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1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard

There must be a run on old mahogany outboards. Two days and two fine examples. This is the Shepherd Junior, a nearly 16 foot plywood princess with a golden anniversary Starflite Evinrude 50 horsepower motor. Restored and ready to run out of Richmond Hill, Ontario. That’s in Canada for those who are geographically impaired. The bidding  on this dandy little Shepherd starts at $5,000 with no reserve.

1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard
For $5,000 you can pretend like you live on Golden Pond. Listen to the loons, Henry.
1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard Evinrude
This 50th anniversary edition Evinrude is definitely the attention seeker on this old Shepherd.

1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Boat

This is a Hollywood wooden boat circa 1968. It has an interesting configuration that I’d describe as part runabout, part utility. Both interior and exterior are restored to as new condition. The 1963 75hp Evinrude outboard fits this boat well and looks the part. Only bummer is those modern throttle controls.

You can find the Hollywood Wood on eBay in Willis, Texas where the reserved price is currently just over $1,500.

1968 Hollywood Wood Evinrude Outboard
A 75hp Evinrude outboard form 1963 had to be damn near the top of the food chain. The motor compliments the boat.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard
Owner says the “condition is good” and I’d have to say based on photos, I agree. I also agree that the Bronco tucked back in that car port is the perfect little vintage tow vehicle.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Interior
The interior is done to a nice standard. Complete with cupholders.

1964 Crestliner Skibird

According to seller, this 1964 Crestliner Skibird is as rare as a baby pterodactyl. More amazing is thing is still in original condition and looks great. Not like lip injection and botox great, but aged well, great. Said to have come from a private collection of an “elderly gentleman to cover final expenses” – eesh. TMI. The original 75hp evinrude hangs off the back and it’s sitting on the trailer waiting for you to come get it off Craig’s List in Rochester, Minnesota for $10,000.

1964 Crestliner Skibird
Kind of a plain boat, except from overhead, it has some nice fiberglass work and vintage chrome.
1964 Crestliner Skibird Interior
Not much over 50 years old looks this good. I love the center throttle control – like an airplane.
Evinrude 75hp Outboard
The Evinrude 75hp outboard even looks showroom fresh.

1985 Correct Craft Bass Nautique

Yes, it’s Bass Nautique! I can’t help but think that Correct Craft dealers felt a lot like Dan Akroyd trying to sell the Bassomatic when they took delivery of these in the mid 1980s. If you’re a Correct Craft collector this has to be as rare (note I didn’t say desirable) as any model. This thing bears little resemblance to any other Correct Craft, especially with an outboard for power. If this is the feather in your Correct Craft hat you’d probably be hard-pressed to find one cleaner. The owner states it was garage and boat house kept its entire life getting little use and photos look to support that. Find this Bass Nautique on Craig’s List in Warrior River, Alabama for $4,500.

1985 Correct Craft Bass Nautique
Photos make this gem look dang near showroom fresh. Check out the vintage Nautique on the other lift.
1985 Correct Craft Bass Nautique
The seats, in white vinyl with some fancy “Bass Nautique” logos look good as new.

1958 Larson Falls Flyer

Unless you got to visit the Mikkelson Collection before it was dismantled at auction a couple of years ago, you’ve probably never seen a Falls Flyer. So here’s your chance to own your very own 1958 Larson Falls Flyer. This Falls Flyer is said to be “the only model in existence” – whatever that means. Maybe in that color combination? Not sure, because others do exist. The Falls Flyers were made from 1938 until 1960. Every single one is a masterpiece – especially the early models manufactured out of cedar with a canvas skin. Here’s your chance to own one, find it here on eBay in Hallandale, Florida with a $17,900 Buy it Now.

1958 Larson Falls Flyer
The 1958 Larson Falls Flyer took design cues from the auto industry – including fins with turn signals.
1958 Larson Falls Flyer
This 1958 Larson Falls Flyer is said to be “totally restored” but it appears that chrome is pitted in photos and the interior looks sloppy.
1958 Larson Falls Flyer Evinrude
A better look at the Falls Flyer’s turn signals. The vintage 40hp Evinrude outboard looks the part.

1953 Switzer-Craft Baby Bullet

This little 10’6″ Switzer-Craft Baby Bullet vintage racer hasn’t been registered since 1976 according to the hull stickers. Although the owner claims it hasn’t seen the water since 1965. Stored indoors on a homemade trailer, both the boat and vintage Evinrude outboard motor appear to be in excellent original condition. Find it in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Craig’s List for $4,000.

1953 Switzer-Craft Baby Bullet
Switzer-Craft baby Bullet with vintage Evinrude outboard tiller hooked up to a cable steer system.
1953 Switzer-Craft Dunphy Wheel
The steering wheel reads “Dunphy” – not sure if Switzer subcontracted the wheels, or perhaps it’s a replacement from a Dunphy boat. The vintage speedometer is a very cool feature as is the “Bud’s Sport Shop” placard over the wheel.
1953 Switzer-Craft 10'6" Baby Bullet
You can see a bit of the homemade trailer, or perhaps better classified as a transporter.