2000 Mercury Water Mouse

Damnit. I said house boat. Not mouse boat. But this 2000 Mercury Water Mouse is barely big enough to be a house or more than one mouse. But it’s big enough for Mickey Mouse. He rented Mouse Boats at his own house, at Disney Land. Luckily there’s no requirement you be a rodent to own one of these fun little two-seaters. It’s only 10 feet long, and that 25-horse Mercury outboard will push it in the mid-20s. So it’s not a speed boat by any means; it’s more like a go cart for the water. This Mercury Water Mouse is located in Antioch, Tennessee, and you can Buy It Now for $4,500.

Mouse Boat 1
Have a little fun in an even littler boat. A Mouse Boat. A Mercury Water Mouse.
Mouse Boat 2
No upholstery to worry about in this Water Mouse. It’s good old fashioned American plastic.

1964 Rockholt

I was going to write up an unusual little jet boat this morning, but then I saw this fully restored 1964 Rockholt. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the jet boat. Now it’s time to feast your eyes on this beautiful two-tone Rockholt hull. The two-tone mahogany continues inside, and it looks brilliant against the all white upholstery. It’s one of the coolest boat interiors we’ve featured. The red-toned mahogany looks like the body of a fine instrument. Everything on this Rockholt has been redone, including the Chrysler engine. If you can get past “The Rock” in giant block letters across the stern, there’s nothing not to like about this 1964 Rockholt. It’s located in Sacramento, California, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500.

Rockholt 1
Everything about this fully restored 1964 Rockholt jumps out at you. It’s hard to take your eyes off it.
Rockholt 2
The red and honey wood tones really stand out against the white upholstery and stern. Everything on this boat is fully restored.

1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

Old Correct Crafts are such smooth, clean purpose-built boats. They were made to pull water skiers, and this 1968 Ski Nautique will still do it quite well. No flash on the outside. No giant tower with wake boards hanging off it. No comic book graphics. No ballast system. It’s classic, understated, and built to ski. It was updated with a new interior a few years ago. The red carpet is a nice complement to the white hull and upholstery and all the fresh chrome. The original Chrysler 318 is running fine and this 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is ready to go. It’s located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, and you can Buy It Now for for only $7,500. But you’ll have to beat me to it.

1968 Ski Nautique 1
The interior on this 1968 Ski Nautique is as nice as most new boats. The whole boat is as nice as most new boats.
1968 Ski Nautique 2
This 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is clean, simple, and ready for all the water skiing you can handle.

1973 Chris Craft XK22

This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a boat you don’t see every day. Chris Craft only built 220 of these 22-footers between 1971 and 1976. This is number 64 of only 75 produced in 1973, and one of even fewer outfitted with the 350 Corvette engine and Volvo 270 Velvet Drive. It saw some saltwater in its previous life, but it’s been all freshwater since the total restoration in 2007. My favorite part of this classic Chris Craft XK22 is the interior. This was once a corporate boat owned by JLG, the forklift company, but the orange and white interior with brown accents and those big seats bear a strong resemblance to the inside of a 1970s A&W. The Root Bear would look right at home in this boat. This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is out in Boulder City, Nevada. Check out the full listing, and Buy It Now for $75,000.

1973 Chris Craft XK22 1
It’s orange and white, and this 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a real dreamsicle on the water.
1973 Chris Craft XK22 2
The interior of this Chris Craft has the frosty mug taste of a corner booth in an A&W.

1958 Wagemaker Wolverine

You don’t have to worry about the emotional state of this 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine. It’s in unmolested condition. It’s nearly a 60-year-old boat, so you can bet she’s been around the lake a time or two, but this Wolverine was begging to be driven. At this point, we don’t know if she still purrs. It’s been in storage for the past 25 years, but the 35-horse Evinrude Lark was allegedly running fine when this boat was last pulled out of Houghton Lake up in Northern Michigan. You know, da U.P., eh? Them are honest folk up there, so she’ll probably be good to go with new plugs and fresh fuel. This 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine – appropriate name for Michigan – has moved from Lake Houghton to Millington, but it’s on eBay now with an opening bid of $4,000.

Wagemaker Wolverine 1
Give this 1958 Wagemaker Wolverine some love. It needs some work, but it’s all original.
Wagemaker Wolverine 2
It’s worn and faded, but there’s still a lot to love about this Wagemaker Wolverine.

