1939 Chris-Craft Barrelstern Runabout

Do you like luxury? Well this 1939 Chris-Craft Barrelstern Runabout was the height of luxury in a 19-foot hull when it was built, and it’s even more impressive today. Not sure why all the photos look like Polaroids from 1981, but this boat is beautiful. It’s been restored to show condition and is in desperate need of a salt-and-pepper-haired gentleman to don a captain’s hat and take the helm. The apostrophe before the “S” in the name is the only thing I question. ‘S Wonderful. She’s Wonderful? Tis Wonderful? Buy It Because It’s Wonderful? Make up whatever you want, but first you need to navigate over to eBay and make a run at this classic Chris-Craft. The boat is located in Mission Viejo, California, and the bid is currently at $40,100.

Chris Craft Wonderful 1
Look at it. It wants a parade. Pick it up and you’ll be the envy of all your friends this Fourth of July.
Chris Craft Wonderful 2
This 1939 Chris-Craft Barrelstern Runabout has been restored to show condition, inside and out.


1953 Carver Commander wood runabout

Didn’t the kid in Flipper have a boat like this? If not, he wanted one. This rare 1953 Carver Commander wood runabout was hand-made in Pulaski, Wisconsin. I once closed Wolski’s on Pulaski, but that’s a different story, and if you’ve never enjoyed Milwaukee’s nightlife, you won’t get it. But you’ve probably still seen one of the bumper stickers. And you could do a lot worse things than tool around the lake in this boat with a cold Blatz in your hand. The Mercury 58A 45-horse outboard “runs like a clock,” with slightly more power. Sadly, this boat was taken from the greatest state in the union to Illinois, and that’s where you can buy it if you get over to eBay and put in your bid. You want to own this Carver. The seller promises it will turn heads. Bid

Carver back
This rare 1953 Carver Commander wood runabout was made in Wisconsin. So was the Mercury outboard. Geez it’s a nice boot.
Carver front
The orange upholstery plays off the two-tone wood hull of this 1953 Carver Commander like a classic 1970s Hardee’s uniform.


1969 Miss California hydroplane race boat

I imagine Miss California to be small, blonde and beautiful with a cockpit that fits perfectly, and that’s exactly what she is. This little 19-foot hydroplane race boat will do 125 mph. She’s had everything on her restored. There are some cracks in her finish, but the 5.7-liter Chevrolet engine is fully vintage race-ready. That’s the owner’s term. It basically means this little lady hauls ass, but she’s not a pure racing machine anymore and she’ll run at less than above-the-water speeds, too. She’s currently living in La Jolla, California, but you can rev her up anywhere you want if you jump over to eBay and make her an offer she can’t refuse. The bid is at $15,000. Sash not included.

hydroplane bow
Miss California is a 1969 wood-hull hydroplane racer. It’s restored and ready for the vintage pageant circuit.
hydroplane cockpit
Slide into Miss California’s cockpit and rev her engine. She’s built for speed and ready to race.


1979 Sanger Bubble Deck V-Drive

I like that the owner of the 1979 Sanger Bubble Deck V-Drive still calls this overblown beast a ski boat. Sanger makes some nice boats to be sure, but you’re not taking this for a quick slalom run at dusk before you pull a chair up to the campfire. There may not be many hours on the Hat Racing-built LS-7 engine — only 3.5 — but it has just about everything else you can imagine tacked on, including Lucas fuel injection, Sanderson headers with water injection and Trimetric hardware. It would look more at home on the front of a completely over-the-top ’31 Ford hotrod than the back of this “ski boat,” but it’s still over the top. Interestingly, it’s a left-side drive — perfect for hustling on the back-alley boat racing market in England. It’s a 19-foot boat that seats four, if you can find two passengers who don’t mind that mass of motor in their faces. The owner has $55,000 invested in it, but you can slip over to eBay where the bidding on this “new” 1979 Sanger starts at $25,000. The boat is conveniently located in the U.S.

Sanger profile
This 1979 Sanger Bubble Deck is long and sleek, but only 19 feet. It’s basically a fiberglass hull strapped to a massive LS-7 engine.
Sanger top view
If you look closely, you can see the 1979 Sanger Bubble Deck under the LS-7 engine. It really makes you want to motorboat, doesn’t it?.

1978 Ranger 1850 I/O Fish & Play

This is our first ever vintage Ranger fishing boat. This dandy grabs my attention primarily because it must be both a completely horrible boat to fish out of *and* and horrible boat to use as a runabout. I have never seen the I/O set up before on a bass fishing boat. It encompasses the entire rear third of the boat rendering the space all but useless. The bow has enough room for one small pedestal seat, a vintage trolling motor and a couple of lounge seating areas. This is truly and oddball that belongs in the Museum of Misfit Boats right alongside a Bass Nautique.

If you’re into misfits or curate an obscure boat museum, now’s your chance to grab this Ranger 1850 with a starting bid of (cough) $7,000 with a reserve in Vinton, Virginia.

