1977 Wesco Runner Bottom Drag Boat

This 1977 Wesco Runner Bottom Drag Boat is a rainbow of fast. It’s pushing 40 years old but it hasn’t slowed down. The 454 Chevy motor has a Holly 4-barrel carb, Bassett headers and a Casale V drive to make it go, and it’s pretty good at going. That’s pretty much all this Wesco was built to do. It’s got two seats, a gas pedal and a steering wheel. Oh, and that giant motor. Put your butt in the seat, fire up the motor, get a good grip on the steering wheel and put some foot into that gas pedal. This Wesco Runner Bottom is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, one of the coolest sounding cities in America. You can Buy It Now for $7,500, and then schedule your vacation in Battle Creek.

Wesco 1
Rainbows are everywhere at the moment, so why not fly the ROYGBIV flag (minus the green) with this 1977 Wesco Runner Bottom Drag Boat.
Wesco 2
There’s a place for your feet and a place for your hands. Get a good grip and let ‘er rip in this 454 Chevy-equipped Wesco.

1940 Chris Craft Cracker Barrel

Sure it’s up on blocks, but this 1940 Chris Craft Cracker Barrel is a barrel back classic. Try saying that five times fast. This boat has a few minor issues, but it’s still a great find. The seller say’s it’s in “almost excellent” condition, which I like. Chris Craft only made four or five dozen of these 17-foot triple-cockpit runabouts in the years leading up to US entry into World War II, so they don’t come around every day. It was restored in 2007 and the original 6-cylinder Chris Craft engine has been rebuilt. This isn’t a big project or restoration boat, it just needs a little love. This Cracker Barrel is located over in good ole Cedar, Minnesoata, just north a Coon Rapids. You can Buy It Now for $74,900, and then stop by the Cracker Barrel restaurant offa 35W there and get yourself a good breakfast on your way to pick up your Cracker Barrel. The locals’ll get a real chuckle outta that little story.

Chris Craft Cracker 2
Enjoy three luxurious rows of seating in this 17-foot Chris Craft Cracker Barrel Runabout.
Chris Craft Cracker 1
This rare 1940 Chris Craft Cracker Barrel was restored 8 years ago and is reported in “almost excellent” condition.


1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back Runabout

Feast your eyes on this beautiful 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back 19-foot Runabout – one of the rarest and most desirable Christ Craft models. This is the kind of boat people write about. Hence, this example of me writing about it. It’s been totally restored, so it’s every bit as pretty as it was when it was originally delivered to Anderson, Indiana on June 17, 1941. It plied the waters of Lake Wawasee in those days, under the name  “Miss Patt,” but you can float her anywhere you like and name her after that girl you met at summer camp 37 years ago if you want. It really doesn’t matter, because no matter where it is or what you call her, this 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back is going to draw plenty of attention. It’s located in Clayton, New York, and you can Buy It Now for $60,000.

Chris Craft 1941 Barrel 1
This is a totally restored 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back Runabout, one or the rarest and most desirable Chris Crafts.
Chris Craft 1941 Barrel 2
Everything on this Chris Craft Barrel Back is immaculate, and it’ll turn some heads in your local vintage boat parade.

Gene Racine SKV Place Diverter jet boat

This Gene Racine SKV Place Diverter jet boat is powered by an Oldsmobile 455, which makes perfect sense considering it looks like someone took an Olds 4-4-2 and turned it into a ski boat, at least on the inside. I’m pretty sure Eunice, the little old lady who lived across the street when I was growing up, had a regular Cutlas with this exact paint scheme. Anyway, this Gene Racine SKV isn’t your average boat, and it’s not for little old ladies. It’s made to go fast. It’s in good condition, with a little crackling in the gel coat as you’d expect from a 40-year-old original boat, but the 455 has been rebuilt and runs smooth. Your Place Diverter is located in Yerington, Nevada, where boats aren’t necessary. Bring it home and make it feel loved. It’s on eBay with a current bid of $1,999.

Sink your teeth into this Gene Racine SKV Place Diverter jet boat. It’s a big bowl of old school speed.
It’s powered by an Oldsmobile 455, but this Gene Racine SKV has the interior of an Olds 4-4-2.



1986 Mantra Performer Gullwing jetboat

This 1986 Mantra Performer Gullwing jetboat is a coke-fueled, leather pants-wearing mid-80s high school dream come to life. I think a kid in my sophomore English class had a drawing of this boat on the cover of his Mead spiral notebook. I’m pretty sure the guy driving it was supposed to be an older version of him. He was always shirtless, in Oakley blades and a big cod piece, which I always thought was an interesting choice. I can’t promise buying this Mantra Performer is going to make that dream come true for you, but it’ll put you a lot closer to it. The interior isn’t perfect, but it’s in great mechanical condition and it’ll break 100. This Mantra is awaiting you in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. It’s on eBay and you can Buy It Now for $18,500.


Mantra 1
This 1986 Mantra Performer Gullwing jetboat is an 80s dream, and Dokken wrote the soundtrack. Buy this boat and let your baby’s big hair blow.
Mantra 2
The interior of this Mantra Performer isn’t perfect, but the seats really aren’t the focus on this boat, it’s that 540 Chev rising out of the back.


