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1957 Chris Craft Silver Arrow

Only two 1957 Chris Craft Silver Arrows were built, and this is the only one still in existence. This was one of Chris Craft’s first forays into fiberglass boats, and like most Chris Crafts, it came out pretty nice.  Unfortunately, it’s kind of a wreck now. The interior is torn up and the whole thing needs some work to bring it back to the beautiful boat it was 60 years ago. On the bright side, this Silver Arrow is all original, including the Ford Interceptor motor, which is in great condition. So, while it’s not ready for the water, it’s ready for your workshop. This 1957 Chris Craft Silver Arrow is a great project boat, and it’s calling your name from Malibu, California. Buy It Now for $18,000.

Chris Craft Silver Arrow 1
You gotta love a boat with tail fins, especially a Chris Craft. This rare Chris Craft Silver Arrow needs work, but it’ll be worth it.
Chris Craft Silver Arrow 2
It’s a project boat, but it’s all original and this Chris Craft gives you plenty to work with.

1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat

You’ll be skiing in style behind this 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat. Sure, those punk wake boarders and surfers think they own the lake, riding in the wake of their giant Moombas and Malibus, but you’ll outclass all of them when you grab a rope and hitch a ride behind this mahogany dream. A full restoration of this Chris Craft was completed in 2010. Everything on it is either new or rebuilt, including the original 283 Chevy engine, which only has 15 hours on it since the rebuild. You’re getting a 55-year-old boat that’s basically brand new, and it sure is pretty. If you want a Chris Craft, but you’re not ready to trade on-the-lake excitement for the vintage boat show circuit, this is the perfect boat. Classic style, class, and real performance. It’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it’s listed on eBay with a starting bid of $18,000.

1959 Chris Craft ski boat
This fully restored 1959 Chris Craft Ski Boat will do a lot more than win you a ribbon in your local boat show. The original 283 Chevy engine has been rebuilt and this boat will perform.

1963 Chris Craft Super Sport

Here’s a sweet little Chris Craft for your boating pleasure. It’s a 1963 Chris Craft Super Sport. It underwent a $40,000 “somewhat complete restoration” in 2013, and it’s pretty. The interior is set up like a standard ski boat, and it’s as nice as it was new. It looks a lot more modern than the mahogany hull, which is pretty nice in its own right. I love the chrome intake and exhaust caps – a little extra flair. Just about everything has been done to this Chris Craft, and it’s ready to go. You can cruise all day, bring it to the vintage boat show, or pull your buddy Stanley across the lake on his trick skis. This Chris Craft Super Sport is located in Meredith, New Hampshire, and you can Buy It Now for $18,995.

1963 Chris Craft Super Sport  2
This 1963 Chris Craft Super Sport has undergone a $40,000 restoration. It’s clean, runs great and wants to be driven.
1963 Chris Craft Super Sport 1
This 1963 Chris Craft Super Sport is basically an early mahogany-hulled ski boat. You’ll really be styling if you have some wood skis.

1969 Chris Craft Lancer

When people think of Classic Chris Crafts, it’s usually the stately mahogany hulls of the 40s and 50s that come to mind, but boats like this 1969 Chris Craft Lancer carry every bit as much classic style. Such a great hull design. It still looks good today. The Lancer is a 19-foot ski boat with a 327 Chevy and Volvo Penta outdrive, all in good original condition and good mechanical condition. The seller says it’s not show quality, but I think you’ll still have plenty of people wanting to get a closer look at this Lancer. The simple red lettering and twin stripes across the top are perfect on the white hull. This Chris Craft Lancer is a nice boat. It’s located in Sheldon, Iowa, and you can Buy It Now for $5,900. That’s $5,900. For a clean, launch-ready Chris Craft.

Chris Craft Lancer 2
The red lettering and thin lines across the top are perfect, classic complement to this Chris Craft Lancer’s white hull.

1966 Chris Craft Super Sport

This 1966 Chris Craft Super Sport isn’t as impressive as some Chris Crafts, but it’s not as expensive either, and it’s loaded with vintage style. The interior looks like a tennis club. Like that one the Stanwyks belong to. You know, Alan and Gail? The green and white upholstery is practically begging you to practice your stroke and the original Chevy V8 will provide ample getaway speed if the crime scene on the beach puts you in harm’s way. The 20-foot mahogany hull has been refinished, and it’s in beautiful condition from top to bottom, inside and out. Unfortunately, the Underhills aren’t going to pick up the tab for this Chris Craft Super Sport. But at least you don’t have to go to Provo. Just Buy It Now for 19,900.

Chris Craft Super Sport 1
You don’t have to pay $50,000 for a nice Chris Craft. You can buy this Super Sport for $19,900.
Chris Craft Super Sport 2
It’s 60s country club style all the way in this Chris Craft, and that green and white upholstery all new. 

