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1962 Aristocraft Funliner

This 1962 Aristocraft Funliner is a seafoam dream. This boat is al original and it’s in excellent condition. The 1961 Mercury 800 outboard has been completely gone through by professional mechanic and fires on the first try every time. Everything has been inspected and checked over, and it’s ready for regular use. More than anything, this boat has style. The tail fins. The hardtop. That cool curved windshield. And that tall white Mercury delivering the power and providing aesthetic compliment to the design and color of this 1962 Aristocraft Funliner. It’s located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it’s listed on eBay with a starting bid of $5,000.


11962 Aristocraft Funliner  1
Everything about this 1962 Aristocraft Funliner is cool, fro the windshield to the tail fins.
1962 Aristocraft Funliner  2
It’s seafoam green and it’s nice and clean. This 1962 Aristocraft Funliner is ready for the water.

1954 AristoCraft Typhoon

Up for bids here we have 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon in perfect restored condition. It’s obviously an old boat, but everything in it and on it looks brand new. It’s only been in the water five times since its restoration. The hull is all original with all the original hardware, and the decks were replaced about 35 years ago. The motor is a great running little 1956 Mercury Mark 25. And the interior, is, well, beautiful if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan. It’s green and yellow, which you can see from about a mile away, and it’s plenty bright. But I like it. It makes this 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon look much less stodgy than some classic woodies. It looks like a boat you should go out and have fun in. This AristoCraft is currently located in Chelsea, Michigan, and it’s on eBay with a current bid of $2,081.

1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 1
This little 1954 AristoCraft Typhoon is only a 12-footer, but it’s built for fun and ready for the water.
1954 AristoCraft Typhoon 2
This AristoCraft Typhoon is fully restored and in perfect condition. Go Pack Go.

1952 Aristo Craft Hardtop family cruiser

The seller calls this 1952 Aristo Craft Hardtop 16′ family cruiser “beautiful.” It’s a cool old boat for sure, but it looks like it’s been used to haul coal for the last four decades, so beautiful is a stretch. Everything on it is blackened. If you’re looking for a project, this would be a good one. The price is right, and you can put some life back in the tailfins on this Aristo Craft. It still has the original Mercruiser 4-cylinder engine, which was “last known to run” in 2003. Basically the only thing the seller is guaranteeing is that it isn’t going to run as is. But it is “all ready to be dolled up again.” So that’s cool. This Hardtop family cruiser is located in Cape Corral, Florida, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $660.

AristoCraft hardtop  2
Everything on this Aristo Craft Hardtop family cruiser is blackened and ready for restoration.
AristoCraft hardtop 1
This 1952 Aristo Craft Hardtop family cruiser has tailfins that would make some Buicks blush.

1953 AristoCraft Typhoon

You know what time it is? It’s AristoCraft time. There are some great styling details on this 1953 AristoCraft Typhoon – the arched bow with inlay design, the green windshield, the AristoCraft windshield frames, and above all, that big chrome clock on top of the dash. How many boats have a clock like this? It also has a sweet red Mercury MK30 with electric start. The original Merc comes with it, too. It doesn’t run, but it doesn’t look as nice as that MK30 anyway. This AristoCraft is ready to go. All you have to do is bring it home from Akron, Ohio. Buy It Now for $6,800.

AristoCraft 1
Climb behind the green windshield of this 1953 AristoCraft Typhoon and feel the modest power of the vintage Mercury MK30.
AristoCraft 2
This AristoCraft Typhoon is 12 feet long with a single bench seat and an excellent clock on the dashboard.

1977 Aristocraft hard-top cruiser

The pictures of this 1977 Aristocraft are not high art. They demonstrate a questionable eye on the part of the photographer and a decidedly poor understanding of this boat’s key selling points. First off, the massive curved-glass windshield reaches up to a hard top and what appears to be some sort of bimini cover extending off that. That only shows up in one shaded photo shot from a poor angle. Instead, you get two photos of the wheels on the trailer — they’re old and painted white — and multiple shots of the motor and rear seats. But these sellers aren’t out to get rich. They’re just trying to make a little money for their charity. The 120-horse Mercury motor runs fine, and the current bid is only $810. It’s awaiting a new captain in Pontiac, Michigan. Go to eBay and do something for charity.

Aristocraft exterior
I’m sure you’d like to see the hard top on this 1977 Aristocraft, or maybe a better look at that massive curved windshield. Sorry, just this low-angle shot featuring the trailer’s spare tire.
Aristocraft interior
The interior of this Aristocraft looks decent. Damn nice for the price.

1953 Aristocraft Typhoon

Another Aristocraft, I never get tired of these. This Typhoon is a 12-footer that has had an exterior restoration and the interior has been left untouched. The owner claims it hasn’t seen water since 1963 per the original owner, from whom he purchased the boat. Find it on eBay in Hickory, North Carolina with an $8,500 buy it now.

1953 Aristocraft Typhoon
A cosmetically restored Aristocraft Typhoon with no outboard. $8,500 is undoubtedly a little steep with no engine.
1953 Aristocraft Typhoon Interior
The interior was left original while the exterior was given a refresh.


1951 Aristocraft Torpedo

I know, I know, I post these stupid little Arisotcrafts all the time. But damn, they are so cool. This 1951 Aristocraft has an awesome 1952 Evinrude Lark outboard motor. It looks to be about a 30 horse, but the seller doesn’t specify. Find the boat, motor and trailer on Craig’s List for $6,500 in Houston, Texas.

1951 Aristocraft Torpedo
Yes, another Torpedo. They just never get old. This one is in great driver condition.
1952 Evinrude Lark Outboard Motor
The seller says the 1952 Evinrude Lark outboard motor is completely rebuilt and in like new condition.