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1956 Chris Craft Capri PROJECT

Let me spell out this 1956 Chris Craft Capri for you…. P. R. O. J. E. C. T….. PROJECT! Holy hell…. Buying and restoring an old wood boat is definitely on my bucket list, but I don’t think I can handle this one. I just don’t know where I’d start bringing this once beautiful mahogany runabout back to life.

The Chevy 327 V8 is there and parts are a plenty for those of course. The engine however is the least of the concern here. This Chris Craft needs a TON of wood work. I’m thinking of taking another trip through shop class. Before I do though,  you tell me, is $4,000 worth the effort it’s going to take to save this 50s era beauty? If anyone is an expert on the subject I’d love to hear some input.

1956 Chris Craft Capri Project
If your friend owns a lumber yard this might be the project for you.
1956 Chris Craft Capri Engine
Parts are abundant for a Chevy V8, but that’s the least of the concern. Start with the wood.
1956 Chris Craft Capri Interior
EVERYTHING needs work on this ’56 Capri…. well the steering wheel looks like it’s in decent shape.

1973 Sidewinder Skit Boat

This isn’t about the boat, this is about your online dating profile in the end. Stay with me. Talk about a serious pile of %&$#. No, not you and your profile, this boat. One look at this 1973 Sidewinder Ski Boat and….. never mind don’t look. This boat is garbage.  $100 worth of garbage which is kind of a lot for garbage. Seller points out that this offer “does not include motor. Boat hull and trailer only.” Geez, thanks for the heads up.

Ok, no more bashing. Lets take a different approach to this. Now, help me if I don’t understand this whole online dating thing, but this boat is only $100. Are your profile views down? Want more invites sent to your Tinder account? If you have $100 to spare, buy this 1973 ski boat. Post on your dating profile that you own a boat and watch your Tinder views skyrocket. Just don’t ever go pick up this Sidewinder. Let some other sucker pay $100 for it and go pick it up. Now the seller made double the money, you two are probably BFFs. You have all kinds of dates lined up. It’s a win win.

1973 Sidewinder Ski Boat
Buy this boat, be a boat owner, boost your online dating profile views. Just don’t pick up the boat.
1973 Sidewinder Ski Boat Interior
One word…… YUCK

1967 Donzi Ski Sporter Project

At risk of violating copyright law, I will repost the seller’s complete description on this Donzi Ski Sporter letter for letter: “Complete boat 1967 survivor” and that, my boating friends, is what you have to go off of.

My Donzi survivor observations… fiberglass obviously needs attention. I cant’ tell if it actually has a motor. In the one photo from the stern it looks to be missing, in one side view, it appears it might be in there. Gauges, wheel and driver’s seat look intact. All the trim, chrome, and badges look to be in place. It  has a trailer with what look like brand new 8″ tractor wheels.

I’m wondering if you plopped an engine in this thing, cleaned it up, got it running if it wouldn’t be the coolest rat-boat Donzi on the lake. Something about it I really like in it’s current state. As the owner stated, it’s a “survivor” all right. Like a zombie apocalypse survivor. Anyway, if you’ve got $2,300 and jump on out to the Atlanta Craig’s List, this Donzi Ski Sporter can survive another day. Tip o’ the captain’s hat to our biggest and only contributing fan, Stephen W. in Neptune Beach, Florida for this submission.

1967 Donzi Ski Sporter Project
This is kind of the money shot to figure out what you’ve got to work with on this little Ski Sporter. If only we knew if it had a motor…
1967 Donzi Ski Sporter Project Bow
This thing is so gosh-darn fast that turbulence over the bow the past 50 years wore the fiberglass away. Or, it just sat outside for five decades in the Georgia sun. My story is the first one.
1967 Donzi Ski Sporter Stern Interior
Guessing the fiberglass engine cover is missing, probably similar across all Ski Sporters and Sweet 16s, but still, you’ve got to track one down or build it.

