1951 Chris-Craft Rivera

“This is a Project.” No shit. It’s a 1951 Chris-Craft Rivera, but this 18-foot mahogany cruiser looks more like an old wooden barrel that’s been used as a planter for the last 40 years. On the plus side, you’re not going to find many Chris-Crafts this cheap. Unfortunately, the seller wants you to guess on all the other details. There’s no motor in the boat, but there’s a picture of one on a pallet, and “most all” the hardware is there. It’s in Stillwater, Minnesota, where it no doubt plied the waters of the St. Croix River in its better days, and you can Buy It Now for $6,000 . That’s a Chris-Craft. For $6,000. It’s looks a little prettier with that price tag.

ChrisCraft Rivera 1
Pretty much everything is here, but this 1951 Chris-Craft Rivera is a long way earning admiring looks on the water.
ChrisCraft Rivera 2
This 1951 Chris-Craft is a project. A big project.

1977 Taylor SS jet boat

Do you like being fully encompassed by vinyl? Do you love sliding into a corner booth? Do you wish you could put a beefy V8 in that booth and race it across the lake? Well this 1977 Taylor SS jet boat is your wish come true. It’s a one-owner boat in excellent condition. Both the 460 Ford and the Berkley pump have been restored. But the real appeal, the piece de resistance, is the cushy, high-backed, 1970s nightclub vibe of the interior. You can feel equally comfortable behind the wheel of this Taylor in shorts and flip-flops or a nice white suit with wide lapels and a heavy gold chain around your neck. This boat can dance, and it needs a new leading man. It’s located in Madison, Tennessee, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $7,100.

Taylor SS 1
Awwww yeahhhh. Dig the high walls and cushy interior of this 1977 Taylor SS jet boat.
Taylor SS 2
This Taylor SS is in excellent condition and the seller will give you your money back if you don’t like it.

1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat

This 1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat is one of the coolest ski boat from the 80s – a well designed boat that handles perfectly and is a joy to ski behind. Unfortunately, this one looks like it spent the past 20 years being trailered around Oklahoma from one tornado to the next. It is it’s own disaster. But the 351 Ford V8 has been completely gone over with a bunch of new parts and a rebuilt Holley carburetor. The seller says with an “interior and a some details” this classic Mastercraft could be a showpiece. That might be a stretch, but it could still be a great ski boat. It’s located in Fort Myers, Florida, but thankfully it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $2,000, so you can buy it and take it somewhere much better.

Mastercraft exterior
From the outside, this Stars and Stripes edition Mastercraft Competition Ski Boat still looks like one of the coolest boats of the 80s.
Mastercraft interior
On the inside, this Mastercraft looks like a victim of repeated natural disasters, but carpet and upholstery are easy to replace.


1972 Donzi 18 “Oh Baby” prototype

If you’re looking for the most beat-to-shit Donzi money can buy … ding ding ding … here it is!!! The seller has an insanely long, barey coherent story of basically every agonizing minute of this 1972 Donzi 18 “Oh Baby” prototype‘s history … prototype for a rare model, built with so much promise, but forgotten about in the back alleys of New Jersey, only to be found, neglected but with so much life still left in its soiled hull, and eventually saved and taught to love again. She was rehabilitated in the 80s, and based on the photos, she’s been systematically abused every day since. But that doesn’t mean you can’t her to dance again. And if you’re a good negotiator, you might be able to negotiate for some VHS tapes of family outings in this boat after she got clean the last time. It’s in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $500.

Donzi 18 1
This Donzi was a prototype for the “Oh Baby” hull design, but it’s rough. The blue tarp is actually flattering in this photo.
Donzi 18 2
This Donzi prototype has been beat to hell, but you’ll have the only one around if you buy it.

1978 Biesmier SK

This 1978 Biesmier SK Flatbottom is mean looking boat. It’s a muscle car for the water. My favorite thing is the front bench seat. It’s sort of like an El Camino, only instead of a shallow truck bed you get a stern full of nasty motor and a mound of headers and exhaust pipes. That’s a 508-cubic-inch Chevy Roller motor out back, with a pair of Eddlebrock carburetors and Basset headers. No word on how this Biesmier SK runs, but it looks impressive, and I think that’s basically what you’re going for when you buy a boat like this. It’s conveniently located in the United States, but the seller does provide one clue: The 603 area code on his phone number is from New Hampshire. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $10,000.

Biesmier 1
The bench seat in the front of this 1978 Biesmier SK only accentuates the muscle car feel.
Biesmier 2
This 1978 Biesmier SK Flatbottom looks mean. It’s nothing but a hot rod with a hull.

