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1976 Glaspar Charger

There is only one day left on this 1976 Glaspar Charger currently up for auction, so get on it! There are 13 bids in already and 37 people watching this classic Glaspar. That adds up to some nice action in the last hour or so. The post expires at 2:42 p.m. central time tomorrow. I am setting a reminder for 2:40 to catch the last 42 minutes of fury on this boat. The current high bid is in at just $560 and the reserve is not yet met.

The seller didn’t bother to include many details of course, but what’s not to  love. We can see it’s a Mercury outboard providing the power and the seller does state that “motor runs.” That’s good enough info for me on a boat that’s under $1,000 right now.  I do wish they had bothered to take pics of this Glaspar Charger in the day time. It does appear to have a nice color scheme, I think.

Long story short, if you’re on the same boat budget as I am this is your pick of the day. It’s got cup holders, the motor runs, and it’s under a grand. Check this 1976 Glaspar Charger out now before the auction is up.

1976 Glaspar Charger Interior
Not one, not two or three, but four cup holders! With a current high bid of $560 that comes out to $140 per beverage slot. In the boating world, that my friends is what we call a steal!
Mercury Outboard Motor
“Motor runs”…. good enough for me!

1956 Carver Captain

It doesn’t get much cleaner than this 1956 Carver Captain 15 ft. Runabout. I’ll be honest that I’ve been on a little bit of a kick with these smaller wooden classic boats lately. Could be the Wisconsin weather hinting at warming up or could just be chance. Either way this Carver Captain is a beauty. The woody has been owned and maintained by a single owner for he last 40 years. That certainly helps when the boat owner cares about the vessel the way this gentleman has.

The vintage mahogany boat is powered by a Mercury Mark 55 40HP Thunderbolt Four motor. Like the rest of the classic boat the motor looks superbly clean. The trailer is included and the seller is even throwing in a pair of vintage wooden waterskis. The skis aren’t going to make or break this deal by any means but they are a cool little add-on regardless. Everything on this classic woody is original. The Captain has been re-varnished and has a new coat of bottom paint. You are welcome to make an offer, but the seller also has a “Buy It Now” price of just $9,700. Given the pristine condition this 15 ft. runabout is in I think that’s very fair. Make yourself the Captain and consider purchasing this Carver Captain.

1956 Carver Captain Interior
Simple, clean and classy this 15 ft. Captain would provide loads of lake fun.
1956 Carver Captain Mercury Outboard
It really can’t get much cleaner than this Mercury Mark 55 outboard. You could eat your breakfast off that cowling while spotting skiers in the water.


1956 Aristocraft Torpedo

While doing a little research on this 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo I have to say I’ve grown rather fond of it. This Torpedo is a 14 ft., 4-person watercraft. This little wood boat appears to be in solid condition throughout and would be the perfect joy rider for a solo captain, a couple, or maybe a few of the grand kids. The seller states the only reason for the sale is to acquire something bigger and accommodate more grand kids of their own. A sunny day on a smaller body of water and this little Torpedo would be a blast. Plus, the price point isn’t going to give you a stress-related hernia every time you launch it.

The Aristocraft Boat Company has some cool history behind it too. Aristocraft is a family operated business that is still making these cool boats out of the same original jigs. Now located in Dawsonville, Georgia aren’t only using the same jigs but also glues and wood as well. Set up as somewhat of a museum type showroom. Aristocraft has a display version of every single boat model they have ever built. The company was originally founded as Atlanta Boat Works in 1946 shortly after WWII. In 1947 the company introduced the 12 ft. 2-person Typhoon along with the 13′ Torpedo. These are the two boat designs the company built it’s name on. They would later add the SeaFlash, Avalon and Matador among others.

