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1969 Correct Craft Wildcat

There are so many things right about vintage ski boats . This 1969 Correct Craft Wildcat for sale is a beautiful sample of one. Recently restored with new strings and floor. These old school ski boats are so much simpler then their newer brethren. Don’t get me wrong, if I had $100k to blow I’d be shopping around the marinas and drooling over the newbies. However facts are facts, I don’t have that kind of expendable cash to subsidize my boating hobby. I also wouldn’t be able to fix one of the new ski boats on my own. With all of their computer sensors and gadgets, one of the new ones breaks down and it’s going to the dealer. I’m not claiming to be any sort of mechanical wizard or anything, but if this ’69 breaks down there’s a 50/50 shot I could get ‘er going and at least limp it to shore. There are no on board computers, no sensors, and no gadgets.

Like all classic boats these Wildcats were build to do a job and do it well. In this case that’s pulling skiers. A Quicksilver 350 Chevrolet does the heavy lifting on this Correct Craft. The white on white interior over the navy blue gel coat is as nautically clean a combo you could find. There are some cracks visible in the lower gel coat which I imagine could be repaired with a little know-how and elbow grease. At $12,500 you’re paying up a little more than you would for an early-mid ’80s ski boat which would also do the job for you. However with this you’re getting  a more classic feel with the 1969 Wildcat. I say go for it.

1969 Correct Craft Wildcat Rear Quarter
Classic, clean and a whole lot of getty up. This Correct Craft Wildcat will get the job done.
1969 Correct Craft Wildcat Interior
Restored just 2 years ago this is a very clean Correct Craft Wildcat.



2005 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196

When you’re talking a 2005 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196, you’re talking one damn fine ski boat. It’s simple and classic and nothing can beat a Nautique’s pulling ability and nimble handling. These 20 ft. Correct Crafts are like driving a fine sports car on the water. The Nautique’s acceleration and turning ability are simply breathtaking for the driver.

There’s not too much to dance around when it comes to these championship ski boats. There’s a 330hp Excaliber PCM engine for muscle. The Nautique has Perfect Pass installed with GPS cruise control system. This makes it easy for anyone to hold the right speed when pulling a skier, you can even save multiple users in them. Pick the right skier’s name, jump in the water, hit it and you’re off. It’s a beautiful thing. This Nautique is a skier’s dream!

This Correct Craft boat will pull skiers for decades to come in the shape that it’s still in. The Buy it Now price seems a little high for the year, but with the low hours this one is toting I think it’s totally fair.

2005 Ski Nautique 196 Interior
This is a die hard skier’s dream. The 196 has room for your spotter, driver and the 330hp PCM Excalibur engine. What else do you need?
2005 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196
It’s almost as if this Ski Nautique is begging for someone to jump in the water behind it… who’s next? who’s next?


1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

Old Correct Crafts are such smooth, clean purpose-built boats. They were made to pull water skiers, and this 1968 Ski Nautique will still do it quite well. No flash on the outside. No giant tower with wake boards hanging off it. No comic book graphics. No ballast system. It’s classic, understated, and built to ski. It was updated with a new interior a few years ago. The red carpet is a nice complement to the white hull and upholstery and all the fresh chrome. The original Chrysler 318 is running fine and this 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is ready to go. It’s located in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, and you can Buy It Now for for only $7,500. But you’ll have to beat me to it.

1968 Ski Nautique 1
The interior on this 1968 Ski Nautique is as nice as most new boats. The whole boat is as nice as most new boats.
1968 Ski Nautique 2
This 1968 Correct Craft Ski Nautique is clean, simple, and ready for all the water skiing you can handle.

1972 Correct Craft Holman Moody Mustang

This 1972 Correct Craft  Mustang is a total restoration project, but if you’re into ski boats, this Mustang would be a damn cool boat to restore. The 17-footer has its original Ford Holman Moody 302 and Borg Warner Velvet Drive Transmission. The engine and transmission were working fine when when it was last used, but the boat has been left outside under a tarp, forgotten and neglected for far too long. It’s going to take some work, but that Holman Moody will roar when the work is done. The old Correct Crafts are getting more and more collectible, and this Mustang deserves to be restored to her original glory. It’s located in Johnson City, Tennessee, so rock me mama like a wagon wheel, and buy this Mustang. The opening bid is only $500.

Correct Craft Mustang 1
This 1972 Holman Moody-equipped Correct Craft Mustang is in need of a full restoration, but please keep the original color. You can name her Tangerine Dream. Or Creamsicle. Or Circus Peanut.
Correct Craft Mustang 2
It has a cool instrument panel and everything on this Correct Craft Mustang is original.

1971 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

Cant decide if you want a muscle car or a ski boat? Why choose? This 1971 Holman Moody-equipped Ski Nautique will scratch both itches. The motor was rebuilt a couple years ago, and with the through-hull exhaust, it produces a rumble that rivals anything on two axles. It has a newer floor along with newer carpet and vinyl. The gel coat even has a nice shine. You don’t see many 45-year-old ski boats that look like this, and the old Nautiques throw a wake that costs $80,000 today. All in all, not a bad deal. It’s located in Holland, Michigan, which isn’t too far from me, so you’ll have to strap on your wood shoes and beat me to it. Bidding currently stands at $2,000.

