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1972 Century Arabian

There is only about a day and a half left on the auction for this 1972 Century Arabian for sale. There are currently no bids on it so there’s a chance it goes back up for sale again. However there is a handful of people with eyes on this classic Century runabout. It wouldn’t surprise me to see someone nab this ’72 Arabian at the last second. I for one am a complete sucker for these old Century Arabians. My grandfather had one of these so this is the boat I grew up on. This is the boat that sparked my love of boating. I’ll never forget the growl of the stock Chrysler 440 V8. I’ll never forget the way my Uncle would stand that front end up while cruising for hours. I loved the wraparound seating, the same seating featured in this Century Arabian for sale. These Century Arabians can throw monster wakes when you want, no fat sacks needed just as the seller here accurately states.

Unlike my grandpa’s Arabian this seller has had some work done to that Chrysler 440. Those engines are rock solid to begin with, and from what I’m reading this one actually managed to get even tougher. The hull is not 100% perfect, but it’s close and any better than this and you wouldn’t want to drive it. This classic Century is perfectly usable as it is. I would happily take this over a $100k+ brand new boat all day long. I know you’ ll get more looks in this ride too. The starting bid here is $19,500 and I think that’s fair. I’ve seen Century Arabians of this vintage and in great condition sell for $20k-25k all day long. The “Buy It Now” price is at $23,950 which is slightly on the higher end, but just slightly. If you can get this classic Century boat in your garage anywhere between the starting bid and the “Buy It Now” price then you are winning in my book.

1972 Century Arabian with Chrylser 440 Engine
Throaty American muscle came standard issue in these classic Century Arabians and this one has been beefed up even more.
1972 Century Arabian Interior with Wraparound Seating
The wraparound seating lends itself perfectly to cruising ALL DAY LONG with friends.


1965 Century Raven

Here’s a 1965 Century Raven for sale in great condition with classic style and some cool history as well. This classic woody has spent most of it’s life in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. The wooden Century was actually one of the boats used in  the 1981 Academy Award winning movie, “On Golden Pond”. The Raven was reportedly featured as the postal boat the USPS used to deliver mail around the lake. If you’re familiar with the movie, which I am not, this classic boat carries a cool history to it.

Back to the watercraft for sale, there are reportedly extremely low hours on the original 235 V8 engine from Gray Marine. Among other modern upgrades this classic Century Raven features a 45 gallon fuel tank, new batteries, fuel pumps, and more.

There are 30 people watching this boat right now on Ebay. That should tell you something on right there. 30 people watching, 3 days left, and no current offers on this boat. What does this tell me?  Well it tells me that there are bunch of people hanging tight and waiting for someone else to set the market and make their move. The Buy It Now price is fair at $13,500 for a boat in very good condition of this vintage. So if “On Golden Pond” is your all-time favorite movie then don’t wait, make your move. If you just love 1965 Century Raven’s then I recommend keeping an eye on this one and get ready to pounce.

1965 Century Raven Gray Marine 235 V8 Engine
Would love to hear the rumble of this original 235 V8 from Gray Marine.
1965 Century Raven Interior
My favorite part of this 1965 Century Raven is that steering wheel… captain’s hat required!

1958 Century Coronado

This is an absolutely exquisite 1958 Century Coronado 21 ft. classic runabout. It was restored by Al Fink, a former President of the Century Boat Club, and he didn’t miss a spec on this classic wood boat. Every single inch of this Century runabout restoration has been lovingly attended to. Pick the superlative yourself for this classic boat. Call it mint, cherry, a gem, prime, dime, magnifico, beauty, a pearl, etc. However you spin it this Coronado is beautiful.

Now that 330ci Chrysler V8 is going to pack some punch. The fact that the boat hasn’t seen water since the restoration was complete isn’t going to slow it down. Whether you’re just cruising or towing skiers that 330 is going to purr. Want to surf in style? This classic woody will throw a wake to be reckoned with indeed. If burning fuel isn’t your thing and you’re looking for classic show worth boat to tote around and spark conversation. Then there is no lack of blue ribbons in this Century Coronado’s future. While my budget restricts me to sorting through potential barn find budget buys, you may be in a different boat (no pun intended). The starting bid at $40k and a Buy It Now price of $45,000 are not out of line considering the masterful craftsmanship that went into remanufacturing this 1958 Century classic.

1958 Century Coronado
Baby got back…. and a damn clean back at that.
1958 Century Coronado Interior
Every inch of this Coronado restoration is pure beauty. Love the clean blue and white interior.

1968 Century Cheetah

If you’re looking for a vintage ski boat that you plan to actually use, then this 1968 Century Cheetah is the ski boat for you. Everything about this vintage ski boat looks solid.  It’s by no means a show quality boat, but if you are going to use the hell out of it then who cares. The Cheetah is packing a 318 Chrysler Mercruiser engine flexing 225 hp. That is plenty of power for all of your water sport needs. You can pull skiers and tubers all day with that muscle.

The wood accents on the front and rear could use a little sanding and fresh coat of stain. Brightening up those two spots, which are small, would really help that retro green color pop. I’m really digging that color by the way.  For under $7k you can and this reliable Century Cheetah. Then you can flaunt it’s vintage style all over your local body of water… captain.

1968 Century Cheetah Interior
You’ll rock 70s vintage style for days behind the wheel of this ’68 Century Cheetah.

1956 Century Resorter

I could look at 50s era Century Resorters all day long. There are still a lot of these boats out there. They were arguably the most popular wooden runabout for the average boater back in the day. They remind me of a ’57 Chevy. Common at shows, some Resorters are in poor shape, some good and some great. Every once in a while there is one that I just fall in love with. The boat has to be a restoration, and I like when the owner has done something a little different to set it apart. This 1956 Century Resorter dubbed “Silver” is just that. This Century looks mint.

