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1964 Hallett Barron V-Drive

Feast your eyes on this motherfucker – 1964 Hallett Barron v-drive. So, so, cool. Where do I start?

Let’s begin with the monkey pod plywood hull. Now I’ve never heard of monkey pod before, let alone know it’s a rare rain forest wood. To me a monkey pod sounds like a crazy place an ape stores its valuables. Alas, to see it on this boat is magnificent, the grain is striking and a perfect match for any type of wooden racer.

Moving beyond the monkey pod, take a look at that massive Chrysler 440 V8 wedge motor. No specs on horsepower, but who cares, it’s just fun to look at – braided lines, vintage Mickey Thompson aluminum finned valve covers, double carbs poking up with intakes that resemble knight helmets who use the giant headers as jousting sticks.

The tuck and rolled glitter red over white interior is an absolute perfect match to the rest of this Hallett’s style. I would actually get some sort of creepy pleasure pain out of burning my ass on the red seats in the scorching sun.

Top this whole package off with a matching pearlescent white tandem axle trailer with white walls and all I can do is try to figure out how to lift this entire boat through the picture window into my living room for permanent display. This Hallett Barron can be yours with some aggressive bidding on eBay where it’s currently creeping up on $26,000 (reserve not met) in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Hallett Barron 440 Chrysler Wedge V8
What’s that you say Mr. Chrysler V8 Wedge 440? Ahh yes, don’t fuck with you. Understood, sir.
Hallett Barron Monkey Wood
Feast your eyes on the grain of monkey pod. It’s a wood, apparently. Yeah, who knew.
Hallett Barron V-Drive
Even the trailer is flipping cool on this rig. Pearlescent paint, white walls and moon caps.
Hallett Barron V-Drive Stern
The Casale v-drive tries to harness the power from the Chrysler 440. Check out those headers the size of small cannons.

Custom Flat Bottom 455 Olds Homebuilt Racer

This boat is an absolute piece of art. I mapped out Three Lakes, Wisconsin to Kuna, Idaho and it looks like I could be there to pick it up with a mere 25 hours (one way) behind the wheel. You can call this boat homemade, but hand-crafted pays far greater homage. The fiberglass over mahogany hull is so tastefully done that I actually fantasized running my tongue the length of that aqua blue Puma stripe down the side. Of course I would buff my saliva off before storing.

Powered by a 455 Olds with a velvet v-drive and so many upgrades the seller most likely got carpal tunnel just writing the Craig’s List description of Nicson performance add-ons.

The lefthand drive interior looks every bit as tasteful and perfect as the exterior. The seller is asking $15,000 for this masterpiece and honestly, I don’t think that’s enough. Tip o’ my captain’s hat to Stephen W. of Neptune Beach, Florida for this 5-star submission. Someone, please shoot on over to Craig’s List in Kuna, Idaho and pull this racer to the nearest boat launch.

Homebuilt Racer 455 Olds
Everything about this boat is so tastefully done. The paint, the clear mahogany, the color choices. A+ with a smiley face to the builder.
Homebuilt Racer 455 Olds V-Drive
There’s a lot of time, chrome, performance parts and money in this Olds 455. I’d have to say, I would’t have done much different.
Homebuilt Wood Fiberglass Racer
3″ thru hull exhaust and check out the Nicson quick release fuel caps that look like someone swiped them right off a Shelby.

1969 Chris-Craft Super Sport

In 1969 Chris-Craft called these Super Sports, later we’d know them as the XK19, but no matter how you reference them they are stunning fiberglass boats. Less than 300 of these boats were produced over a 5 year period, so finding one is not easy. Maybe why the seller of this one, in less than stellar condition, doesn’t feel all that bad about the $30,000 asking price – even without the original engine. Something doesn’t look right on the gauges to me either, but WTF do I know? If you’ve always wanted a Chris-Craft Super Sport, and who wouldn’t, shoot on over to eBay and indulge in this one in Port Charlotte, Florida.

1969 Chris-Craft Super Sport
The seller’s photo choices are pretty wonky for trying to peddle a rare Chris-Craft. This is about the only decent side shot other than some bottom of the hull photos.
1969 Chris-Craft Super Sport Interior
This Super Sport needs to some TLC on the plywood dash and floor. That is the way they came, but this one looks like someone cut a chunk off a 4×8 sheet from Home Depot. The gauges also look non-original.

1971 Campbell 496 V-Drive Daycruiser

This 1971 Campbell is done up real nice, uh-huh. The big block 496 looks to have about a dozen paychecks dumped into it – including a twin turbo setup good for up to 15 pounds of boost. The engine is probably better suited for tires over a prop, but who am I to judge? Gelcoat and interior look great for a boat approaching 50 years old. Seller has this Campbell Daycruiser optimistically priced on eBay with a Buy it Now of $29,500 in Sagle, Idaho. Unfortunately I don’t see these boats bringing that kind of money even with a museum-quality V8.

1971 Campbell V-Drive 496 racer
I wanna go fast, daddy. Well little buckaroo, hang on.
1971 Campbell 496 Big Block V8
I can’t imagine how much dough was dumped in this V8, I love the dual carb setup. I’d never put the cover on.
1971 Campbell Interior
That last gauge is way out in right field, a long look over when skipping along water at 70+ MPH. The good news is, they are NOS Stewart Warner gauges, so that’ll be worth the fiery water wreck to look at.