This classic 14 ft. Torpedo for sale here is powered by a 1966 35HP Mercury outboard. The classic wood boat for sale comes with a galvanized trailer and storage cover.  As I mentioned above Aristocrat is still in fact producing these boats. The 14 ft. version brand new starts at $7,400 unfinished and goes to $14,500 for a finished model. This vintage1956 Torpedo is currently listed on Ebay for $8,800. Given that I found a few vintage Aristocrafts around the web that have sold for closer to $12k, I think this seller is offering a very fair price. They are also offering free test rides if you’re located in the New Jersey area!

1956 Aristocraft Torpedo Profile
Classic vintage lines on these little Torpedo runabouts. It’s sure to get some looks on a trailer at show or on the water cruising.
1956 Aristocraft Torpedo Overview
This Aristocraft doesn’t look 100% mint, but it’s very close and ready for use. I love it.


1988 COLE Performance Super Hawk Speedboat

One movie quote to sum up this 1988 COLE Performance Super Hawk – “I feel the need, the need for SPEED!” That’s right, from the 1986 hit movie Top Gun. The Tom Cruise fighter pilot classic and this COLE Performance Speedboat were released just two years apart so I’m feeling period correct with the correlation. This Super Hawk looks downright FAST! I want to jump in the drivers seat and burn through one of the 30+ gallon fuel tanks at full speed. Come back to the dock for the patented Maverick/Goose high-five low-five action with whomever is co-piloting for me that day. Then jump back in the driver’s seat and dispose of that second  tank through the 454 Magnum Mercruiser this Super Hawk is packing.

The current bid seems more than reasonable at $14,500. Even the Buy It Now Price for the Super Hawk is fair at $16,500. It’s a turnkey ’88 COLE Performance Speedboat that’s  ready to fly. We covered the 454 Magnum Mercruiser but didn’t mention the Bravo Outdrive, custom stereo, VDO gauges, custom lights, and there’s much more. Seller describes it as a Speedboat/Sport/Ski Boat that does 70-80 mph… if it’s me I’m leaving the skis at home, pumping “Danger Zone” through the sound system and only backing off the throttle to fuel up. If Top Gun had been a screenplay about high performance speedboats, this is the boat Maverick would driving.

1988 COLE Performance Super Hawk Tandem Trailer
This Super Hawk features heavy duty marine grade non-fade vinyl interior, new carpet, tandem axle trailer, and classic ’80s go-fast styling for days.
454 Mercruiser Magnum Bravo One Engine
The 454 Mercruiser Magnum Engine will fulfill all of your speedboat desires in this ’88 Speed Hawk from COLE Performance.


1957 Lone Star Meteor

This 1957 Lone Star Meteor may be having an identity crisis. It thinks it’s a Chevy Bel Air. This classic piece of Detroit fiberglass has been completely restored with all the original hardware and a 40-horse Keikhafer Mercury Super Thunderbolt outboard. It’s even painted to match a 1959 Ford Thunderbird, listed for sale separately. I think The Fonz drove this boat after he jumped the shark. You don’t have to wear a leather jacket while you’re driving it, but it would be a lot cooler if you did. Slick your hair back and slide over to eBay, where the BuyItNow price on this 1957 Lone Star Meteor is $34,900.

Lone Star exterior
You mean your boat doesn’t have headlights. This 1957 Lone Star Meteor took its styling cues straight from Detroit, and it’s survived the last 60 years much better.
Lone Star interior
The interior on this boat, like the rest of it, has been completely restored.

1958 Cutter Jet de Ville

The all-new for 1958 Cutter Jet de Ville would set you back a staggering $845 according to the brochure posted by the owner of this little gem in Middlebury, Vermont. Fast forward almost 60 years and  this restored Jet de Ville is hovering right around $4,500 with the reserve not yet met on eBay.

I am such a sucker for the old Mercury Kiekhaefer outboards, and this one done up in the sunset orange to match the Cutter Jet de Ville is like a shiny, yummy Skittle. Seller claims that every single part of this boat is in original and near perfect condition. It looks it and I love it.The Kiekhafer outboard engine drools style like a dental patient on novocaine. The Mercury Mark 55 Thunderbolt Four is a name that should surely be resurrected by the folks in FonDuLac, Wisconsin. It just sounds fast. Hang that little Mark 55 on the back of a 15′ chunk of finned fiberglass and you’ve got the perfect classic summer rig down to the original trailer.

