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1967 Donzi Sweet 16

And just like that here’s the cure for your Monday blues. “Sweet” is an understatement for this all original 1967 Donzi Sweet 16 with numbers matching 289 engine. It’s up for auction with NO RESERVE. This 16 ft. classic, all-original,  Donzi speedboat isn’t just surviving, it is thriving! This vintage Donzi speed boat is 50 years old and has hardly been touched. Spending it’s 5 decades of boating pleasure in freshwater has definitely helped it’s longevity. Sure there’s a little fade in the decals and chrome but it is minimal. Beyond the slight fade you can’t claim it’s anything less than classic boating perfection.

I can just imagine kicking back in that wrap around cockpit passenger seating. Wait, hold on, no I can’t imagine that. In my boating dream of the day I’m in the driver seat, as usual, but you are more than welcome to kick back in that passenger lounge. “Kicking back” would be at your own risk in this little speed boat however, at least at the speed I’m planning on driving. That 289 engine is a high performance beast with Holley 4 barrel carburetor. The small block will rip this 16 footer through the water. When not ripping through the wake I can imagine the “gurgle gurgle gurgle” of the 289 as it begs to be unleashed.

Did I mention the numbers match?! How about it’s all original?!What about it’s a 1967 Sweet 16 Donzi  currently being offered at NO RESERVE?! There are already more than 21 bids on it. With a current bid of $4,050 and 6 days left on the block there is no chance it sells near that price. However for the right buyer it’s worth plenty more than double that.

1967 Donzi Sweet 16 Interior
The wrap around passenger seating of the cockpit is clean and classic Donzi styling at it’s best.
1967 Donzi Sweet 16 with numbers matching 289 Engine
Oh how I wish I had my hand on the throttle of this numbers matching 289 power house.

1992 Donzi 22 Classic Speed Boat

You want style, you want a classic and you want speed. Then you need to look into a used Donzi speed boat. Donzi Marine Inc. has been kicking out classic speed boats since they were founded in 1964. Even their newer models are rocking vintage style for days, and this 1992 Donzi 22 Classic Speed Boat is no different. What is different is the price tag. A model year 2018 Donzi 22 Classic is going to come in around $90k.  This 22 ft. speed boat here comes in with a “Buy it Now” price of $15k. While the length isn’t suitable to say Florida offshore cruising. It’s plenty capable for anything inland, including Great Lakes cruising.

A quick search on Nada Guides shows this price coming in a little high, but this speed boat is super clean. It appears to be a 100% turnkey boat so it’s all relative. Unless you want to do some wrenching of your own you’re going to have to pay up a little for vintage speed boat that’s ready to enjoy. The interior is immaculate with bright white throughout, perfect for bright hot summer days. Sporting a 454 Magnum engine you’ll turn heads a mile away with this classic Donzi.

1992 Donzi 22 Classic Speed Boat 454 Magnum Engine
Hook up, take it to the lake, launch and drive. This 454 Magnum looks thirsty for some action.
1992 Donzi 22 Classic Speed Boat Interior
You just can’t go wrong with that super clean bright white interior on any style boat.

1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx

I wonder if this guy stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a box of Munchkins and just decided on the spot to sell his 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx. And then he was so swept up in the decision he ran out into the parking lot and started snapping photos right next to the drive-thru. The seller says only 25 of these 20-foot Testarossas were made. He also says only five of them were made. And then throws out a bunch of other numbers proving how rare it is. Regardless of the real number, this Donzi is a rare boat. And did I mention how red it is? Just about everything is red, inside and out, except the steering wheel and windshield. It’s like boating in a Pizza Hut. This 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx is located near a Dunkin Donuts in Toms River, New Jersey, and you can Buy It Now for $16,500.

Donzi Testarossa 1
Give me a glazed donut, and an ’88 Donzi, to go … Woah, she’s beautiful, and this Donzi is rare, Rare, RARE!
Donzi Testarossa 2
I think this 1988 Donzi Testarossa Minx was on the stage for the final scene in Carrie. It’s all red, inside and out, aside from that 5-gallon bucket, but that’s an easy fix with a trip to your local hardware store.

1994 Donzi Sixteen SKI Sporter

The seller says this 1994 Donzi Sixteen SKI Sporter is a time capsule. It was taken out for one test ride in 1994 and it’s been stored ever since. A mint condition Donzi is a pretty cool thing to find in a time capsule. I buried a time capsule in 1994, too. It included a VHS copy of Forest Gump, a Sega Saturn, and my life-sized poster of the cast of Friends. It was a great year, and this is a great boat. So if you’ve been searching high and low for a brand new boat that’s over 20 years old, the quest ends here. Actually, it ends in Patchogue, New York. That’s where you’ll find this 1994 Donzi Sixteen SKI Sporter. Buy It Now for $28,000.

Donzi Sweet 16 1
It’s a time capsule – a brand new Donzi Sweet Sixteen from 1994.
Donzi Sweet 16 2
Everything in this 1994 Donzi Sweet Sixteen is mint, because it’s never been used.