The Mahogany boat was restored in 2014, while the 300hp 327ci Chevrolet engine was done a year earlier in 2013. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen gray  or silver interior in a Century of this vintage. The upholstery has to be a custom choice. Starting bid on this Resorter is $9,999 and the Buy it Now price is at $15k. Again, these ’50s Resorters are common in the classic boat world, so I don’t think it’s worth haggling from boat to boat on price. For the right boating enthusiast and the right boat, the price is right. For me, in this case, the classic woody’s price is be spot on.

1956 Century Resorter Wooden Boat
Custom gray interior on this Classic Mahogany Resorter will make it stand out from the pack.
1956 Century Resorter with 327 Barr Marine Engine
The 327 Chevrolet Engine pushes 300 hp and that’s plenty of punch in this classic ’18 runabout from Century.

1964 Century Resorter – Lil’ Woody

There’s never anything wrong with a Lil’ Woody…. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This Lil’ Woody here has a lot going for it in my opinion, starting with the asking price of $4,528 on Ebay. It was recently donated to a national charitable organization and is being sold at no reserve. There are quite a few eyeballs on this one and for good reason. It’s a 1964 Wooden Boat from a reputable manufacturer with trailer and powered by a V8 for under $5k. Sure there are a few dings and scratches, but that’s to be expected with that asking price. The interior looks decent and seller states it could use a nice detail. Nothing any common boater is scared to undertake. The few small rips in rear interior could be repaired for minimal cost before summer arrives. The seller does not include engine type but our best guess is a Chrysler 318. As long as the motor is running strong it should create a nice rumble that will spark more than a little wood on your favorite body of water. If this wasn’t located on the other side of the country in the middle of winter I’d be on my way to check it out this weekend.

Century Resorter 1964 Interior
Somewhat clean interior, nothing a quick detail can’t fix.
Century Resorter - Engine
V8 yes…. Chrysler 318 or Ford Interceptor?

1984 Century Coronado Cardel

This 1984 Century Coronado Cardel is a cool boat, but I feel like the seller may be stretching a bit when he calls it real a gentleman’s cruiser with timeless lines. Don’t get me wrong, 1984 was a great year, and the book was a masterpiece, but the’84 Coronado Cardel has an angular stern and a two-tone tan hull with similar-colored interior and nobody’s done that shit since the mid-80s. But while it may not be a true gentleman’s cruiser, it’s definitely the kind of cruiser your grandpa would have had in that era, if he was into nice boats. It can ski, it can cruise, it can anchor in the middle and serve as a damn fine party platform. The whole boat is in great condition, including the 454 Mercruiser. This 1984 Century Coronado Cardel is located in Cassopolis, Michigan, and you can Buy It Now for $12,000.

1984 Century Coronado 1
This 1984 Century Coronado Cardel is a very well built boat and it’s built to handle a variety of roles on the water …
1984 Century Coronado 2
… but the interior sort of has a 1970s small town beauty salon waiting area vibe. Enjoy,

1964 Century Resorter

It seems like every Century I write about is a Century Resorter. There’s rarely a Campgrounder. Or a Motor Lodger. I know they made some Hostelers, too, but those were mostly sold in Europe. Luckily, this1964 Century Resorter is stateside. If you’re looking for a project, the kind of project where someone else has already tackled most of the dirty work and you get to finish it up and take full credit, look no further than this Resorter. The hull has already been refinished, all the original parts are accounted for, and the motor was in running condition when it was pulled for the restoration job. But the seller ran out of time for this project, so now it’s your turn. This Century Resorter is located in Athens, Texas, and you can Buy It Now for $5,400.

1964 Century Resorter 1
This 1964 Century Resorter is partway through a total restoration. Finish the job and take full credit.
1964 Century Resorter 2
The restoration hasn’t made it’s way to the interior yet, but the upholstery is solid and all the original parts are there.

1962 Century Resorter

This 1962 Century Resorter is a boat full of beautiful detail. It starts right at the bow, with the chrome ornamentation and the inlaid center strips running front to back. It continues with the Bugatti-style windshield, and the brand new interior. The burgundy carpet and upholstery plays off the wood tones nicely and really sets off the chrome and white wheel. Then there’s the “freshly tuned” 350 Chevy V8. And the second cockpit. That tiny little seat right behind the motor is sort of comical, but it lends some balance to the 19-foot hull. Pretty much everything on this 1962 Century Resorter is either new or fully restored. A ton of time and money has been sunk it to it, and you can Buy It Now for only$18,000.

1962 Century Resorter 1
New carpet and upholstery, professionally restored gauges – this Century Resorter has a brand new interior.
1962 Century Resorter 2
That’s a beautiful bow on this 1962 Century Resorter. Everything on this boat is either new or fully restored.

1966 Century Sabre

I’m not sure if the gull wing top on this 1966 Century Sabre reminds me more of a classic Mercedes or the T-top on an ’83 Firebird. But maybe it’s only reminiscent of the ’66 Sabre. The whole boat has a sort of mid-level luxury sedan feel. It’s been in storage for almost 20 years. This Century hasn’t even been in the water since the engine was rebuilt, and it has new carpet and upholstery. It looks like restoration didn’t make it all the way to the dash, but you can probably find someone to fix the trap door on that cassette deck. This 18-foot Century Sabre is located in Lansing, Michigan, and you can Buy It Now for $8,000.

Century Sabre 1
How many boats have gull wing tops? The answer is not many. Not many at all. Buy this Century Sabre and join the elite ranks of the gull wing owners.
Century Sabre 2
Much of this 1966 Century Sabre has been restored, but not the dash. The good news is you can pop some REO Speedwagon in the tape deck.