1973 Donzi

The bold black and yellow paint scheme sort of belies how smooth and refined this 1973 Donzi is. This 20-footer is a perfect size for any lake, and it’s in immaculate condition. The Ford Interceptor 302 has been recently rebuilt, and the all-original interior is perfect. Beyond perfect really. Check out the seating configuration. Sink into that corner booth and the inviting wall of black vinyl, order up a PBR and let your captain shows you the sights. There’s nothing not to like about this 1973 Donzi. It’s a classic and it’s ready for the water. This Donzi is located deep in the heart of Texas – Tyler, Texas – and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $8,900.

1973 Donzi 1
This 1973 Donzi jetboat is an original boat in perfect condition. You won’t get into a nicer boat for less money.
1973 Donzi 2
The all-original interior in this 1973 Donzi is like the corner booth at your favorite lounge bar. It’s just begging you to climb in.

1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star

Holy tomatoes Batman. It looks like the Joker launched the Bat boat in a lake of red paint. I’m sure George Barris took some cues from this 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star when he designed the Batmobile. They’re cut from the same cloth. The Shooting Star was named one of the Top 10 wood boat designs of all time by Power Boat Magazine, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It has undergone a complete and extensive restoration, and it’s been well cared for since. Forget garage storage, this double bubble windshield, high-finned piece of marine history has been kept in climate-controlled storage since restoration and hasn’t even been in the water. It also comes with all the provenance you could ever ask for. It’s owned by Peter Switzer, whose family founded Switzer Craft in 1947. How cool is that? It’s part of his personal collection of some of the most rare and prized Switzer Crafts ever built. You’re just not going to find a vintage boat that’s cooler or in better shape. And that Mercury Mark 55 looks perfect on the back of this Shooting Star. It’s located in Holly, Michigan, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $10,000.

Shooting Star 1
The red, white and chrome Mercury Mark 55 looks like it was designed and built for this 1957 Switzer Craft Shooting Star alone.
Shooting Star 2
Everything about this Switzer Craft Shooting Star is triple-dipped in 1950s cool – the swept bow lines, the bubble windshields and those fabulous fins.

2004 Hacker-Craft Lapstrake Utility

Straight from the new boats that look like old boats files, check out this 2004 Hacker-Craft Lapstrake Utility. From the outside this looks like a really nice, classic wooden boat. On the inside, it has plenty of classic touches, but it’s modern and it is well appointed. And at 25 feet, there’s plenty of room. The boat is in original, unblemished condition, and believed to be one of a very few lap-strakes ever built by Hacker-Craft, according to the seller. The 5.7 liter Crusader engine only has 25 hours on it. This 2004 Hacker-Craft Lapstrake Utility is located in Portland, Oregon. You can Buy It Now for a measly $99,500.

Hacker Craft lapstrake 1
This 2004 Hacker-Craft Lapstrake Utility packs tons of classic style in a new package. Perfect for your posh place upstate.
Hacker Craft lapstrake 2
The interior on this Hacker Craft is nice and roomy, and it looks a little better than your average Bayliner.

15-Foot Retro Electric Boat

I’m not really sure what the hell this is. It looks like a Swedish fish with a steering wheel, but I can’t stop looking at it. It’s a whole lotta red, that’s for sure. I don’t think the owner knows what it is either. It’s listed as a 15-foot Retro Electric Boat, and it’s apparently a “factory demonstrator,” whatever that means. But the make is unclear. I’m not even sure if it has a wood or fiberglass hull. It has “wood style,” and also hand-laid fiberglass. But that could just be over the top. It has a look to it though. Sort of like it came out of the KitchenAid factory. If you’re into unusual boats, this fits the bill. The electric outboard, electric drive system and the charging system are all being sold separately, so you really are sort of buying a Swedish fish with a steering wheel, but that’s still cool. Your new Retro Electric Neo Maxi Swedish Zoom Fish Boat is located in foot loose and fancy free Fresno, California. You can Buy It Now for $9,000.

Retro Electric 1
This 15-foot Retro Electric Boat is a bit of a mystery, but that funky styling is calling your name.
Retro Electric 2
Red on red, with red. This Retro Electric Boat is retro, electric, and quite clearly a boat.

2015 Boomslang Boats twin cockpit runabout

“In a world of plastic cookie cutter powerboats, there is now a modern classic speedboat that will set your heart to throbbing.” That eloquent synopsis – part movie trailer and part old-timey schtick – comes straight from the seller of this 2015 Boomslang Boats twin cockpit runabout. If you want a cool cruiser, a classic looking wooden runabout with all the comforts of a new boat, this Boomslang is yo thang. The deep V hull is made of vintage mahogany planks set in epoxy/glass laminate, so it doesn’t require much maintenance, and the new Mercruiser TKS engine matched to the Alpha One out drive is smooth swift. This 2015 Boomslang runabout is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and you can Buy It Now for $46,000.

Boomslang 1
Check out the dude in the hat. What else do you need to know about this 2015 Boomslang Boats twin cockpit runabout?
Boomslang 2
This Boomslang is a nice, new boat that’s made to look old.