 1958 Cutter Jet de Ville
The front of this vintage Cutter Jet de Ville would look really cool with some period correct chrome goodies – like a spotlight and dual horns.
1958 Cutter Jet de Ville Interior
This boat cost all of $845 in 1958. Today you’d pay more than that to redo the snazzy white vinyl interior.
1958 Cutter Jet De Ville Mercury Outboard
The seller claims it’s all original – Cutter Jet De Ville, Mercury Mark 55 Thunderbolt outboard and the trailer.

1971 16′ Shutzer

I know what you’re thinking… “Is that a Shutzer?” Well, it sure as Shutz is! This 1971 Shutzer is gutted with absolutely no interior but does come with a working Mercury 1500 Black Max outboard. It’ll take a lot of work to make this boat go again and the price isn’t exactly a steal at $1,500. But when have you ever seen a Shutzer for sale? I sure as Shutz have never seen one. All Shutzing aside, head on over to eBay and pick this piece of Shutz up in Fairfield, California.

1971 16' Shutzer
Trailer, motor and fiberglass is all you’re getting. Interior is left up to your imagination. As is the new windshield.
1971 Shutzer 16'
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I actually like the Glastron-ish styling of this little Shutzer.

Mercury Outboard Motors Sales & Service Vintage Clock

This vintage Mercury Outboard bubble clock is the cat’s ass. This Pam Clock Company vintage advertising model is in running condition – both clock and lights – and measures 15″ in diameter. I’d put this in my living room, although my wife would re-hang it in my shop. Great addition to any Mercury or Kiekhaefer collection. Buy it Now or Make Offer on this Mercury Outboard clock via eBay in Danville, Virginia where it’s listed for $695.

Vintage Mercury Outboard Motor Clock
Mercury Outboard Motors with Kiekhaefer logo vintage clock.
Vintage Mercury Outboard Sales & Service Clock
Vintage Mercury Outboard Sales & Service Clock

1985 Hydrostream

This 21′ Hydrostream tunnel is a time capsule. Said to have been in storage for the past 15 years the boat looks to be in very nice original condition. The Mercury EFI 260hp race outboard has only 50 original hours. The original interior looks clean and 80s-ish. Find this Hydrostream on Craig’s List in Lakeville, Massachusetts for $11,000. Tip o’ my captain’s hat to James in Maine for this submission.

1985 Hydrostream 21' Tunnel
The vintage 80s color scheme on this boat has actually aged well. From the exterior it’s got a classy look.
1985 Hydrostream 21' Interior
With seating for 6, this 21′ Hydrostream affords a little more afternoon delight than the racer two seat models.
The 2.5 litre Mercury racing tuned outboard has only 50 hours and pumps out 260hp.

2014 Deep Impact 399C

What?! Can’t a guy dream? And if you’re gonna dream, why not dream 40-foot big? What got me on this Deep Impact boat was number one, that silver/pewter color and number two, the matching 350 horse Mercury Verado engines… all four of them. For those who are multiplication deficient, that’s 1,400 horsepower – capable of pushing this 40 foot object of lust in excess of 75 miles per hour. Wanna fish? Perfect boat. Wanna cruise? Perfect boat. Wanna buy it? Bring $519,900 on over to eBay and punch the Buy it Now button.

2014 Deep Impact 399C
For being nearly 40 feet long, this boat doesn’t have an overwhelming presence on the water. In fact, it’s quite sporty.
2014 Deep Impact 399C
Modern fishing electronics, flat screen TVs, his and her berthing units. Please, someone, float me a half mill.
Quad 350hp Mercury Verado Outboards
I’ve always been a butt man. And man, this behind id fine. Some might call it a lot of junk in the trunk. I see 1,400 horsepower.