1982 Sanger Alley Cat

Do you wear your Oakleys on your head all night, even when you haven’t been out in the sun in hours? Well, this 1982 Sanger Alley Cat might be for you. Do you like to keep your shirt unbuttoned just a little too far? Maybe you should be driving this Sanger Alley Cat. Do you keep a comb in the back pocket of your acid washed jeans?And a Def Leppard tape in your truck? Well, then you need to own this Alley Cat. It’s a 21-foot tunnel hull with a new Mercury Promax 300 motor and a brand new interior. What’s not to like? It has a bunch of other new parts, too. This 80s dream machine is located in Colchester, Connecticut, and you can Buy It Now for $15,000.

Sanger Alley Cat 1
This Sanger Alley Cat is an 80s dream machine. Install a new tape deck and you’ll be ready to rock.
Sanger Alley Cat 2
The interior of this Sanger Alley Cat is clean and simple. Sit down, push that throttle forward and let your mullet blow in the wind. It doesn’t get any better.

1963 Chris Craft Super Sport

Here’s a sweet little Chris Craft for your boating pleasure. It’s a 1963 Chris Craft Super Sport. It underwent a $40,000 “somewhat complete restoration” in 2013, and it’s pretty. The interior is set up like a standard ski boat, and it’s as nice as it was new. It looks a lot more modern than the mahogany hull, which is pretty nice in its own right. I love the chrome intake and exhaust caps – a little extra flair. Just about everything has been done to this Chris Craft, and it’s ready to go. You can cruise all day, bring it to the vintage boat show, or pull your buddy Stanley across the lake on his trick skis. This Chris Craft Super Sport is located in Meredith, New Hampshire, and you can Buy It Now for $18,995.

1963 Chris Craft Super Sport  2
This 1963 Chris Craft Super Sport has undergone a $40,000 restoration. It’s clean, runs great and wants to be driven.
1963 Chris Craft Super Sport 1
This 1963 Chris Craft Super Sport is basically an early mahogany-hulled ski boat. You’ll really be styling if you have some wood skis.

Jeep Wrangler Ski Boat

This is a seller-proclaimed one-of-a-kind custom made Jeep Wrangler Ski Boat. I have no reason to doubt him. I’m almost without words for this wonderful piece of weirdness, so I’m going to let the seller take it from here: “This would look pretty slick even out of the water getting towed behind or at shows. Promotional company’s, water front businesses , dealerships,  I can not even begin to tell you the amount of attention this rig attracts. I live on a very small lake and get chased around by boats taking  photos, cars stopping etc. One of the best parts is that everyone ends up putting their photo on social media ” look what I saw.” It goes on, and there’s even a great comparison to Disney, but you’ll have to look at the listing for that gem. If you want something weird that turns heads, why not buy a fake jeep mounted on some sort of miniature boat hull? This Jeep Wrangler Ski Boat is located in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, and you can Buy It Now for $8,800.

Jeep 1
Sweet boat. Is that a two-door? Why yes, and it has 4-wheel drive, but you have to jump in the water and manually lock the hubs.
Jeep 2
Put some utility in your boating with this custom made Jeep Wrangler Ski Boat. Or maybe … just put some comedy in your life with this Jeep Wrangler Ski Boat.

1954 Century Imperial Sportsman

It’s not exactly ready to launch, but this 1954 Century Imperial Sportsman is only a few hundred hours of labor away from the water. And think how nice it’ll be when you’re done. The seller says “It looks to have many original pieces,” and based on the photos of all the parts scattered around the driveway, it looks like there’s quite a bit to work with. Hopefully that little pile of instrumentation accessories isn’t all that’s left of the dashboard, but on the bright side, that Evinrude Big Twin is pretty cool, and it could actually run. It allegedly did when it last ran anyway. This Century Imperial Sportsman is a project, but it could be a pretty cool project. It’s located in Northbrook, Illinois, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $800.

Century Imperial 1
Tip your head sideways. This 1954 Century Imperial Sportsman is calling your name. Here it? Save me … Save me …
Century Imperial 2
The interior of this Century is going to need a little work, but no more than the rest of the boat. So that’s good.


1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra

Awwww … thumbody loves me. In almost every picture he loves me. Luckily he left enough of the frame open to get a look at this 1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra. It’s quite a boat, with quite a story. This boat was bought new by Budweiser and used as a promotional boat at races from 1976 to 1980. It was then bought by the second owner, who recently passed away. It’s been stored inside all its life, and the gel coat is very nice. The Ford 460 runs but it needs work. No further clarification is provided. Maybe the seller is under someone’s thumb. Anyway, this ’76 Taylor SJ is a cool boat with an interesting history. You can write the next chapter yourself if you head down to Gallatin, Tennesse, and pick it up. It’s on eBay with a current bid of $1,176.

