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1976 Glaspar Charger

There is only one day left on this 1976 Glaspar Charger currently up for auction, so get on it! There are 13 bids in already and 37 people watching this classic Glaspar. That adds up to some nice action in the last hour or so. The post expires at 2:42 p.m. central time tomorrow. I am setting a reminder for 2:40 to catch the last 42 minutes of fury on this boat. The current high bid is in at just $560 and the reserve is not yet met.

The seller didn’t bother to include many details of course, but what’s not to  love. We can see it’s a Mercury outboard providing the power and the seller does state that “motor runs.” That’s good enough info for me on a boat that’s under $1,000 right now.  I do wish they had bothered to take pics of this Glaspar Charger in the day time. It does appear to have a nice color scheme, I think.

Long story short, if you’re on the same boat budget as I am this is your pick of the day. It’s got cup holders, the motor runs, and it’s under a grand. Check this 1976 Glaspar Charger out now before the auction is up.

1976 Glaspar Charger Interior
Not one, not two or three, but four cup holders! With a current high bid of $560 that comes out to $140 per beverage slot. In the boating world, that my friends is what we call a steal!
Mercury Outboard Motor
“Motor runs”…. good enough for me!

1962 Elgin Wood Boat

This 1962 Elgin Wood Boat has peaked my interest this afternoon. It’s 14 feet long, built from Mahogany and has a unique walkthrough floor plan. Ok ok, I’ll be honest with you, any boat that I can find for $5,000 or less peaks my interest. This 1962 Elgin is right at that mark with an opening bid of $5,000 and the boat has been completely restored. Although I’m usually partial to the throatiness of a classic inboard set up, I think this Elgin woody might do the trick.  It’s in mint condition and for that price you’re getting a boat that’s both pleasure and show ready.

Now don’t get me wrong, that 1958 Elgin 35 HP Skipper outboard will do the job for bouncing around smaller bodies of water. You’re not pulling any skiers, and I’m not telling you to launch on one of the Great Lakes for a pleasure cruise either. A small chain of lakes would be ideal for this classic walkthrough wood boat. It has a little more than a week left on the auction with no action yet. If it’s me I’m keeping an eye on it for a few more days before making my move. If the bidding stays anywhere near that starting bid and you’re looking for a conversation piece with a little joy riding built in then this is a boat to consider.

1962 Elgin Outboard Motor
This is a budget friendly classic mahogany Elgin woody with Elgin outboard and a full restoration completed.
1962 Elgin Walkthrough Wood Boat
The walkthrough floor plan is a unique feature for this vintage boat.

1956 Carver Captain

It doesn’t get much cleaner than this 1956 Carver Captain 15 ft. Runabout. I’ll be honest that I’ve been on a little bit of a kick with these smaller wooden classic boats lately. Could be the Wisconsin weather hinting at warming up or could just be chance. Either way this Carver Captain is a beauty. The woody has been owned and maintained by a single owner for he last 40 years. That certainly helps when the boat owner cares about the vessel the way this gentleman has.

The vintage mahogany boat is powered by a Mercury Mark 55 40HP Thunderbolt Four motor. Like the rest of the classic boat the motor looks superbly clean. The trailer is included and the seller is even throwing in a pair of vintage wooden waterskis. The skis aren’t going to make or break this deal by any means but they are a cool little add-on regardless. Everything on this classic woody is original. The Captain has been re-varnished and has a new coat of bottom paint. You are welcome to make an offer, but the seller also has a “Buy It Now” price of just $9,700. Given the pristine condition this 15 ft. runabout is in I think that’s very fair. Make yourself the Captain and consider purchasing this Carver Captain.

1956 Carver Captain Interior
Simple, clean and classy this 15 ft. Captain would provide loads of lake fun.
1956 Carver Captain Mercury Outboard
It really can’t get much cleaner than this Mercury Mark 55 outboard. You could eat your breakfast off that cowling while spotting skiers in the water.


1956 Aristocraft Torpedo

While doing a little research on this 1956 Aristocraft Torpedo I have to say I’ve grown rather fond of it. This Torpedo is a 14 ft., 4-person watercraft. This little wood boat appears to be in solid condition throughout and would be the perfect joy rider for a solo captain, a couple, or maybe a few of the grand kids. The seller states the only reason for the sale is to acquire something bigger and accommodate more grand kids of their own. A sunny day on a smaller body of water and this little Torpedo would be a blast. Plus, the price point isn’t going to give you a stress-related hernia every time you launch it.

