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1974 Windcraft Hurricane

That’s how it always happens… you’re ready to pack it in for the day and there it is, BAM! You walk right smack into a hovercraft! This 1974 Windcraft Hurricane Hovercraft has me excited. OK, let me make that comment more accurate… all hovercrafts get me excited. I have no idea what it is that excites me about hovercrafts. I’ve never even been on one. The hovercraft infatuation I have most likely comes from growing up in the ’80s and thinking that some day, just some day we might all be floating around on hovercrafts. Ahhhh, the 80s…  those were the days.

Side conversation on hovercraft usage….  If you are taking the hovercraft out do you say, “Hey Honey I’m going out hovering!” Maybe, “Don’t mind me I’m just hovering!” Hovering doesn’t have the best ring to it… any suggestions for us?

Ok, back to the hovercraft at hand. Dating pre-80’s this 1974 Windcraft has an interesting set up. The 484cc Chaparral snowmobile engine sits in the front of the hovercraft while the rider sits up on it like a jet ski or motorcycle. Much different set up than you’d normally find on a vintage hovercraft. It looks to be in OK shape given it’s DOB, but you can expect some work needed. The Hurricane does come with a new trailer which appears to be a basic utility trailer. The trailer is a win-win as you could use it for other purposes when not piling on the fun parade with your personal hovercraft. I can’t say I’m super current on my hovercraft pricing knowledge, but $2400 seems fair for any machine that sets you up for as much fun as hovercraft could.

1974 Windcraft Hurricane Hovercraft
What is the “Hovercraft du Jour”?… Well sir that would be the “Hovercraft of the day”… Mmmmm, sounds great, I’ll have that!

1942 USS New Jersey BB-62 Battleship Replica

Yes, you read the title correctly. This is  a 1942 USS New Jersey BB-62 Battleship Replica, that’s right – a Battleship Replica! Let’s set the stage appropriately…. I call you up and say “Hey friend, do you want to play battleship with me?” Normally that invite would not lead you to throwing on a swim suit, loading up on sun screen and packing a cooler. However, if I was the owner of this Battleship Replica then sunscreen, swimsuit, and a loaded cooler is exactly what that invitation would require. This is a replica of the 1942 USS New Jersey BB-62 Battleship and it’s legit.  A one of a kind, 2 person, jet driven battleship. This miniature USS New Jersey not only includes a trailer but also a one of a kind water cannon!

A Quick US Naval History Lesson:

The real USS New Jersey BB-62 is an Iowa-class battleship. Also known as “Big J” or “Black Dragon”, it was the second ship of the US Navy named after The Garden State. During WWII, Big J shelled targets in Guam and Okinawa as well as provided cover to aircraft carriers conducting raids in the Marshall Islands. During the Korean War the USS New Jersey led raids up and down the North Korean coast. She was also the only US battleship providing gunfire support during the Vietnam War. The USS New Jersey was decommissioned in 1991. The well-honored battleship now serves as a museum ship in the Home Port Alliance located in Camden, New Jersey.

Back to the watercraft for sale:

The personal-sized battleship is powered by a 120 horsepower Sea Doo engine with jet drive. Two onboard water cannons are reportedly capable of shooting 60 ft. From that distance a takeover of your favorite sandbar or pontoon party should be more than feasible. A long range water balloon launcher would be a solid addition to the arsenal here. If your’e a Naval aficionado or simply a giant child with an open bank account then this USS New Jersey battleship replica is worth an extra look on Ebay.

USS NEW Jersey Battleship Replica
Raid a sandbar, float party or your best friend’s pontoon. At the helm of this USS New Jersey Battleship replica you’ll rule the seven seas… or local lake.
Rated for two people, the battleship’s interior is loaded with GPS, cameras, generator and functional water cannons. Just in case war breaks out while you’re at sea.


