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1971 Sleek Craft Jet Boat

If you’re looking for speed on a budget this is your lucky day. Here’s a 1971 Sleek Craft Jet Boat for sale. Sounds like there was a buyer for this jet boat in line but payment fell through. Well their loss is potentially your gain! I dig the Sleek Craft’s yellow on white color scheme, it’s nice and bright on a sunny day and who goes boating when it’s not sunny anyway? A dual axle trailer will help you get to the lake. The speed boat also includes a bimini top if your passenger needs shade while your beached at the sand bar.

A 455 Oldsmobile engine powers the 19′ jet boat. The seller doesn’t mention top speeds, but with that much muscle on this size boat you know it’s gotta fly. It’s reported that the boat “runs perfectly and starts right up” which is a blatant positive. There is a significant list of parts that were replaced last July, all parts that do come up over time. This jet boat is not perfect however, there are blemishes to the gel coat and side rails. A previous seller clearly had some docking issues on more than one occasion. The seats need to be re-upholstered also. None of that is scaring me away though. With a selling price of just $3,200 you could have everything in mint condition easily with less than a $5,000 budget. So if you feel the need…. here’s your speed, and it’s not going to break the bank.

1971 Sleekcraft Jet Boat with 455 Oldsmobile Engine
Blub, blub, blub, blub, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle…… VROOOOOOOOM!!!
1971 Sleekcraft Jet Boat on Trailer
If this was parked in my driveway on a Saturday morning I’d be smiling from ear to ear and I wouldn’t return from the lake until Sunday night…LATE.

1979 Pioneer Jet Boat

The only thing missing from this 1979 Pioneer Jet Boat are the letters spelling “SUCK MY WAKE!” on the side of it. “Hey kids, what do you say we go into town tomorrow and Uncle Roman will blow some coin on a kick ass drag boat?!” This 19ft. speedboat is powered by a pro built Gen. IV 454 Big Block Chevy bored and stroked to 506ci. The Chevy engine is producing 700hp that will push this Pioneer to 90mph. Fast is an understatement with this Pioneer and I can’t believe it’s a ’79. It looks brand spanking new!

The 1979 Pioneer Jet Boat appears to have all the bells and whistles if a speedboat is what you are looking for. To top it off there are just 25 hours on the entire package; boat engine, trailer, etc.. Seller says there is a video of the Jet Boat “hauling ass”,  worth a view if your are truly interested in setting the water on fire with this rocket.

For more leisurely boaters who are in Uncle Chet’s camp from the movie Great Outdoors this might just be “too much boat.” In this case I side with Uncle Roman and respond accordingly as he would with “what the hell are you gonna do with a pontoon boat?!”


1979 Pioneer Jet Boat Interior
Everything about this Pioneer Jet Boat is clean. The bright white seats contrast nicely with the dark gray/silver flames on the hull.
454 Big Block Chevy Bored to 506ci and 700hp
This 454 BBC bored and stroked to 506ci producing 700hp deserves a kick ass name like “Suck My Wake!”


1979 Tahiti bubble deck jet boat

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna sell ya this Tahiti, you want it, oh you know you’ll feel good in a new jet boat. You”ve spent too many long summer days with that song playing in your head, but now this 1979 Tahiti bubble deck jet boat is available and ready for you to sail off to your own private Kokomo. The boat is in very good original condition. There are just a few scratches and some slight stress cracking in the original gelcoat. Overall the seller rates it a strong 8. The interior is in excellent condition, and the boat has newer rigging including all cables and steering. Most importantly, the 427 Chevy big block that powers this Tahiti bubble deck runs flawlessly. It’s located in Kirkland, Washington, and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of only $1,000.

1979 Tahiti bubble deck 1
This 1979 Tahiti bubble deck jet boat will help you get that coveted St. Tropez tan.
1979 Tahiti bubble deck 2
Smooth, clean and comfortable, this Tahiti bubble deck is ready to go.

1995 Craig Craft Porsche jet boat

How fantastic is this 1995 Craig Craft Porsche jet boat? The seller doesn’t provide anywhere near enough detail, but I think the pictures really speak for themselves. I’m not even sure if it’s factory made or some sort of strange – though well done – garage project, but it’s strange and wonderful. As much as the hull looks like a car, the interior is even more auto-like, right down to the center console and cup holders. This 1995 Craig Craft Porsche jet boat is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania,  and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $7,500. Where else are you going to get a Porsche for that price?

Craig Craft Porsche 4
This Craig Craft Porsche jet boat is all Porsche from the belly button up, and pure jet boat from the waist down.
Craig Craft Porsche 2
Yeah, it has a license plate. Doesn’t your boat?
Craig Craft Porsche 1
Racing seats, a center console, cup holders, this Craig Craft Porsche has all the comforts of your favorite sports car.

1978 Witchcraft

Wooh hoooh, witchy woman. See how fast she flies. That’s courtesy of the 455 Olds and the Edelbrock intake and carburetor on this 1978 Witchcraft. Wooh hoooh, witchy woman. She got the moon on her sides. The pale moon yellow is actually the most mellow color I’ve ever seen on a boat like this. It’s kind of cool to see an understated pain scheme on an overblown jet boat. But don’t be fooled, this 1978 Witchcraft is a restless spirit on an endless flight. And as strange as it may seem to ski behind this boat with those massive exhaust pipes in your face, that’s how the seller was using it. The deal even includes skis and ropes. It’s located in Sun Valley, Nevada, and it’s on eBay with a current bid of $520.

