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1964 Chris Craft Super Sport

Last I week I came across a ’67 Super Sport in dire need of a life saving boat lover to bring her back to life. Well this 1964 Chris Craft Super Sport is the end result that ’67 should be shooting for.  This ’64 Super Sport is beautiful.  I found this exact same boat up for auction on BaT back in April of 2017. Some boaters may not care for automotive-like looks used by Chris Craft on these 20 ft. Super Sports, but I like them. I think it sets the Super Sport apart from wood boats of similar vintage.

This classic wood boat still carries an original bottom as well as the original 327F Chevrolet V8 engine. Anything else that has needed updating overtime has been taken care of. It’s a clean classic 20 ft. wood runabout. This ’64 Chris Craft may not be “perfect”, but it’s really really nice. The asking price at an even $17k is very fair from what I’m seeing in pictures. If you think it’s too high then you’re welcome to submit a bid on Ebay of course. If you’re looking to fulfill some classic wood desires without undertaking a full-on restoration then I wouldn’t wait too long.

1964 Chris Craft Super Sport Interior Overhead
Restored interior and vintage lines on this ’64 Chris Craft. This woody is ready for you and your captain’s hat to take control of the driver’s seat.
1964 Chris Craft Super Sport 327f Chevrolet V8 Engine
Original 327 Chevy V8 power…. would love to hear this big boy growl.

1967 Chris Craft Super Sport

Well this one here’s a project that I think is worth the work it’s going to take, and it’s going to take some WORK. This classic woody is a 1967 Chris Craft Super Sport. It’s 20 ft. long and needs attention on every possible nook and cranny. The vintage runabout is toting a 431 Lincoln Engine. That V8 still has the decals claiming 275 hp back in it’s day. Once you get it going I’d imagine a nice throaty inboard growl.

There are just 205 actual hours on the boat. After clocking hour 205 I’m guessing that would be when the neglected woody was removed from any indoor storage area. Regardless, this Chris Craft needs a closer look. If the bones are there I would love to take a crack at the restoration.

I think the seller here gets it with an asking price of just $2,500 on Ebay right now. They aren’t going to give it away with rarity that a Super Sport of this vintage holds. The rarity of this Chris Craft is what is going to make the effort worth it for he who brings her back to life. If you’re the one that makes it happen, PLEASE document the process as we would love to see it.

1967 Chris Craft Super Sport Bow
Seller says he has the seats, but we can only imagine the condition they are in as the previous owner left the boat outside.
1967 Chris Craft Super Sport - 431 Lincoln Engine
Here’s that 431 Lincoln V8, someone out there has the skills to revive it.

1956 Chris Craft Capri PROJECT

Let me spell out this 1956 Chris Craft Capri for you…. P. R. O. J. E. C. T….. PROJECT! Holy hell…. Buying and restoring an old wood boat is definitely on my bucket list, but I don’t think I can handle this one. I just don’t know where I’d start bringing this once beautiful mahogany runabout back to life.

The Chevy 327 V8 is there and parts are a plenty for those of course. The engine however is the least of the concern here. This Chris Craft needs a TON of wood work. I’m thinking of taking another trip through shop class. Before I do though,  you tell me, is $4,000 worth the effort it’s going to take to save this 50s era beauty? If anyone is an expert on the subject I’d love to hear some input.

1956 Chris Craft Capri Project
If your friend owns a lumber yard this might be the project for you.
1956 Chris Craft Capri Engine
Parts are abundant for a Chevy V8, but that’s the least of the concern. Start with the wood.
1956 Chris Craft Capri Interior
EVERYTHING needs work on this ’56 Capri…. well the steering wheel looks like it’s in decent shape.

1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit

You have to love some good wood, and this 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit is just that. This vintage wooden boat is “Completely Restored and Better than New”. It’s Florida based wood that’s exceptionally photogenic and the book-matched Mahogany looks the part.

This Chris Craft features a No-Soak bottom which is always nice. A classic runabout with new gauges, new chrome, etc.  My favorite part of this boat up for sale however is that it has “modern power for reliability”, but the seller fails to mention a single additional detail on the engine. When I say “favorite” I mean “least appealing”.  I get that you might want someone to contact you for more information, but give me a reason. When I see zero details on something as important as the damn engine then I usually move along. I like boats, cars, trucks, hell even lawnmowers. Anything that burns gas peaks my interest. I beg you though, tell me what the hell I’m going to burn that fuel with. Sure you can figure it out from the pictures for the most part, but we all know how lazy people are.  JUST TELL US IN THE DETAILS. 

Regardless it’s still a fully restored 1930 Chris Craft. Most wooden boats I check out come in around the ’50s era, so something a little older is certainly cool. Trust me I don’t have $75,000 sitting around to “Buy It Now” but that doesn’t mean I can’t drool over the photos.

1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Starboard
Got wood? The book-matched Mahogany on this 1930 Chris Craft restoration definitely looks the part
1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Engine
Modern power for reliability…. WAIT, that’s it?!


1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow

This 1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow is a rare wooden runabout in excellent condition. I usually like to see through to the wood grain on classic wooden V8 runabouts. However, this vintage Chris Craft has me feeling like Goldmember from Austin Powers… “I LOVE GOOOOOOOLD!”

These 19ft. Cavalier Golden Arrows are rare with only 64 of them ever made. This vintage runabout has a wooden hull and vinyl top (where you see the gold color). The well kept Chris Craft also features a tandem axle trailer and full cover.   With a rebuilt Chevy 350 V8 pushing the water it’s sure to have that classic inboard V8 rumble that I love.