The Aristocraft Boat Company has some cool history behind it too. Aristocraft is a family operated business that is still making these cool boats out of the same original jigs. Now located in Dawsonville, Georgia aren’t only using the same jigs but also glues and wood as well. Set up as somewhat of a museum type showroom. Aristocraft has a display version of every single boat model they have ever built. The company was originally founded as Atlanta Boat Works in 1946 shortly after WWII. In 1947 the company introduced the 12 ft. 2-person Typhoon along with the 13′ Torpedo. These are the two boat designs the company built it’s name on. They would later add the SeaFlash, Avalon and Matador among others.

This classic 14 ft. Torpedo for sale here is powered by a 1966 35HP Mercury outboard. The classic wood boat for sale comes with a galvanized trailer and storage cover.  As I mentioned above Aristocrat is still in fact producing these boats. The 14 ft. version brand new starts at $7,400 unfinished and goes to $14,500 for a finished model. This vintage1956 Torpedo is currently listed on Ebay for $8,800. Given that I found a few vintage Aristocrafts around the web that have sold for closer to $12k, I think this seller is offering a very fair price. They are also offering free test rides if you’re located in the New Jersey area!

1956 Aristocraft Torpedo Profile
Classic vintage lines on these little Torpedo runabouts. It’s sure to get some looks on a trailer at show or on the water cruising.
1956 Aristocraft Torpedo Overview
This Aristocraft doesn’t look 100% mint, but it’s very close and ready for use. I love it.


1984 Addictor 190 Deluxe Pair

What I see in this pair of 1984 Addictor 190 Deluxe mini speed boats for sale is FUN, FUN, FUN!. These Addictor speed boats were produced from 1983 to 1996 in California. The mini boats came in 1-, 2- or 3-person set ups and ran outboard motors. The Addictor Boats look part-jet ski, part-motor boat and I’m ALL IN. Jet skis are fun. A standard PWC offers nimble size and quick acceleration, but after a little while I’m usually over them. They are fun, but I’m more of a boat guy. Now if you were to combine the two… the possibilities of how you can have fun on the water are endless. These mini speed boats here look like they’d quench all sorts of aqua-loving appetites.

Throughout their production run, Addictor Boats were powered by Tohatsu outboard motors. One of these Addictor 190s is toting a 30hp outboard, the other an 18hp version. So one of the two  is going to have a little more getty-up. Both Deluxe versions here appear to be rated for 2-passengers.

Are they a little dinged up? You bet! These mini speed boats were meant to bang around and catch some air. You’re addicted to water sports and driving an Addictor? Yeah, you let it all hang out. This is no classic show ready wooden boat, it’s a freaking jet-ski meets speed boat meets runabout. I can’t imagine not having  a blast in these. Both Addictors are available for $8,000 on Ebay. The price is slightly high according to NADA guides. However there are three talking points that justify the asking price for me; they are the “Deluxe” trim, they are in running order, they include a functioning trailer. In reality, nobody has an addiction  to water sports to save money, so I say go for it.

1984 Addictor 190 Deluxe Pair
Look closely ladies and gentleman, the badge reads “Deluxe”… WAY more fun the the “Standard” models.
1984 Tomatsu Outboard Motors
The factory cowlings are included. Play a trick on your friend by swapping the 30hp for the 18hp and leave them in your wake wondering WTH is going…

1985 Hydrostream Vegas XT Yamaha 225 VMAX

One of a kind 1985 Hydrostream Vegas XT with a 225 Yamaha VMAX, ummm – YES PLEASE?! I didn’t need a sip of coffee here this morning after coming across this fast little bastard just an hour into the auction. This 225 VMAX powered ’85 Hydrostream kicked my ass right into gear! CLEAN custom speedboat with great color, custom cowling graphics to match, slick trailer with custom aluminum wheels,  mint interior w/ room for 4 passengers, JL Audio bluetooth stereo, 2 stainless props (one for cruising, one for thrills) and the list goes on. Green LED Lighting, while I’m usually not a fan, bring it on in this case! It’s a Hydrostream Vegas, the neon lighting fits it perfect, and remember what happens in Vegas… I love everything about it other than it’s not  mine.

