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1942 USS New Jersey BB-62 Battleship Replica

Yes, you read the title correctly. This is  a 1942 USS New Jersey BB-62 Battleship Replica, that’s right – a Battleship Replica! Let’s set the stage appropriately…. I call you up and say “Hey friend, do you want to play battleship with me?” Normally that invite would not lead you to throwing on a swim suit, loading up on sun screen and packing a cooler. However, if I was the owner of this Battleship Replica then sunscreen, swimsuit, and a loaded cooler is exactly what that invitation would require. This is a replica of the 1942 USS New Jersey BB-62 Battleship and it’s legit.  A one of a kind, 2 person, jet driven battleship. This miniature USS New Jersey not only includes a trailer but also a one of a kind water cannon!

A Quick US Naval History Lesson:

The real USS New Jersey BB-62 is an Iowa-class battleship. Also known as “Big J” or “Black Dragon”, it was the second ship of the US Navy named after The Garden State. During WWII, Big J shelled targets in Guam and Okinawa as well as provided cover to aircraft carriers conducting raids in the Marshall Islands. During the Korean War the USS New Jersey led raids up and down the North Korean coast. She was also the only US battleship providing gunfire support during the Vietnam War. The USS New Jersey was decommissioned in 1991. The well-honored battleship now serves as a museum ship in the Home Port Alliance located in Camden, New Jersey.

Back to the watercraft for sale:

The personal-sized battleship is powered by a 120 horsepower Sea Doo engine with jet drive. Two onboard water cannons are reportedly capable of shooting 60 ft. From that distance a takeover of your favorite sandbar or pontoon party should be more than feasible. A long range water balloon launcher would be a solid addition to the arsenal here. If your’e a Naval aficionado or simply a giant child with an open bank account then this USS New Jersey battleship replica is worth an extra look on Ebay.

USS NEW Jersey Battleship Replica
Raid a sandbar, float party or your best friend’s pontoon. At the helm of this USS New Jersey Battleship replica you’ll rule the seven seas… or local lake.
Rated for two people, the battleship’s interior is loaded with GPS, cameras, generator and functional water cannons. Just in case war breaks out while you’re at sea.


1969 Sea-Doo “The Original” PWC

In the late 1960s Ski-Doo dominated the saturated snowmobile market manufacturing machines that competed with the likes of John Deere, Bolens and even Montgomery Wards. Then in 1969 Laurent Beaudoin, Chairman of Ski-Doo developed a snowmobile for water – the original Sea-Doo. Powered by a not-so-good for salty, wet environments, liquid-cooled 372cc twin cylinder Rotax engine that fed a jet drive, the original Sea-Doo only lasted for two years –1969 and 1970. This 1969 example on Craig’s List in Milwaukee, Wisconsin appears to be as nice as you can expect for a 45 year old example of the first ever personal watercraft. Though stated to have not been running since Debbie Gibson was still a pop-star, it’s a very rare piece of Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo and watercraft history. For the $4,500 asking price I think it would make a fine decoration hanging from the rafters of a north woods Wisconsin drinking establishment.

1969 Bombardier Sea-Doo PWC
Many similarities between the first Sea-Doo and early Ski-Doos including handlebars, color, seat, and overall style.
1969 Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft
Black and yellow, just like the Bombardier corporation put on the snow in the same era.
1969 Sea-Doo Rotax PWC
The 372cc liquid-cooled Rotax engine, a Ski-Doo staple on snow, powered the all-new Sea-Doo.