If you love vintage V8 inboards as much as you love GOOOOOOLD then this is definitely one to consider.

1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow Tandem Axle Trailer
Classic V8 inboard runabouts like this Cavalier Golden Arrow will have you outclassing your fellow boaters on any body of water.
1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow Interior
Well kept inside and out, the interior looks clean on this 1964 Chris Craft.

1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow or Blue Steel?

Because like Derek Zoolander’s trademarked pose, when done right you just can’t look away from professional restoration like this. I for one have never seen a Chris Craft Silver Arrow before. For good reason as this one is hull #31 of just 92 of them ever made and comes from a 50+ year private collection. A quick search on our site here shows this same boat for sale back in 2015 for about the same price, assuming it’s the same seller of the private collection and all. The Silver Arrows were one of Chris Craft’s first attempts at producing a fiberglass and wood combination runabout. #31 here went through a 3 year full on restoration which stripped/prepped/refinished the Philippine Mahogany and rebuilt the 312ci, 195 hp Ford Interceptor Engine. This auction includes the trailer and a new custom Sunbrella mooring cover as well. The Buy It Now price on Ebay appears hefty at first but with plenty of time left on this auction it’s worth keeping your eye on as rare as it is. Buy it, strike a pose and you’ll be the talk of the lake.

1959 Chris Craft Brochure
Original 1959 Chris Craft Brochure
1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow
This 1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow underwent a full 3+ year restoration and belongs to a 50+ year private collection.
Chris Craft Marine Ford Interceptor
312ci and 195hp Chris Craft Marine Ford Interceptor

1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back

This 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back is one of the rarest and most unique Chris Crafts in existence.  In the nine years preceding Pearl Harbor, Chris Craft built just 62 of the 17-foot triple cockpit runabouts. Over those  production  years, this model got more expensive, more luxurious and  what became known  as the “barrel back”  stern  became more pronounced. It features a rare 85-horse Chris Craft 6 cylinder engine, which has been completely rebuilt. The boat only has 15 hours on it since its restoration. Unfortunately, it has a little damage, though it’s not extensive and is reportedly very fixable. But that’s good news for you because the price is way less than most barrel backs. This 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back is located in Cedar, Minnesota, and you can Buy It Now for only $36,500.

1940 Chris Craft 1
You know you love the often-imitated but never duplicated Barrel Back, and this 1940 Chris Craft Custom Barrel Back is calling your name.
1940 Chris Craft 2
This Chris Craft Barrel Back only has 15 hours on it since the full restoration, unfortunately it’s sustained a little damage, but that just means you can get it at a steal of a price.


1962 Chris Craft Cavalier

Attractive, solid, fast. It sounds like the seller of this 1962 Chris Craft Cavalier is talking about my next wife. But I hope she has less than 600 hours on her. That’s not bad for a boat, especially one born in 1962, but, well, you know what I’m saying. This boat has only had two owners, so its history is well documented. It’s definitely not the prettiest Chris Craft you’re going to find, and the interior looks like a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere, but wooden ski boats are cool. This one is so old school there’s not even a spotter’s seat. That’s when skiers were men. Hang onto the rope or don’t even bother getting in the water. This Chris Craft Cavalier is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, home of the Griffins, and you can Buy It Now for $5,999.

1962 Chris Craft Cavalier 1
Chris Craft apparently used up all its pleasing aesthetics on other boats in the 1962 model year, but this is still a cool old wooden ski boat.
1962 Chris Craft Cavalier 2
The interior of this Chris Craft is austere, like the interior of a base-level Plymouth, but it’s begging you for a second chance at life. Buy It. Ski behind it. Rejoice.

1968 Chris Craft Corsair Sport V Transdrive Sunlounger

This 1968 Chris Craft Corsair Sport V Transdrive Sunlounger sure has a long name for a 17-foot boat. This rare Chris Craft is #37 of only 150 built at the Thompson Corsair plant in 1968. It’s powered by a 225 Buick 6-cylinder that runs like a top. It has a new deck, carpet and upholstery, and it’s ready to cruise, if you so choose.  It’s a nice boat, and it has a cool look. It has the classic beefy bow of a Chris Craft, but from the windshield back it looks a lot like an early 80s Mastercraft. Nothing wrong with that. This Chris Craft Corsair Sport is awaiting you in Minneapolis, and you can Buy It Now for a paltry $4,495.

Chris Craft Corsair 1
This 1968 Chris Craft Corsair Sport V Transdrive Sunlounger sure like nice in the water, even if it takes you nine years to remember the full name.
Chris Craft Corsair 2
Not your typical Chris Craft, this Corsair is just a nice little classic ski boat. Red, white, clean and simple.

1973 Chris Craft XK22

This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a boat you don’t see every day. Chris Craft only built 220 of these 22-footers between 1971 and 1976. This is number 64 of only 75 produced in 1973, and one of even fewer outfitted with the 350 Corvette engine and Volvo 270 Velvet Drive. It saw some saltwater in its previous life, but it’s been all freshwater since the total restoration in 2007. My favorite part of this classic Chris Craft XK22 is the interior. This was once a corporate boat owned by JLG, the forklift company, but the orange and white interior with brown accents and those big seats bear a strong resemblance to the inside of a 1970s A&W. The Root Bear would look right at home in this boat. This 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is out in Boulder City, Nevada. Check out the full listing, and Buy It Now for $75,000.

1973 Chris Craft XK22 1
It’s orange and white, and this 1973 Chris Craft XK22 is a real dreamsicle on the water.
1973 Chris Craft XK22 2
The interior of this Chris Craft has the frosty mug taste of a corner booth in an A&W.