Witchcraft 1
You don’t see many Witchcrafts around. Thankfully you don’t have to be a Wiccan to own it.
Witchcraft 2
This 1978 Witchcraft is in nice condition, and all the shit laying in the boat comes with it.

1979 Glastron Carlson CV-23

This 1979 Glastron Carlson CV-23 is so fast you can’t even get a clear picture of it. It’s moving fast even when it’s on a trailer in the driveway. That’s courtesy of the big block 460 Ford. But the real story here is the interior and the late 70s yellow and bronze color scheme. My Uncle Ron owned an old school supper club in northern Wisconsin called the Golden Shield when I was a little kid – you know, fish fry specials on Fridays, Prime Rib on Saturdays, chicken and ribs on Sundays, and everyone drinking Manhattans, old fashioneds and martinis. Anyway, the bar room looked exactly like this boat. I don’t know if that’s a reason to buy this Glastron Carlson CV-23, but the 460 Ford is a pretty good reason, and it is a cool boat. It looks a lot bigger than a 23-footer. It’s located in Olathe, Kansas, and you can Buy It Now for $14,500.

Glastron Carlson 2
Dig that sweet 70s interior. Yeah, it’s gold. Real gold. I believe it belonged to Goldmember.
Glastron Carlson 1
No you’re not drunk. But seller of this 1979 Glastron Carlson CV-23 may have been when he took these photos. Blurry.

1977 Challenger jet boat

There’s been a run on Dukes of Hazard merchandise since South Carolina decided to at least stretch one foot out of the 1800s, but there haven’t been a lot of Challenger jet boats floating across the auction block. This 1977 Challenger is painted that familiar orange and carries a big 01 on the side, but the name has been shortened and the Confederate Flag has been left in the past, so you can drive it without fear of protests at the boat landing. The seller doesn’t say much about it, other than the fact that 454 Chevy in this 1977 Challenger has been stroked out to 496 cubic inches. Ole Roscoe ain’t catchin’ up with that. The General is currently stationed in Lubbock, Texas, with a current bid of $4,350.

Challenger 1
Them Duke boys sure do know how to find trouble. Luckily the stroked out 454 Chevy in this 1977 Challenger is plenty fast enough to stay ahead of the law.
Challenger 2
I sure would like to see Daisy slide off those Dukes and get a little sun in this 1997 Challenger.


1981 Zamco Jet Lark

This 1981 Zamco Jet Lark is the second Jet Lark we’ve featured, and it’s always just a real pleasure. This one is in great cosmetic condition, but the 40-horse Xenoah jet drive needs a little attention. It turns by hand, but the pull start is stuck, so that’s not ideal. It also has electric start, but there’s no battery. So really, who knows? It might run, it might not. Regardless, Jet Larks don’t come around every day, and this one looks nice. I mean, it doesn’t look nice compared to a Chris Craft or a Donzi, but for an odd little novelty, it looks really nice. And you know you’ll have fun in this Jet Lark. It’s located in McHenry, Illinois. Buy It Now for $1,600.

Jet Lark 1
The pull cord is stuck out, and there’s no battery for the electric start, but the motor still turns by hand. It looks like it should have pedals.
Jet Lark 2
It’s hard not to smile at this 1981 Jet Lark mini jet boat. It just looks fun, doesn’t it?

1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra

Awwww … thumbody loves me. In almost every picture he loves me. Luckily he left enough of the frame open to get a look at this 1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra. It’s quite a boat, with quite a story. This boat was bought new by Budweiser and used as a promotional boat at races from 1976 to 1980. It was then bought by the second owner, who recently passed away. It’s been stored inside all its life, and the gel coat is very nice. The Ford 460 runs but it needs work. No further clarification is provided. Maybe the seller is under someone’s thumb. Anyway, this ’76 Taylor SJ is a cool boat with an interesting history. You can write the next chapter yourself if you head down to Gallatin, Tennesse, and pick it up. It’s on eBay with a current bid of $1,176.

Taylor SJ 1
Thumbody doesn’t want you to see this 1976 Taylor SJ 460 King Cobra, but you should take a look. It’s a cool boat.
Taylor SJ 2
At least you get a clear look at the interior – pretty nice for an original 40-year-old boat.

2011 Rivercraft Mc Race Boat

Look at the overheard view of this 2011 Rivercraft Mc Race Boat. There’s barely room for the driver and rear-facing passenger to tuck themselves in front of the engine. This wooden racer is a cool looking boat, but I’m not sure about the listing. It’s an 83-word listing without a single punctuation mark. It says the engine is a Nissan RB 26-30, but the RB26 and RB30 are two different engines, and neither of them produce the 900 horsepower this boat reportedly delivers. But it has been modified. The seller also says it can do 100 mph while pulling two skiers. I don’t doubt it can, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be hanging onto that rope. Tommy Bartlett would probably like to see it though. You don’t need to slalom at 100 mph, but you should check out this 2011 Rivercraft Mc Race Boat. It’s listed on eBay with of Buy It Now price of $120,000.

Rivercraft 1
This 2011 Rivercraft Mc Race Boat hardly looks big enough to house 900 horses, but that’s exactly what the seller says.
Rivercraft 2
Snuggle up with your back to the motor and put your foot down in this Rivercraft Mc.