1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger

This 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger is small and built to haul ass. Unfortunately, the Mercury 850 85-horse outboard won’t fire, but you can still haul it on a trailer. This Switzer-Craft has been family owned since original purchase, has been used less than 15 seasons in almost 40 years. The floor has been replaced and the re-upholstered “marbleized” leather seats are practically new. It has a few minor condition issues, but the fiberglass and gel coat are in good shape. It was built in Illinois and has spent it’s life in Cheboygan, Michigan. But we all know the real Sheboygan is in Wisconsin, where it belongs. Buy It Now for $1,800 and then eat a brat.

Switzer 1
The owner of this 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger speeds across a local lake, letting the ladies know he’s up for whatever.
Switzer 2
This 1974 Switzer-Craft Hugger is a pretty simple little boat – a few seats, a hull and an outboard. That’s enough.


1957 AeroCraft Runabout

These old all-aluminum runabouts are pretty cool. They all have that post-war rocket ship sort of look to them. This 1957 AeroCraft was actually built by an aircraft company, and it’s been completely rebuilt with all vintage parts. It’s clean and free of dents. It doesn’t come with a motor, but aside from that, this 14-foot AeroCraft is ready to blast across your lake of choice.  It’s located in Hudson, Massachusetts, and it’s on eBay with a current bid of $2,750.

AeroCraft 1
This 1957 AeroCraft runabout has space age styling, but it’s current propulsion system is more 19th century.
AeroCraft 2
Nothing but shiny aluminum on the inside of this 1957 AeroCraft.

1976 Volga Hydrofoil

This 1976 Volga Hydrofoil looks and sounds like something from the Ukraine, like some failed, rotting remnant of a Soviet-era quest for superior recreation. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for in your next boat? The listing provides almost no information, but that may be a lingering Cold War reluctance to share secrets and divulge technical information for fear of weakening the Motherland. This 30-foot Volga needs “complete interior and cosmetic exterior work,” but the Volvo Penta 4.3GL motor is strong and reliable, according to the seller. And it runs on vodka, which can be fun, but it can put you in a world of hurt the next day. I guess that could be said for vodka, Soviet technology and this Volga. Luckily you don’t have to go to Kiev to pick it up. It’s located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and you can Buy It Now for $17,500.

Volga 1
I knew a girl named Volga once. She was from the Ukraine, and just like this Volga, she was more than a little dirty.
Volga 2
This 1976 Volga Hydrofoil needs a complete interior, in addtional to some cosmetic exterior work. But it is a hydrofoil, and that’s sorta cool.


2000 Delta Sonic jet boat

I thought the Delta Sonic was an electric toothbrush. Turns out it’s a boat. Who knew? It’s actually a rare and interesting jet boat, perfect for the family that always wanted a jet ski everyone could fit on at the same time. It looks like three jet skis with a bunch of fiberglass poured over them. It was actually a police and fire rescue boat, and it definitely has that sort of Baywatch look to it. Just imagine cruising out in front of the beach, your hair blowing in the breeze, C.J. and Summer running into the water, their ample bosoms bouncing with hope, and then together, you save the day. This 2000 Delta Sonic can do that for you. It’s only 15 years old and it’s already been completely restored.It seats seven and the 175 hp Mercury power plant will push you along at 50 mph. It came from the Keys but it’s in Conneaut, Ohio, now. You can Buy It Now for $12,500.

Delta 1
Only 150 of these odd-looking Delta Sonics were ever made.
Delta 2
This 2000 Delta Sonic is like a jet ski for the whole family., with seating that’s sure to send you flying even at moderate speeds.

1964 Johnson OMC 17

It seems like the most fascinatingly strange boats are all up in Canada. This 1964 Johnson OMC 17 is one of a kind, according to the seller, but the listing includes 9 pages of promotional literature, so I’m not sure production was really limited to one. Regardless, this is a weird, cool little runabout. The bottom side of the hull looks a little dune buggyish. And it’s a diesel. Among the ahead-of-its-time features is the electric windshield. How many times have you been out in your boat thinking, ‘I wish this windshield could raise up and open part way out.’ Never? Well, OK. It’s pointless. But it’s still kind of cool. That actually may be a pretty good description of this whole OMC 17. It’s in excellent condition and that Isuzu diesel only has 7.5 hours on it. It’s in Kelowna, British Columbia, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $1,625.

omc 17 exterior
There’s something about the tri-hull design of this little OMC runabout that’s strangely cool.
omc 17 interior
This OMC has been very lightly used, and the cockpit is clean and original.