1984 Addictor 190 Deluxe Pair

What I see in this pair of 1984 Addictor 190 Deluxe mini speed boats for sale is FUN, FUN, FUN!. These Addictor speed boats were produced from 1983 to 1996 in California. The mini boats came in 1-, 2- or 3-person set ups and ran outboard motors. The Addictor Boats look part-jet ski, part-motor boat and I’m ALL IN. Jet skis are fun. A standard PWC offers nimble size and quick acceleration, but after a little while I’m usually over them. They are fun, but I’m more of a boat guy. Now if you were to combine the two… the possibilities of how you can have fun on the water are endless. These mini speed boats here look like they’d quench all sorts of aqua-loving appetites.

Throughout their production run, Addictor Boats were powered by Tohatsu outboard motors. One of these Addictor 190s is toting a 30hp outboard, the other an 18hp version. So one of the two  is going to have a little more getty-up. Both Deluxe versions here appear to be rated for 2-passengers.

Are they a little dinged up? You bet! These mini speed boats were meant to bang around and catch some air. You’re addicted to water sports and driving an Addictor? Yeah, you let it all hang out. This is no classic show ready wooden boat, it’s a freaking jet-ski meets speed boat meets runabout. I can’t imagine not having  a blast in these. Both Addictors are available for $8,000 on Ebay. The price is slightly high according to NADA guides. However there are three talking points that justify the asking price for me; they are the “Deluxe” trim, they are in running order, they include a functioning trailer. In reality, nobody has an addiction  to water sports to save money, so I say go for it.

1984 Addictor 190 Deluxe Pair
Look closely ladies and gentleman, the badge reads “Deluxe”… WAY more fun the the “Standard” models.
1984 Tomatsu Outboard Motors
The factory cowlings are included. Play a trick on your friend by swapping the 30hp for the 18hp and leave them in your wake wondering WTH is going…

1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000 Prototype

In 1969 a young engineer at Marine Unlimited, Inc. in Warren, Michigan set out to design the boat of the future. He sharpened his lead pencils (a 2H, a B, and a 7B for you drafters out there) lined them up on his drafting table alongside his t-square and protractor and went to work. One hour fifty-five minutes later he would emerge and present the elderly management team at Marine Unlimited something they could never imagine… the Stingray 2000!

The Stingray 2000 is a revolutionary single person watercraft with a 25 horsepower inboard/outboard Johnson motor designed to be so damn much fun you’d swear you were motor boating into the future. Marine Unlimited would build only one of the Stingray 2000. The elderly executives concerns over safety and unsubstantiated fear of the crazy, futuristic design would extinguish the young engineer’s dream like the CEO’s Lucky Strike cigarette being smashed into an ashtray after he draws his final, deeply inhaled drag.

Here resides that prototype. Now resting comfortably in Saint Augustine, Florida the Stingray 2000 can be yours for $4,500 buy it now on eBay. A small price to pay for a one-off slice of Buck Rogers on waves.

1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000 Lower Unit
An engineer demonstrates the state-of-the art propeller safety shield. Oooooo. Look out, it’s not intended to save smaller extremities.
1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000 Johnson 25
Behold the Johnson. 25 ponies positioned just aft of your ass.
1969 Marine Unlimited Stingray 2000
That bowtie-shaped steering wheel is no doubt lifted from a Russian fighter jet.

1969 Bombardier Sea Doo

This is Sea-Doo #2 we’ve featured. The previous model was right here in good ol’ Sconnie. That Bombardier Sea-Doo  could’ve been had for $4,500 and was in much nicer overall condition. If you were looking for one, you shoulda grabbed that one.

Still, you don’t see them very often and if you’re a left-coaster, this one is more in your neighborhood. Just blow the sand, or termite dust, or whatever that is off the engine and begin restoring this nearly 50 year old grandfather to the modern Sea-Doo PWCs of today.

The 1969 Sea-Doo is very similar to Olympic swimming medalists, in that both will smoke and top out at about 13 miles per hour. I’d stick to straight lakes because I’m sure these little Sea-Doos weren’t known for their agile handling capabilities. Go to Craig’s List, bring $7,500 and a trailer to Mesa, Arizona and this vintage 1969 Bombardier Sea-Doo can be all yours.

1969 Bombardier Sea Doo PWC
The seat is missing and it looks like it might have some gelcoat hazing. You can get a new(ish) one for the asking price.
1969 Bombardier Sea-Doo Engine
Bombardier made these Sea-Doos for a limited time in the late 1960s. This one, supposedly never registered, now leases its engine hull to a coffee can full of Arizona desert sand.