71 Nautique interior
The interior on this 1971 Ski Nautique has been redone and it’s ready for a summer of fun. Are you?
71 Nautique
Don’t let the baby blue fool you. The Holman Moody 351 Ford makes this 1971 Ski Nautique growl.


1988 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001

The Ski Nautique. My favorite ski boat of all time. Here’s what you need to picture: The sun is right on the treetops. The lake is glass. You’re slicing effortless arcs back and forth across a perfect wake, every turn connected in one fluid string. The families gathering around post-dinner fires dotting the shoreline watch in approval and say things like, “That middle-aged guy sure is a beautiful skier. His mustache is so full. And his wife’s so pretty. Even his dog is strikingly handsome. What kind of boat is that? A Ski Nautique? Oh! It’s so nice!” That’s what your summer nights can be like if you buy this 1988 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001. It only has 637 hours on it. Even the seller’s friends are sad he’s giving it up. Let his loss be your gain. It lives in Milwaukee and it’s listed at $8,850 on CraigsList.

Nautique exterior
This 1988 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 2001 has less than 650 hours on it and is ready for your endless summer.
Nautique inside
This is the cockpit of a clean, two-owner Ski Nautique 2001, the boat that will provide the summer of your dreams.

1957 Correct Craft Collegian

The Correct Craft Collegian was like the Atom Skier’s older, bigger brother. The 18′ big brother that went to college and became a successful banker. When you’re a successful banker in the late 1950s you show off to your other friends by purchasing a fine wooden boat like this beautifully restored Correct Craft Collegian.

This Collegian in Labanon, Indiana is powered by a Chrysler Crown six cylinder engine pushing out 135hp. Moving an 18 foot long chunk of double-planked mahogany takes some power, and that was the biggest six cylinder Chrysler made at the time.

The seller claims to have spent nearly twenty grand on the restoration of this old Correct Craft and it looks it – lots of new wood, a 5200 bottom and 15 coats of spar varnish later you can now buy it on eBay where the current bid is just short of $9,000 with the reserve not yet met.

1957 Correct Craft Collegian
I did not put that little glimmer in that picture with Photoshop, that’s real shine, people.
1957 Correct Craft Collegian Interior
i don’t know what the reserve is on this old Correct Craft, but anything around $15,000 gets a you a real nice vintage inboard.

1962 Correct Craft Atom Skier

Well, hello little Atom Skier! The seller kinda wants someone to preserve this boat and takes pride that it was refinished 22 years ago using “no power tools.” The engine isn’t original and by the seller’s own admission it takes on a fair amount of water and needs some bottom work. In addition to the wrong engine and the leaking, this “unmolested” Skier has an added back seat and was “neglected” by previous owners. Quotes, for those of you that wondering, are actual words used by the seller. So really, why not just pretty her up and make a decent weekend floater? Find this Correct Craft Atom Skier on eBay in Eugene, Oregon currently at $6,100 with the reserve not met.

1962 Correct Craft Atom Skier
This little Atom Skier is a dandy little vintage plywood skier. At $6,100 with the reserve not met though, be prepared to sink some money in it.
1962 Correct Craft Atom Skier Interior
Stewart Warner gauges and a die-topped velvet drive transmission. Pure 1962.

1975 Correct Craft Ski Nautique

I’m a sucker for 70s vintage correct craft and this Ski Nautique is a dandy. The owner has been “tinkering” with it for several years and has got most everything in running condition. The powerplant is a 1980s GM V8 and is claimed to be a good runner. It even comes with a swing-away tongue trailer. It does have some needs per the seller such as carpet, and trailer bearings, but those are simple and cheap to fix. Find it on Craig’s List in the San Francisco Bay, California area for $3,980.

1975 Correct Craft Ski Nautique
What’s not to love here? Vintage Correct Craft style with a removable teak platform, V8 power, working gauges and a trailer.
1975 Correct Craft Ski Nautique Interior
Not sure what’s going on here on the dash, but lots of the original parts look to still be in place too.

1985 Correct Craft Bass Nautique

Yes, it’s Bass Nautique! I can’t help but think that Correct Craft dealers felt a lot like Dan Akroyd trying to sell the Bassomatic when they took delivery of these in the mid 1980s. If you’re a Correct Craft collector this has to be as rare (note I didn’t say desirable) as any model. This thing bears little resemblance to any other Correct Craft, especially with an outboard for power. If this is the feather in your Correct Craft hat you’d probably be hard-pressed to find one cleaner. The owner states it was garage and boat house kept its entire life getting little use and photos look to support that. Find this Bass Nautique on Craig’s List in Warrior River, Alabama for $4,500.

1985 Correct Craft Bass Nautique
Photos make this gem look dang near showroom fresh. Check out the vintage Nautique on the other lift.
1985 Correct Craft Bass Nautique
The seats, in white vinyl with some fancy “Bass Nautique” logos look good as new.