1964 Century Resorter

It seems like every Century I write about is a Century Resorter. There’s rarely a Campgrounder. Or a Motor Lodger. I know they made some Hostelers, too, but those were mostly sold in Europe. Luckily, this1964 Century Resorter is stateside. If you’re looking for a project, the kind of project where someone else has already tackled most of the dirty work and you get to finish it up and take full credit, look no further than this Resorter. The hull has already been refinished, all the original parts are accounted for, and the motor was in running condition when it was pulled for the restoration job. But the seller ran out of time for this project, so now it’s your turn. This Century Resorter is located in Athens, Texas, and you can Buy It Now for $5,400.

1964 Century Resorter 1
This 1964 Century Resorter is partway through a total restoration. Finish the job and take full credit.
1964 Century Resorter 2
The restoration hasn’t made it’s way to the interior yet, but the upholstery is solid and all the original parts are there.

1962 Lyman runabout

It’s a Lyman. A 1962 Lyman runabout. Don’t confuse Lyman with limon, the secret citrus miracle in Sprite. This is a nice boat for sure, and cruising across the lake in this 20-foot woodie is no doubt every bit as refreshing as a cold lemon-lime soda. But aside from noting it’s in excellent condition inside and out, the seller doesn’t provide much info. It leaves us with so many questions. Could it have been owned by former cult leader Mel Lyman? Or mormon apostle Richard R. Lyman? Was this Lyman built by descendants of Lyman Hall, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence? There’s a trivia question for ya. And where is this Lyman located? Lyman, Utah, or Lyman, Nebraska? And which sounds more boring? Anyway, this 1962 Lyman runabout is actually in Hurley, Wisconsin, a town famous for once having the most strip clubs per capita of anywhere in the good ole US of A. As for the boat, it’s on eBay with a starting bid of $7,000.

1962 Lyman 1
This 1962 Lyman runabout is in excellent shape, inside and out.
1962 Lyman 2
Great flip-out windshield and so many other details on this Lyman.

1957 Chris Craft Silver Arrow

Only two 1957 Chris Craft Silver Arrows were built, and this is the only one still in existence. This was one of Chris Craft’s first forays into fiberglass boats, and like most Chris Crafts, it came out pretty nice.  Unfortunately, it’s kind of a wreck now. The interior is torn up and the whole thing needs some work to bring it back to the beautiful boat it was 60 years ago. On the bright side, this Silver Arrow is all original, including the Ford Interceptor motor, which is in great condition. So, while it’s not ready for the water, it’s ready for your workshop. This 1957 Chris Craft Silver Arrow is a great project boat, and it’s calling your name from Malibu, California. Buy It Now for $18,000.

Chris Craft Silver Arrow 1
You gotta love a boat with tail fins, especially a Chris Craft. This rare Chris Craft Silver Arrow needs work, but it’ll be worth it.
Chris Craft Silver Arrow 2
It’s a project boat, but it’s all original and this Chris Craft gives you plenty to work with.

1978 Witchcraft

Wooh hoooh, witchy woman. See how fast she flies. That’s courtesy of the 455 Olds and the Edelbrock intake and carburetor on this 1978 Witchcraft. Wooh hoooh, witchy woman. She got the moon on her sides. The pale moon yellow is actually the most mellow color I’ve ever seen on a boat like this. It’s kind of cool to see an understated pain scheme on an overblown jet boat. But don’t be fooled, this 1978 Witchcraft is a restless spirit on an endless flight. And as strange as it may seem to ski behind this boat with those massive exhaust pipes in your face, that’s how the seller was using it. The deal even includes skis and ropes. It’s located in Sun Valley, Nevada, and it’s on eBay with a current bid of $520.

Witchcraft 1
You don’t see many Witchcrafts around. Thankfully you don’t have to be a Wiccan to own it.
Witchcraft 2
This 1978 Witchcraft is in nice condition, and all the shit laying in the boat comes with it.

1990 Hydrostream Custom HST

Here’s a super clean 1990 Hydrostream Custom HST. It looks tiny in the pictures, but the design is deceiving. This 20-foot Hydrostream seats four and has a really nice interior that matches the color and design of the hull. The multi-stripe scheme is way more early 80s than 90s. I had a winter jacket in about third grade that looked exactly like the stern of this boat. But it’s actually a cool paint job on this HST, and it carries through to the Mercury 2.5, which has Key Pucket performance upgrades. Seller says it easily tops 100. This 1990 Hydrostream is ready to go. It’s located in Marshall, Texas, and you can Buy It Now for $14,250.

1990 Hydrostream 1
This 1990 Hydrostream HST was the corporate promotional boat for the attempted rebirth of Fruit Stripes gum.
1990 Hydrostream 2
You’ll enjoy the brand new floor and a really nice interior on this 1990 Hydrostream.