1958 Chris Craft Continental

Wouldn’t ya love a beautiful Chris Craft? How about this 1958 Chris Craft Continental? It’s been totally restored. Pretty much everything on it has been rebuilt or replaced, and 22 coats of varnish later, it’s all glossy and ready to go. It’s powered by a rebuilt Chris Craft 283 , a classic power plant in a truly classic boat. It’s a shame the seller didn’t get a better picture of those tail fins. This Continental is located in Stillwater, Minnesota, right on the border with Wisconsin. Buy It Now for $32,000 and go float the St. Croix River.

Chris Craft Continental 1
This 1958 Chris Craft is totally restored, inside and out. That includes those fabulous tail fins.
Chris Craft Continental 2
That’s all new flame red and white upholstery calling you to climb into this Chris Craft Continental.

1940 Chris Craft Cracker Barrel

Sure it’s up on blocks, but this 1940 Chris Craft Cracker Barrel is a barrel back classic. Try saying that five times fast. This boat has a few minor issues, but it’s still a great find. The seller say’s it’s in “almost excellent” condition, which I like. Chris Craft only made four or five dozen of these 17-foot triple-cockpit runabouts in the years leading up to US entry into World War II, so they don’t come around every day. It was restored in 2007 and the original 6-cylinder Chris Craft engine has been rebuilt. This isn’t a big project or restoration boat, it just needs a little love. This Cracker Barrel is located over in good ole Cedar, Minnesoata, just north a Coon Rapids. You can Buy It Now for $74,900, and then stop by the Cracker Barrel restaurant offa 35W there and get yourself a good breakfast on your way to pick up your Cracker Barrel. The locals’ll get a real chuckle outta that little story.

Chris Craft Cracker 2
Enjoy three luxurious rows of seating in this 17-foot Chris Craft Cracker Barrel Runabout.
Chris Craft Cracker 1
This rare 1940 Chris Craft Cracker Barrel was restored 8 years ago and is reported in “almost excellent” condition.


1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back Runabout

Feast your eyes on this beautiful 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back 19-foot Runabout – one of the rarest and most desirable Christ Craft models. This is the kind of boat people write about. Hence, this example of me writing about it. It’s been totally restored, so it’s every bit as pretty as it was when it was originally delivered to Anderson, Indiana on June 17, 1941. It plied the waters of Lake Wawasee in those days, under the name  “Miss Patt,” but you can float her anywhere you like and name her after that girl you met at summer camp 37 years ago if you want. It really doesn’t matter, because no matter where it is or what you call her, this 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back is going to draw plenty of attention. It’s located in Clayton, New York, and you can Buy It Now for $60,000.

Chris Craft 1941 Barrel 1
This is a totally restored 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back Runabout, one or the rarest and most desirable Chris Crafts.
Chris Craft 1941 Barrel 2
Everything on this Chris Craft Barrel Back is immaculate, and it’ll turn some heads in your local vintage boat parade.

1958 Chris-Craft Cavalier

It’s beat to shit, but this 1958 Chris-Craft Cavalier is still a Chris-Craft. Even in it’s day, this was rather modest Chris-Craft of plywood construction, but it’s still a Chris-Craft. And you can take piece of mind from the fact the seller provides some great insight on this boat: Mechanically, the engine is missing.” Mechanically speaking, I think the total absence of an  engine is more than a mechanical problem. And then he offers this gem: “Cosmetically, it needs a shellac and the wood needs attention.” As if the finish and the wood are somehow separate. And saying the wood needs attention is like saying the Titanic needs a little hull work. This project is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just a stone’s throw outside Milwaukee, known to the Algonquin as the good land. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid of only $410. It’s a mess, but it’s still a Chris-Craft

Check out the steering wheel on this Chris-Craft. Hopefully it's cool enough to keep your attention away from the rest of the interior. Either way, it's still a Chris-Craft.
Check out the steering wheel on this Chris-Craft. Hopefully it’s cool enough to keep your attention away from the rest of the interior. Either way, it’s still a Chris-Craft.
Chris-Craft Cavalier 2
This 1950s Chris-Craft Cavalier is a project. A big project. But you’ll get to pick the motor of your choice, so that’s nice.

1951 Chris-Craft Rivera

“This is a Project.” No shit. It’s a 1951 Chris-Craft Rivera, but this 18-foot mahogany cruiser looks more like an old wooden barrel that’s been used as a planter for the last 40 years. On the plus side, you’re not going to find many Chris-Crafts this cheap. Unfortunately, the seller wants you to guess on all the other details. There’s no motor in the boat, but there’s a picture of one on a pallet, and “most all” the hardware is there. It’s in Stillwater, Minnesota, where it no doubt plied the waters of the St. Croix River in its better days, and you can Buy It Now for $6,000 . That’s a Chris-Craft. For $6,000. It’s looks a little prettier with that price tag.

ChrisCraft Rivera 1
Pretty much everything is here, but this 1951 Chris-Craft Rivera is a long way earning admiring looks on the water.
ChrisCraft Rivera 2
This 1951 Chris-Craft is a project. A big project.