1978 Ranger 1850 Fish and Play
Truly the worst of both worlds – the Ranger 1850. I’d suggest stripping out all of the seats and pretending it’s an unlimited hydroplane.
1978 Ranger 1850 Bow
Knowing how wide a Ranger boat it, I seriously wonder if two sets of knees can actually fit in there?
1978 Ranger 1850 Stern
Yes, that’s a MerCruiser 470 Inboard/Outboard tucked underneath that seat.

1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard

There must be a run on old mahogany outboards. Two days and two fine examples. This is the Shepherd Junior, a nearly 16 foot plywood princess with a golden anniversary Starflite Evinrude 50 horsepower motor. Restored and ready to run out of Richmond Hill, Ontario. That’s in Canada for those who are geographically impaired. The bidding  on this dandy little Shepherd starts at $5,000 with no reserve.

1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard
For $5,000 you can pretend like you live on Golden Pond. Listen to the loons, Henry.
1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard Evinrude
This 50th anniversary edition Evinrude is definitely the attention seeker on this old Shepherd.

1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Boat

This is a Hollywood wooden boat circa 1968. It has an interesting configuration that I’d describe as part runabout, part utility. Both interior and exterior are restored to as new condition. The 1963 75hp Evinrude outboard fits this boat well and looks the part. Only bummer is those modern throttle controls.

You can find the Hollywood Wood on eBay in Willis, Texas where the reserved price is currently just over $1,500.

1968 Hollywood Wood Evinrude Outboard
A 75hp Evinrude outboard form 1963 had to be damn near the top of the food chain. The motor compliments the boat.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard
Owner says the “condition is good” and I’d have to say based on photos, I agree. I also agree that the Bronco tucked back in that car port is the perfect little vintage tow vehicle.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Interior
The interior is done to a nice standard. Complete with cupholders.

1935 Gar Wood

Long before Garfield was a fat orange cartoon cat, Garfield Wood was the first man to ever crack 100 miles per hour in a boat. He went on to design some of the most beautiful boats of the early 1900s – known as Gar Wood boats.

This 1935 18″ double cockpit Gar Wood is one of those examples. When you stop to think, damn, this boat is 80 years old, you have a lot more respect for what we were building nearly a century ago. I can’t imagine any boat today being admired 80 years from now. This Gar Wood is a restored example with really no needs. It has spent its entire life in and around Lake George, New York, where you can start the bidding on eBay for  $54,900.

1935 Gar Wood Boat
This is an 80 year old chunk of varnished mahogany that still puts any modern boat to shame.
1935 Gar Wood Interior
They don’t build them like this anymore. This Gar Wood has undergone a complete restoration.

1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000 Prototype

In 1969 a young engineer at Marine Unlimited, Inc. in Warren, Michigan set out to design the boat of the future. He sharpened his lead pencils (a 2H, a B, and a 7B for you drafters out there) lined them up on his drafting table alongside his t-square and protractor and went to work. One hour fifty-five minutes later he would emerge and present the elderly management team at Marine Unlimited something they could never imagine… the Stingray 2000!

The Stingray 2000 is a revolutionary single person watercraft with a 25 horsepower inboard/outboard Johnson motor designed to be so damn much fun you’d swear you were motor boating into the future. Marine Unlimited would build only one of the Stingray 2000. The elderly executives concerns over safety and unsubstantiated fear of the crazy, futuristic design would extinguish the young engineer’s dream like the CEO’s Lucky Strike cigarette being smashed into an ashtray after he draws his final, deeply inhaled drag.

Here resides that prototype. Now resting comfortably in Saint Augustine, Florida the Stingray 2000 can be yours for $4,500 buy it now on eBay. A small price to pay for a one-off slice of Buck Rogers on waves.

1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000 Lower Unit
An engineer demonstrates the state-of-the art propeller safety shield. Oooooo. Look out, it’s not intended to save smaller extremities.
1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000 Johnson 25
Behold the Johnson. 25 ponies positioned just aft of your ass.
1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000
That bowtie-shaped steering wheel is no doubt lifted from a Russian fighter jet.

1953 Wagemaker Wolverine Double Cockpit Outboard

The Wagemaker Wolverine – a scary name for a tame little plywood runabout. Wagemaker manufactured small, plywood, outboard-powered boats for a couple of decades out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Wolverine model was about the top of the line, and this one with the double cockpit layout is pretty cool. Absent of an outboard you can pick your power choice. I’d rig up an old Johnson Sea Horse on this one.

If you’re in the market for a fun little boat with a vicious name, shoot on over to eBay where this 14-foot Wagemaker Wolverine is currently at $2,500 (reserve not met) in Springfield, Tennessee.

1953 Wagemaker Wolverine Double Cockpit Interior
I like those old canvas boat cushion-looking seat coverings. They seem very authentic.
1953 Wagemaker Wolverine
Take a normal runabout or rowboat, make it into a double cockpit, wa-lah, desirable.