard is probably more reliable. Well, actually, probably not. If you want to fly the vintage Century flag off your bow this summer head over to eBay and check out this little Palomino in Norfolk, Virginia currently listed at $7,000 with no bids.

1957 Century Palomino
The Tee-Nee trailer is vintage coolness. Owner says all chrome is intact and near perfect. Also states it needs re-chroming. Pick one based on your taste.
1957 Century Palomino Interior
Best view on this boat is from the inside. The classic diner booth seat suggests it might be original. Looks like a restore to me, but a solid choice of materials.

1988 Schiada Outboard 20′ Used in the Movie The Great Outdoors

You can get back to the Great Outdoors with this iconic 1988 Schiada 20-foot outboard, one of three built for the movie starring John Candy and Dan Akroyd. Sadly, this one was never used, and it’s lacking a motor capable of launching you 30 feet onto shore. So, you can pick your own powerplant and drag the whole crew across the lake at unsafe speeds. This boat can move from the cutting room floor to the back of your truck for $3,995, Buy It Now or Make Offer in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

1988 Schiada Interior
The classic 80s styling on the interior of this 1988 Schiada practically begs you to buy matching tennis shorts and a head band.
1988 Schiada Outboard
The paint scheme on this 1988 Schiada may be more gaudy surf board than outboard, but you’ll get plenty of looks on the lake.