2013 Supra SA550 World’s Edition

I never even knew this boat existed, quite frankly that’s probably a good thing. It’s a 550hp Cadillac CTS-V powered Supra SA550 ski boat. Yep, it’s a CTS-V tuned 6.2 litre supercharged V8… in a boat. Outfitted with all of the modern wakeboard accoutrements I feel this boat is a bit of a bargain given it’s powerplant and the price of similarly equipped new boats. This Supra model has been discontinued, so if you want the 550 ponies, this is the only way to get them. A quick national search shows no others for sale. I’d guess this SA550 was pushing over $100,000 new, but you can scoop it up on Craig’s List in Fremont, Wisconsin for $69,995.

2013 Supra SA550 CTS-V Powered
The black over silver exterior is bad-ass. But not as bad-ass as what lives inside.
2013 Supra SA550 Interior
The seller doesn’t mention how many hours are on this 2013 Supra SA550. Unless it were a ski show boat, it doubtful it has more than a couple hundred.
2013 Supra SA550 CTS-V 6.2 litre 550hp
Just look at it, dummy. Now close your eyes… hear it?

1985 Century Coronado Cardel

I’m not sure what I find attractive on this old Century Coronado Cardel – it’s kind of a cougar boat – it’s old, yet sexy and could probably teach you a thing or two. Both the description and photos would suggest the owner takes very good care of his older lady. New prop, polished teak, and sealed fiberglass. What you won’t learn is anything about the engine. Obviously a v-drive, it should be powered by a V8. Find it on Craig’s List in New Orleans, Louisiana for $16,000.

1985 Century Coronado Cardel Interior
The original polished teak table takes the center stage in what affords more room than most modern pontoons.
1985 Century Coronado Cardel
The owner says this Century, in black cherry, is a rare color. Okay. What’s even more rare is finding anything from 1985 that’s tastefully done. So, hat’s off Miss Coronado, you’ve stood the test of time.

1974 Curtis Flat Bottom V-Drive

I don’t know much about Curtis boats, but this one sure looks clean. Owner claims he bought it just because “he likes the sound of them going down the river” but has never actually had it in the water. I get it, that’s kind of how Holman Moody and I feel about one another. Powered by a 468 cubic inch big block Chevrolet that looks to be far more maintained than the V8 in today’s other flat bottomed racer. Find it on Craig’s List in Dundee, Oregon for $6,500.

1974 Curtis V-Drive Flat Bottom Racer
The 468 cubic inch big block V8 scoop appropriately reads “Suck It” on the back.
1974 Curtis V-Drive Flat Bottom Racer
Not much to pick apart on this Curtis racer for only $6,500. Nice trailer and a clean boat.
1974 Curtis Interior
Lefthand drive, clean seats, just mash the pedal and let the adrenalin power you.

1970 Belmont V-Drive

Not many details on this Belmont v-drive racer. Powered by a Chrysler 440 big block that the owner claims “runs strong, it runs a very good 65-70 MPH” through a Casale gear box. Find it on Craig’s List in Pittsburg, California for $4,000 or trade.

1970 Belmont V-Drive
I like the clean all white look of this Belmont, especially on the trailer. Belmont boats were built by a father son team out of Fresno, California and found there greatest success in the 1970’s with these flat bottomed racers.
1970 Belmont V-Drive Interior
Again, I’m always more of a fan of a v-drive over a jet-powered racer. This boat looks to need a little TLC, especially on the interior. The motor also looks neglected in photos.

1982 Glenn L Tornado Homebuilt Mahogany V-Drive

I’m assuming this little Tornado was built from Glenn L plans. Seller says it was built by his brother in 1982 to a degree that appears to be nicely done for an amateur build. It’s currently set up for a V8 small block but the installed motor is bad from sitting. Nice to see it in a v-drive configuration vs. jet. I highly doubt, even without a motor, it could be reproduced for the seller’s asking price of $8,000. Find this nice little Glenn L Tornado in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on Craig’s List.

1982 Glenn L Tornado Wooden Boat
The interior looks to have some decent components. Mismatched guages could be swapped for some new modern, vintage-faced variety.
1982 Glenn L Tornado HomebuiltMahogany
This Glenn L has a nice look to it. The seller says blueprints of both the homebuilt boat and trailer come with the sale.

1973 Century MK II

The Century MK II was originally manufactured from 1971-1975 and was available as a v-drive, jet or I/O. This model is the v-drive powered by a 340 cubic inch Chrysler marine engine with a reported 191 original hours on it. The condition of the boat doesn’t seem to support the low hours, unless it’s just purely neglect and sun damage. The top of the bow looks to have a lot of fiberglass hazing and the rear seat and dash both need some attention. Regardless, this is a very cool and desirable old Century boat. There’s a video of this boat running – if you watch it, you may end up buying it. Too bad the music drowns out the far more pleasurable sound of engine noise. You can find this 1973 Century MK II on eBay in Punta Gorda, Florida for $7,900 Buy it Now.

1973 Century MK II Speed Boat
A close inspection of the bow shows some needs. Nothing that can’t be cleaned up. Tough to tell if it’s dirt or fiberglass haze.
1973 Century MK II Boat
Experts say the early model Century model MK IIs came with a 1:1 gear ratio and were screamers. The desirable tranny can bring $3,000 alone. Other trannys were a 1.5 and a 2.00.
1973 Century MK II Interior
The front seats look to have recently been redone. The dash and rear seats still need some attention. If this were a sub-$5,000 boat and closer to Wisconsin I think I’d have to grab it.