1989 & 1990 Vintage WetJet PWCs

Here is a pair of vintage WetJet PWCs. This was the first ever “jet ski” I rode at about age 14. I remember these things being an absolute blast. Not sure if that’s a product of my being 14, or them actually being that much fun. Usually I see these in pretty rotten condition, but this pair looks quite nice. Both are powered by 430cc engines and are in running conditions and come with a “metric TON” of parts per the seller. At only $1,200 for the pair, on a trailer, someone best be gettin’ to Norwood Young America, Minnesota to pick these WetJets up!

1990 Wet Jet PWC
The 1989 is powered by a 428cc Cayuna engine, the 1990 has a 432cc Brut. Paint the trailer and you’ve got a sweet set up.
1989 Wet Jet
One of these Wet Jets is a 1989 and the other is a 1990, but the seller doesn’t identify which is which. Both look nice and clean given the age.

1969 Hydro Cycle Barracuda

We’ve got another Hydro Cycle Barracuda sighting folks. This one is not as nice as the one we found last week down in Florida, but it’s $5,000, either. This Barracuda, completely lacking any description other than telling us it has “scuffs, chips and scrapes” is listed on eBay in Hampshire, Illinois with an unmet reserve inching toward $1,000.

1969 Barracuda Hydro Cycle
This Hydro Cycle appears to have the original Chrysler 25hp outboard. Notice the blue Barracuda in the back. These thing reproduce like guppies if left alone.
1969 Barracuda Hydro Cycle
Mustard yellow, blue and red have all been represented on the Hydro Cycle color pallet. With a little buffing I think this one could be decent.

1969 Hydro Cycle Barracuda

Oooooo, barracuda! Hat tip to Heart for the lead in on this one. The Hydro Cycle Barracuda was the forefather of the Bombardier PWC. Only instead of a jet drive safely pushing water out the rear, this one ran a 35hp Chrysler outboard motor with a prop waiting to chew your leg off when you tumble in the drink flipping wake turns. The seller states he found this one in unused condition in a barn in 1979. The only thing I ever find in barns is cow shit. This Hydro Cycle looks clean as a prop-severed arm, so I’d be willing to risk a limb on it. Find the Hydro Cycle Barracuda on Craig’s List for $5,000 buy it now in Palm Harbor, Florida.

1969 Hydro Cycle Barracuda
The Hydro Cycle was sitting in a barn, unused, for nearly a decade when the current owner took her into the daylight and rode it like a water pony.
1969 Hydro Cycle BarracudaChrysler
The 35hp Chrysler was still shrink-wrapped when the seller found the boat. I’d have left it that way, cuz, well, it’s kinda fugly. I’d drop a vintage Merc on it.

1969 Sea-Doo “The Original” PWC

In the late 1960s Ski-Doo dominated the saturated snowmobile market manufacturing machines that competed with the likes of John Deere, Bolens and even Montgomery Wards. Then in 1969 Laurent Beaudoin, Chairman of Ski-Doo developed a snowmobile for water – the original Sea-Doo. Powered by a not-so-good for salty, wet environments, liquid-cooled 372cc twin cylinder Rotax engine that fed a jet drive, the original Sea-Doo only lasted for two years –1969 and 1970. This 1969 example on Craig’s List in Milwaukee, Wisconsin appears to be as nice as you can expect for a 45 year old example of the first ever personal watercraft. Though stated to have not been running since Debbie Gibson was still a pop-star, it’s a very rare piece of Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo and watercraft history. For the $4,500 asking price I think it would make a fine decoration hanging from the rafters of a north woods Wisconsin drinking establishment.

1969 Bombardier Sea-Doo PWC
Many similarities between the first Sea-Doo and early Ski-Doos including handlebars, color, seat, and overall style.
1969 Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft
Black and yellow, just like the Bombardier corporation put on the snow in the same era.
1969 Sea-Doo Rotax PWC
The 372cc liquid-cooled Rotax engine, a Ski-Doo staple on snow, powered the all-new Sea-Doo.