Custom-Built 2008 Donzi 22

You want a boat for big boys? This custom-built 2008 Donzi 22 is dialed in for speed. It was built specifically for a Donzi Marine test driver and it’s got plenty of muscle. The 710-horse ILMOR V-10 Viper engine will push well over 100 mph, and it has less than 16 hours total run time. Even the hull is custom. This is the only Donzi 22 built using vacuum bag construction and composite materials with a cored hull. The list of custom features is too long to include, but rest assured, this Donzi 22 is no average boat. There is nothing else like it. It’s located in Bradenton, Florida, and you can Buy It Now for $89,500.

Donzi 22 1
This beautiful blue and white Donzi 22 is a one-of-a-kind boat that was custom built for one of Donzi Marine’s test drivers. It’s ready to go fast.
Donzi 22 2
The interior is as custom as everything else on this 2008 Donzi 22. It has carbon fiber upholstery. I didn’t even know that’s a thing.

1973 Donzi

The bold black and yellow paint scheme sort of belies how smooth and refined this 1973 Donzi is. This 20-footer is a perfect size for any lake, and it’s in immaculate condition. The Ford Interceptor 302 has been recently rebuilt, and the all-original interior is perfect. Beyond perfect really. Check out the seating configuration. Sink into that corner booth and the inviting wall of black vinyl, order up a PBR and let your captain shows you the sights. There’s nothing not to like about this 1973 Donzi. It’s a classic and it’s ready for the water. This Donzi is located deep in the heart of Texas – Tyler, Texas – and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $8,900.

1973 Donzi 1
This 1973 Donzi jetboat is an original boat in perfect condition. You won’t get into a nicer boat for less money.
1973 Donzi 2
The all-original interior in this 1973 Donzi is like the corner booth at your favorite lounge bar. It’s just begging you to climb in.

1996 Donzi Classic 18 2+3

I wonder if the suggestive model straddling the bow of this 1996 Donzi Classic 18 2+3 knows there’s a shark within inches of her nether regions poised to strike with the first scent of fear in the water. Either way, it’s not your concern. She’s just there to grab your attention. The Donzi she’s riding is what you’re after, and the Classic 18 2+3 is my favorite model in the Donzi lineup. It’s only 18 feet long, so it doesn’t look like you’re driving it for the sole purpose of impressing people. It’s styled for comfort and performance, and everything on it, from bow to stern, is sleek but understated. It’s a damn nice boat, and you can put your own lady up on the bow if you need to draw some attention. This Donzi Classic 18 2+3 is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $13,499.

Donzi classic shark 1
The model isn’t included with this 1996 Donzi Classic 18 2+3, but the boat is beautiful all on its own.
Donzi classic shark 2
Clean, classic styling with a comfortable interior and plenty of performance under the hood.
Donzi classic shark 3
The shark graphics on the bow of this Donzi are an unfortunate slice of douche on an otherwise beautiful boat.

1986 Donzi Classic 18 2+3

I like to talk about Donzis being the boat for douchebags, but this 1986 Donzi Classic 18 2+3 is a sweet boat. It’s the perfect size. It has a comfortable interior that seats five, a big motor, and plenty of style. And that padded cover for the bow is extra fresh. Find somewhere out of the way and let your lady stretch out in the sun. You’ll both be glad you did. And if quiet isn’t your thing, but scantily clad women is, you can crank of the massive stereo system and make your baby get low. If that’s a party you can’t refuse, you need to make your way to Buford, Georgia, and hook up with this Donzi. Buy It Now for $16,500. 

Donzi 1
This Donzi Classic 18 2+3 is a beautiful boat with lots of updates and extras. Girls will be asking you for rides if you buy it.
Donzi 2
Turn on your blue lights, pop in Return of the Mac, and make your baby feel special. She’ll marry you for your money, but she’ll love you for your Donzi.

1972 Donzi 18 “Oh Baby” prototype

If you’re looking for the most beat-to-shit Donzi money can buy … ding ding ding … here it is!!! The seller has an insanely long, barey coherent story of basically every agonizing minute of this 1972 Donzi 18 “Oh Baby” prototype‘s history … prototype for a rare model, built with so much promise, but forgotten about in the back alleys of New Jersey, only to be found, neglected but with so much life still left in its soiled hull, and eventually saved and taught to love again. She was rehabilitated in the 80s, and based on the photos, she’s been systematically abused every day since. But that doesn’t mean you can’t her to dance again. And if you’re a good negotiator, you might be able to negotiate for some VHS tapes of family outings in this boat after she got clean the last time. It’s in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $500.

Donzi 18 1
This Donzi was a prototype for the “Oh Baby” hull design, but it’s rough. The blue tarp is actually flattering in this photo.
Donzi 18 2
This Donzi prototype has been beat to hell, but you’ll have the only one around if you buy it.

1973 16-foot Donzi

Cool boat. Terrible listing. This seller has the sales skills of a dead cat. But maybe his negotiating skills aren’t any better and you can get a good deal on this 1973 Donzi. It’s a Sweet 16 with a cozy little seating area that doesn’t take up much garage space. It’s in good shape and runs well. And it has a 302 Holman Moody setup. That’s something I might have elaborated on, but this guy sees no need. He figures 14 words, two bad photos and a price are sufficient. The boat is in Hanford, California, and is listed on CraigsList for $11,500.

1973 Donzi exterior
This 16-foot 1973 Donzi runs well and features a 302 Holman Moody setup.
1973 Donzi interior
This black lab looks happy in the cockpit of this 1973 Donzi. You will be, too.