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1981(?) Correct Craft Mustang

I think this is actually a 1982 Correct Craft Mustang but the owner lists it as a 1981. I’m not sure there even was a Mustang model in 1981 but one of the gurus could please comment if I’m incorrect. Said to be in “excellent condition” with a new interior, top, hoses fuel lines and more. The transmission has been rebuilt but no mention of the engine condition or hours. Also per seller, the trailer has a new “wench” which is a rare option on most Correct Craft trailers. Might want to clear that one with your significant other before purchase. Once you’ve got the all clear to bring the wench home, find this Mustang on Craig’s List in Orlando, Florida for $7,000.

1981 Correct Craft Mustang Interior
Owner claims this Correct Craft Mustang has an all new interior, which looks to be nicely done in this photo.
1981 Correct Craft Mustang
Listed as a 1981, this is the 1982 graphics package. Perhaps there were no changes between those model years?

1948 Correct Craft Jr.

Can you hear the loons, Henry? Yes, yes, act now, this boat was (kind of) in On Golden Pond. The owner says this Correct Craft Jr was used as the camera boat at the dock in the shooting of the famous Hepburn/Fonda movie. The boat itself is slick little 16 footer made of mahogany plywood and it retains nearly all of its original parts – including the 112hp Phantom 6 flathead motor. You can Buy it Now on eBay in Cloquet, Minnesota for $20,000 or offer.

1948 Correct Craft 16' Junior
With a no-soak bottom you can just take this little Correct Craft Jr to the launch, drop her in, hit the start button and cruise.
1948 Correct Craft Junior Interior
Everything on the boat other than a tach and an electric fuel pump are claimed original. Although all gauges on the dash look to be modern. Love that clock, though!

1977 Correct Craft American Skier

If you don’t like this American Skier, well, you’re not American, or perhaps even human. Something about these old Correct Crafts just drives my ventricles. This one appears to be clean and original as you’ll find. Indicating less than 800 hours – the Ford 302 is a solid, steady V8. The interior shows very limited wear in what almost certainly looks like the original vinyl with the exception of the rear bottom cushions. Too bad really, the rest is so nice. The Paw Paw, Illinois seller says all the gauges and lights work. Grab this 1977 Correct Craft American Skier now on Craig’s List for the very reasonable price of $4,500. Or if you have any beater muscle cars lying around, the seller is willing to trade as well.

1977 Correct Craft American Skier
A very classic Correct Craft design with clean graphics and very nice trailer.
1977 Correct Craft American Skier
I cannot figure out why this Correct Craft is still available, what’s missing? It costs less than Chicago Bears season tickets and is worth far more.
1977 Correct Craft American Skier Interior
The interior and gauges (all said to work) look as good as the exterior. Love the centered up speedo.

1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 502 Python

Finding a 1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique with the 502 cubic inch “Python” engine is a bit a of a rarity. This one appears clean and has been for sale on and off in the Correct Craft forums on the interweb for the past year or so. Still, I can’t help but post it if only for the music that engine creates in my ears while I write about it. The Clearwater, Minnesota seller is very thorough in his description and pictures. Check it out on CraigsList where it’s offered at $28,500.

1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 502 Cobra
This is one of those boats I’d use as a ski-cruiser. The sound of the 502 cubic inch motor is Beethoven through exhaust pipes.
1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique 502 Cobra
I love the the graphics and color scheme on this Correct Craft. However, the tower looks like scaffolding and demonstrates how far modern tower designs have come aesthetically. But, WTF, it’s got a 502, live with it.
1999 Correct Craft Super Air Nautique Interior
The interior is described well – said to have only one small tear and a separating seam. It also has a very nice stereo, ballast system and a trailer.

1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Project Boat

Another 1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique, only this one will cost you $23,000 less… only problem is you have to finish it. The hull has “new paint” per the seller. The engine description is lacking some explanation only allowing us to know it has one, and it’s low hours. The only items that are claimed to be needed yet are a windshield and the gauges. All in, if the parts are there, you could have a pretty nice classic Air Nautique for around $6,000 and a hundred hours of labor. Find it on Craig’s List in Waterford, Wisconsin for $5,900 OBO.