If looks and options weren’t enough, the seller reports the Hydrostream Vegas XT will do 92mph which is scary fast on water. Find a local radar run, strap on a helmet, hit that throttle and show everyone WTF is up!

NADA reports an average retail on these ’85 Hydrostreams around $2,450 and suggests a list price around $6,600. Opening bid on this one is $100 of course with nothing on the books yet. It deserves to go for up around that list price, wouldn’t be surprised if it creeps higher with that. Who knows, it’s early on but no ones watching it yet. With no reason for selling reported it could be urgent, maybe you can swoop under the radar and snag it for a steal. Oh wait, there’s one person watching now…. THIS GUY!!!

1985 Hydrostream Vegas XT Dashboard Console Gauges
Driver console features JL Audio bluetooth stereo and Hardin Marine gauges.
1985-Hydrostream Vegas XT Yamaha 225 Vmax
Everything about this Hydrostream is clean and the 225 VMAX packs plenty of firepower for this speedboat
1985 Hydrostream Vegas Vmax Interior Seats
Great contrast between the black leather seats, carpet and the sparkling lime green gel coat.

1994 Xstream Voo Doo

Here we have a light, fast little 1994 Xstream Voo Doo. Aside from the douchey Ed Hardy-esque design on the bow, this is a pretty cool boat. It’s only 14 feet long and it’s got 50-horse Johnson out back. That’ll make you go. It seats four and it’s in great shape. It also comes with a snap-on cockpit cover, which the seller seems especially proud of based on the photos. I doubt that back seat in this Xstream Voo Doo is too comfortable, but I bet it’s damn fun to drive, and you’re not buying it for family cruises. It’s located in Hagerstown, Maryland, and it’s listed on eBay with an opening bid of $3,300.

Xstream 1
This 1994 Xstream Voo Doo is a slick little 14-footer with a 50-horse johnson.
Xstream 2
Everything is neat and clean in the cockpit of this Xstream Voo Doo.

1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard

There must be a run on old mahogany outboards. Two days and two fine examples. This is the Shepherd Junior, a nearly 16 foot plywood princess with a golden anniversary Starflite Evinrude 50 horsepower motor. Restored and ready to run out of Richmond Hill, Ontario. That’s in Canada for those who are geographically impaired. The bidding  on this dandy little Shepherd starts at $5,000 with no reserve.

1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard
For $5,000 you can pretend like you live on Golden Pond. Listen to the loons, Henry.
1956 Shepherd Junior Outboard Evinrude
This 50th anniversary edition Evinrude is definitely the attention seeker on this old Shepherd.

1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Boat

This is a Hollywood wooden boat circa 1968. It has an interesting configuration that I’d describe as part runabout, part utility. Both interior and exterior are restored to as new condition. The 1963 75hp Evinrude outboard fits this boat well and looks the part. Only bummer is those modern throttle controls.

You can find the Hollywood Wood on eBay in Willis, Texas where the reserved price is currently just over $1,500.

1968 Hollywood Wood Evinrude Outboard
A 75hp Evinrude outboard form 1963 had to be damn near the top of the food chain. The motor compliments the boat.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard
Owner says the “condition is good” and I’d have to say based on photos, I agree. I also agree that the Bronco tucked back in that car port is the perfect little vintage tow vehicle.
1968 Hollywood Wood Outboard Interior
The interior is done to a nice standard. Complete with cupholders.

1953 Wagemaker Wolverine Double Cockpit Outboard

The Wagemaker Wolverine – a scary name for a tame little plywood runabout. Wagemaker manufactured small, plywood, outboard-powered boats for a couple of decades out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Wolverine model was about the top of the line, and this one with the double cockpit layout is pretty cool. Absent of an outboard you can pick your power choice. I’d rig up an old Johnson Sea Horse on this one.

If you’re in the market for a fun little boat with a vicious name, shoot on over to eBay where this 14-foot Wagemaker Wolverine is currently at $2,500 (reserve not met) in Springfield, Tennessee.

1953 Wagemaker Wolverine Double Cockpit Interior
I like those old canvas boat cushion-looking seat coverings. They seem very authentic.
1953 Wagemaker Wolverine
Take a normal runabout or rowboat, make it into a double cockpit, wa-lah, desirable.