1951 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout Project

Do you have a large, empty wood shop just begging of a new project to gobble up floor space, keep your attention for the next 14 months, then be forgotten until you die and your children sell it off?Then you, my friend, are a perfect candidate for this 1951 Chris-Craft racing runabout project boat.

These racing runabouts are beauties when completed and can bring big bucks. This one has all the right curves but none of the essential original parts. No engine, no gas tank, no wiring, no interior. But really, who cares? Put whatever engine you want in it. I’d suggest something with at least 200hp. And if you’re gonna do 200, why not 300hp?

The low, frameless windshield with a single driver cockpit and the thought of a thru-hull exhaust roaring out the back gives me goose bumps. Hell yeah, I’d work hard on this Chris-Craft project until I had my first twenty grand buried in it, hadn’t seen my family in 19 weekends and I still hadn’t even bought an engine. Seller claims this racing runabout needs new deck and bottom planking. That doesn’t leave a whole hell of a lot of planking. So maybe you go out and get yourself some Glen L plans and just start fresh?

If you share my passion for forgotten projects that are worth about half of what you have invested in them, shoot out to eBay where this Chris-Craft racing runabout in Mattituck, New York could be yours for a current bid (reserve not met) of about $5,000.

1951 Chris Craft Racing Runabout Bow
You show me a frameless windshield and I’ll show you a boat I can’t keep my eyeballs off of.
1951 Chris Craft Racing Runabout Interior
I can get past the missing engine when I lay my eyes on that original wheel and those gauges.
1951 Chris Craft Racing Runabout Stern
You show me a Chris-Craft with a lot of rotten wood, missing parts and no engine and I’ll show you an empty checking account.

1956 Chris-Craft Continental

Stop looking at my bullnose. I apologize, but it’s so beautiful, I can’t help it. Really? No one has ever said that to me before – let’s get married! The details are scarce on this Chris-Craft Continental other than it’s listed as a “project boat” but looks damn nice in pictures. Powered by a 6 cylinder, 100hp Chris-Craft engine. Seller claims to “MOTIVATED” so check this one out on Craig’s List in Ventura, California for $12,900.

1956 Chris-Craft Continental
Your mahogany, it’s so clear, like the waters off the great barrier reef. Oh, stop it, you had me at hello.

1930 Horace E. Dodge 21′ Mahogany Watercar

Said to be one of nine in existence, this Dodge 21′ Watercar is in need of a full restoration. The seller says the boat was restored in the late 1970s but photos (really bad photos) show no evidence of any recent restoration. Some parts are missing and none of the original engine or drivetrain are still with the boat. Still, with a lot of ambition and some mis-matched parts, this could be a cool mahogany cruiser. Find it on eBay in Havre de Grace, Maryland where it’s currently at $1,131 with the reserve not met.

Dodge 21.5' Watercar
Built by the Horace E. Dodge Boat and Plane Company in Newport News, Virginia, I don’t believe this boat has any ties to the Dodge Brothers in Detroit.
Horace Dodge Boat Plane Company
Said to be restored in the late 1970s, the wood and condition don’t support the claim.

1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Project Boat

Another 1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique, only this one will cost you $23,000 less… only problem is you have to finish it. The hull has “new paint” per the seller. The engine description is lacking some explanation only allowing us to know it has one, and it’s low hours. The only items that are claimed to be needed yet are a windshield and the gauges. All in, if the parts are there, you could have a pretty nice classic Air Nautique for around $6,000 and a hundred hours of labor. Find it on Craig’s List in Waterford, Wisconsin for $5,900 OBO.

1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Interior
Seller says there’s a $3,000 newly restored interior that goes with the boat. You’ll need it along with a floor, some carpet and other accouterments.
1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique
The exterior hull and trailer both look very good in photos. The question now begs, what will the rest of it take?
1999 Correct Craft Air Nautique Project
The seller doesn’t mention the status of the drivetrain, other than it has a low hour motor. Hopefully the transmission, exhaust and all associated parts are included.