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1983 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes

Yes please, all day, everyday and thank you! I love me some Stars & Stripes on these old Mastercrafts. Everyone out there has their personal favorite boat for one reason or another, and this one is mine. This 1983 Mastercraft for sale now is beautiful! These mid-80s to early-90s Mastercraft boats have hands down the best slalom ski wake available on any boat I’ve ever been behind. At slalom speeds it’s just a round little bump that is easily absorbed. It’s also very easy to hold an edge through. These boats were meant to be used hard. You’ll rarely find a vintage Mastercraft that doesn’t have some sort of blemish to the hull or gel coat. Why? Because these classic tow boats are put to work! This seller claims there are some small cracks in the top of the bow near stars and stripes. You know what, I don’t care.  If you’re in the market for this boat you should be looking to use it, not show it on a trailer. Slalom ski, barefoot, teaching youth… just ski, period.

The Chrysler 440 Big Block is PLENTY of power on this boat. That’s a ton of horsepower on a 19 ft. ski boat. I’ve seen photos of these boats pulling 10+ skiers with no problem at all. This Mastercraft ski boat for sale boats new interior which is a huge plus. The interior on these boats is usually one of the items that needs some TLC at this point. Somewhere around 1983 Mastercraft made the change to fiberglass stringers in their ski boats. I’m not certain that it was in ’83, but it was definitely somewhere between 1983 and 1985. Mastercraft was about a decade of Correct Craft and other manufacturers in making this change. The change to fiberglass stringers prevents rot in these old classic boats and is a reason why you still see a lot more Mastercrafts around compared to other ski boats of this vintage. The current bid on this MC Stars & Stripes is $1,125. The bid has gone up $125 since I started writing this post. If you’re looking to cut out the fluff and just ski, then these Stars and Bars are what you need!

1983 Mastercraft Interior
The brand new interior on this classic Mastercraft checks one of your restoration tasks off the list and isn’t even reflecting in the current high bid.
1983 Mastercraft Chrysler 440 Big Block Power
Here’s a sneak peek at that Chrysler 440 Big Block. Getty up!

1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190

This 1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 is a solid buy all damn day, period. It would be an EXCELLENT starter boat for just about anyone. Especially if you are planning to ski your heart out and want a top of the line tow machine.

When well taken care of these championship ski boats will last forever. This Tristar here is in excellent condition AND has a brand new interior. As summer is rapidly approaching, you can secure your spot on the fun parade with Mastercraft ski boat for under $7,000. That’s an excellent price from what I can tell in the boat’s listing on Ebay.

This 1988 Tristar comes with a trailer (including spare tire), bimini top, AND custom cover. All of these items all appear to be in excellent summer-ready condition for your boating pleasure. I honestly cannot find a single negative thing to say about this Mastercraft. Consider it an early Easter gift from  me. If you’re looking for budget buy on a championship ski boat that you can go out an enjoy, look no further. THIS is your boat.

1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 5.8L Indmar Ford 351W Engine
This Indmar/Ford 351 engine was dropped into this specific Mastercraft Tristar back in 1988 to do one thing…. PULL! So stop screwing around and HIT IT already!
1988 Mastercraft Tristar 190 Interior
Brand new interior installed that seller claims cost him $3,500. This is a real beauty of a Mastercraft boat.

2016 MasterCraft NXT20

“I want money, lots and lots of money. I want it high in the sky…”, and if I had that much money I’d be legitimately shopping for a ski boat instead of just drooling over them like I am today. This used 2016 MasterCraft NXT20 caught my attention this morning, along with a couple other modern wakeboard boats. I like this color combo and the price point of this NXT more than the others I found so I started here.

Even if you have the money to spend on something new, there’s no reason to at least consider a used ski boat. This NXT20 is not MasterCraft’s biggest boat in their product line. This MC boat is 20 feet long and rated for 11 passengers. The length makes it a little more trailer friendly behind your tow vehicle if you’re not living on the water. Plus, the NXT only has 190 hours on the 5.7L ILMOR engine, so it’s very gently used. I’d still call this MC wake monster new.

You’re sacrificing room for 3-4 passengers and at just under $60k saving about $20k on this endless fun machine. To me it’s a no brainer if I had the money to spend.

2016 MasterCraft NXT20
Going with a NXT20 over the NXT22 will provide more maneuverability on the trailer. I just love this color combo.
MasterCraft NXT20 Interior
“Like new” interior and still room for 11 passengers. What’s not to like?

2006 Mastercraft X30

This low hour, well kept 2006 Mastercraft X30 will provide a lucky buyer endless fun on the water. I can’t think of a better buy then this X30 for a young family with some disposable income. Of course anyone would love a brand new Super Air Nautique G25 or a Mastercraft X46. BUT most people don’t have a disposable $150,000 sitting around. For a 1/5th of that price you can get an X30, a killer wakeboard boat. A 2006 Mastercraft has everything one of those brand new behemoth bad boys has and without the retirement fund erasing price tag. In a couple of years I’ll be looking to upgrade our 2000 Maristar 230 VRS to something like this X30. The wake tower, speakers, and size all pack a few more fun factors for the kids.

You get a plenty capable MCX 350 Vortex HO engine. The open bow and wrap around seating of the X30’s can handle 16 passengers! Plenty of room for your kids, their friends and if you are friends with their parents well then hell bring them along too. This Mastercraft is going on 12 years old which is not old by boating standards, and has less than 350 hours on it. My wife and I put almost 200 hours on a boat in a summer just cruising around on the weekends.

I thought $30k seemed low for a Mastercraft this size and upon further review was correct. NADA puts these X30s a little higher than that for fair market value. So the starting bid is fair. Still six days left on the auction, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. If I had found this Mastercraft two years from now I wouldn’t of told you about it. I’d be on my way to Texas to pick it up!

2006 Mastercraft X30 Interior and Tower
Clean X30 Interior with new carpet, tower, rack, and speakers. Open bow and wrap around seating for 16 people.
Mastercraft Extreme MCX 350 Vortec H.O.
MCX 350 Vortex H.O. has more than ample pull for all of your watersport needs – wakeboard, wake surf, waterski, tube – and yes that’s with a full boat too!
2006 Mastercraft X30 Rear Deck and Tower
When you wipe out behind this MC X30 you’ll still hear the tunes jammin’ even if it takes them while to circle back for you. Regardless, best to choose a reliable spotter 😉


1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat

This 1985 Mastercraft Stars and Stripes Powerslot Competition Ski Boat is one of the coolest ski boat from the 80s – a well designed boat that handles perfectly and is a joy to ski behind. Unfortunately, this one looks like it spent the past 20 years being trailered around Oklahoma from one tornado to the next. It is it’s own disaster. But the 351 Ford V8 has been completely gone over with a bunch of new parts and a rebuilt Holley carburetor. The seller says with an “interior and a some details” this classic Mastercraft could be a showpiece. That might be a stretch, but it could still be a great ski boat. It’s located in Fort Myers, Florida, but thankfully it’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $2,000, so you can buy it and take it somewhere much better.

Mastercraft exterior
From the outside, this Stars and Stripes edition Mastercraft Competition Ski Boat still looks like one of the coolest boats of the 80s.
Mastercraft interior
On the inside, this Mastercraft looks like a victim of repeated natural disasters, but carpet and upholstery are easy to replace.