1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Interior
Seller says there’s a $3,000 newly restored interior that goes with the boat. You’ll need it along with a floor, some carpet and other accouterments.
1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique
The exterior hull and trailer both look very good in photos. The question now begs, what will the rest of it take?
1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Project
The seller doesn’t mention the status of the drivetrain, other than it has a low hour motor. Hopefully the transmission, exhaust and all associated parts are included.

1966 Correct Craft American Skier

This 1966 Correct Craft American Skier looks to have the original Ford inline 6 cylinder. Seller notes it to be 120hp and in perfect running condition. I prefer the older Correct Craft ski boats with the solid color hulls, but this boat shouldn’t last long in good mechanical and cosmetic condition on Craig’s List in Lansing, Michigan for only $1,400.

1966 Correct Craft American Skier
The seller didn’t post many useful photos, but both trailer and boat look decent for the $1,400 asking price.
1966 Correct Craft Inline 6 Ford
Seller says the engine runs out very well and “sips” gas.

1976 Correct Craft Mustang

Although not as sexy as earlier models this 1976 Correct Craft Mustang is still a very nice classic ski boat. Powered by a 302 Ford at 220hp it’s a reliable powerplant with “low” hours per the seller. Find it in Sanford, North Carolina on Craig’s List where the owner is asking a very fair $4,995 “cash” for it.

1976 Correct Craft 17' Mustang
This would be a sweet looking boat if it weren’t for the windshield design. It looks as though it’s built for monsoon protection.
1976 Correct Craft Mustang Interior
That classic ’70s style. Right down to the vinyl woodgrain dash.
1976 Correct Craft MustangTrailer
This boat shouldn’t last long with what looks to be decent glass, nice interior, low hours and nice trailer for less than $5,000.

1985 Correct Craft Barefoot Nautique

Seller claims this 1985 Correct Craft Barefoot Nautique is the “nicest and cleanest Barefoot Nautique in existence.” Well then, show me the way! With all of four photos to show off the cleanest Correct Craft south of the Mason-Dixon line it’s tough to tell, but this boat does look nice. The interior appears clean, though the gauges do show some apparent pitting in the chrome – most likely hosted in a saltwater environment its whole life given the current home in Boynton Beach, Florida. Powered by a PCM 454 there’s no mention of engine hours. Find it here on eBay currently at $5,100 with the reserve not met.

1985 Correct Craft Barefoot Nautique
Only two shots to demonstrate the boats exterior condition, but both show the fiberglass to be clear and bright and vinyl in good condition.
1985 Correct Craft Barefoot Nautique Gauges
The gauges look to have some chrome pitting on close examination. Otherwise the cockpit looks nice.
1985 Correct Craft  Barefoot Nautique Interior
The 30 year old interior looks very nice, especially if never having visits an upholstery nurse. Boat comes with bimini top and barefoot boom.

1970 Correct Craft Barracuda Ski Boat

The coolest name for the ugliest Correct Craft – this 1970 Barracuda in Merideth, New Hampshire offers little in terms of description and seems to be a few thousand dollars overpriced at $7,500 with no reserve. It provides a good photo documentation but no mention of the drivetrain or overall condition of the fiberglass in the description. Nonetheless, if you’re after a Barracuda a $4,000 offer should be considered by the seller as fair.

1970 Correct Craft Barracuda
The original navy blue hull on this 1970 Correct Craft Barracuda appears to show well for its age.
1970 Correct Craft Barracuda Classic Inboard Ski Boat
With V8 power this inboard is a good cruiser or ski boat – typically pushing out more than 200 horsepower from the factory.
1970 Correct Craft Barracuda Interior
The interior appears to be in original condition – too bad the owner fails to mention the engine hours because the minimal wear would suggest them to be low.