Taylor SJ 1
Thumbody doesn’t want you to see this 1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra, but you should take a look. It’s a cool boat.
Taylor SJ 2
At least you get a clear look at the interior – pretty nice for an original 40-year-old boat.

1952 Century Resorter

This 1952 Century Resorter has a real vintage bowling alley vibe on the interior. It’s the kind of boat Walter and The Dude would appreciate. The Jesus might prefer something like this Schiada, and the Nihilists no doubt would be in one of these, but this 20-foot Resorter is a clear reflection of the year it was born, and of The Dude’s aesthetic. Does all that seem like a stretch? Well, the seller doesn’t really provide much info, so I’m filling in the blanks. It’s a freshwater boat with a 6-cylinder Chrysler. It needs to be refinished, but it’s seaworthy as is. This Century Resorter is located in Merdith, New Hampshire, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500.

Century Resorter 2
The simple red and white vinyl interior on this Century is more bowling alley than resort, so grab a sarsaparilla and go for a ride.
Century Resorter
This 1952 Century Resorter is ready for the water. The 20-foot hull could use refinishing, but you can do that after you enjoy the rest of summer.

1977 Mako Starpacer

What a great name. The Mako Starpacer. It sounds like a disco band. Or some sort of satellite defense system to protect against a sharknado. This 1977 Mako Starpacer is a prototype that never went into production, or so the seller believes. It’s a beefy little boat at 16-feet long and 6 feet wide. It sort of looks like an old flint-knapped arrow head, or maybe a shark fin. Maybe that was Mako’s intent, to build a boat that sounded like its name. Maybe I’m just writing nonsense. But it is a cool hull. And the interior is really nice. This Mako Starpacer is located in Akron, Ohio. Maybe it belongs to LeBron James. Either way, it’s on eBay with a current bid of $3,300.

Mako Starpacer 1
This 1977 Mako Starpacer never went into production, so you won’t have to worry about anyone else showing up at the party in the same boat.
Mako Starpacer 2
I’m sure this interior has been redone, but the seller doesn’t say. Instead, he just says it’s “really sharp.”

1964 Thompson Thomboy

Notice anything goofy about this photo? That person standing in this 1964 Thompson Thomboy used to have a head and shoulders. I Photoshopped them out. Fairly crudely I might add. Here’s a tip: If you’re selling your boat, don’t put your wife or some goony dude waving in the photos. You’re selling a boat, not an escort. But I like this 16-foot Thomboy, so I took matters into my own hands and eliminated the problem. Here’s another tip: If you have a really cool classic boat, don’t put an ugly modern Japanese motor on it. Ever heard of an Evinrude? They’ve made ’em for quite a while now. Google it. Anyway, you can have this Thompson Thomboy for $11,500 if you make the trek to Moneta, Virginia. Buy It Now.

Thompson 1
Don’t worry about that half a person lurking behind the canopy of this 1964 Thompson Thomboy. Just focus on the boat. It’s nice.
Thompson 2
It’s a nice interior on this Thompson, but that Yamaha motor has got to go. This is a classic runabout, not a 14-foot Tuffy.


1946 SpeedLiner dual cockpit runabout

I love the completely separate cockpit out in front of the windshield on this 1946 SpeedLiner dual cockpit runabout. I hate that ugly Nissan outboard with the cheesy gold Speedliner paint job. Who restores a 70-year-old mahogany boat — and does this nice a job — and then puts a Nissan on the back?  Luckily, an outboard is easy to swap out. Aside from that, it’s a pretty boat. The interior is simple but nice, and the dual cockpit design just makes it that much more interesting. This SpeedLiner runabout is waiting for you in Deer Park, New York. Buy It Now for $12,000.


SpeedLiner 1
The dual cockpit design of this 1946 SpeedLiner runabout is perfect for boating with people you don’t want to talk to.
SpeedLiner 2
So, you restore a 70-year-old mahogany SpeedLiner, and then put a new Nissan outboard on the back and “customize” it with a bunch of tacky, fake, gold SpeedLiner graphics? It’s embarrassing.

1969 Chris Craft Lancer

When people think of Classic Chris Crafts, it’s usually the stately mahogany hulls of the 40s and 50s that come to mind, but boats like this 1969 Chris Craft Lancer carry every bit as much classic style. Such a great hull design. It still looks good today. The Lancer is a 19-foot ski boat with a 327 Chevy and Volvo Penta outdrive, all in good original condition and good mechanical condition. The seller says it’s not show quality, but I think you’ll still have plenty of people wanting to get a closer look at this Lancer. The simple red lettering and twin stripes across the top are perfect on the white hull. This Chris Craft Lancer is a nice boat. It’s located in Sheldon, Iowa, and you can Buy It Now for $5,900. That’s $5,900. For a clean, launch-ready Chris Craft.

Chris Craft Lancer 2
The red lettering and thin lines across the top are perfect, classic complement to this Chris Craft Lancer’s white hull.