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Vintage signs, oil cans, gas tanks and other boat collectibles and antiques for sale around the web.

Vintage Outboard Motor Signs

If owning a boat isn’t enough, if you need to bring that feeling you have on the lake inside to the walls of your cabin, but don’t have the flow to go original, these cheap reproduction signs are perfect for you. Quaint, strange and comical for mostly unintentional reasons, these advertising signs are a nautical decorating bargain at well under $20.

Evinrude electric

The thing that’s cool about this Evinrude sign is one of the originals hung in my house growing up. My grandpa was an Evinrude dealer. One of the oldest in Wisconsin. You’re not that cool. You’ll have to settle for a reproduction sign, but that’s OK. Most of your friends won’t know the difference anyway. They’ll all just think you have panache and a wonderful nautical style – not to mention that fancy electric starter on your boat. Nothing says worlds of fun like a soft touch. “Let’s go – just touch the buttons!”


What goes like a bat on regular fuel … digs salt water, large loads and a hard time? Answer: the new Sea-Horse 40. And a crazy art history major I knew in college. Her act wasn’t that original, and neither is this “vintage look” reproduction Johnson Outboards sign. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and show your own reproductive style. I mean, it’s worth the $16.95 just for the jokes about large loads.

Mercury tang

Hanker for the scent of pine on a mountain lake, or the salty tang of an ocean breeze? Well you’ll just have to settle for the salty tang of this reproduction Mercury Outboards sign. But you can hang this fake vintage sign on a pine tree. Or stuff a pine tree air freshener in your shirt pocket and snort a line of salt if you really want to capture the spirit. This Mercury advertising sign is your invitation to outboard living. $16.95 is a small price to pay for a lifestyle.

Evinrude gypsy

The writing on these signs is fabulous. “Here’s a prize to stir your Gypsy blood! A gay and glamorous houseboat-of-the-future.” To be sure, the boat pictured looks to be a hell of a craft, with twin Evinrude outboards. And it’s occupants definitely seem glamorous. I particularly like the angry looking seagulls above the canopy. I can’t tell if it’s faux rust or if the gulls are spraying blood, but I prefer that picture. The tension makes for a stronger story line. The gay and glamorous are only an arm’s reach from a bloody fight for survival. Maybe that wasn’t the intent, but for only $16.95 you can buy this (fake) old Evinrude sign and have long philosophical conversation about the concealed themes.

Johnson kid

I feel like any kid with that look on his face, wearing that strange little polka-dotted life vest/kidney protector, shouldn’t be given the controls of anything motorized. Probably anything that isn’t rubberized. Get him a helmet and some wrist guards, too. The beauty of this vintage Johnson outboard sign, however, is in the words. “Kids love to man ‘em, too … Sweetest-running Johnsons ever!” I mean, really? The writing was so innocent, but it’s pretty damn funny now. If you like to post statements about your Johnson on the walls of your home, this vintage sign is perfect for you. And at $16.95, you can even double up.

Kiss Me

I can only imagine how desperate the guy with a “Kiss Me, I’m an Outboard Motor Mechanic” sign must be. But that’s not you. Of course not. You’re a dashing man who makes time with all the pretty gals. And maybe this delightfully tacky sign suits your style perfectly. The $11.95 price tag might seem a little stiff, but you don’t mind. You’ve got style. And style doesn’t come cheap.

Pennzoil Outboard Motor Oil Double Sided Advertising Sign

If you had purchased the previously posted 1958 Cutter Jet de Ville and you were cruising up to your local marina for a fill up, Pennzoil wanted you to use their oil for your mixture and this vintage sign is how they would have let you know. This double-sided hanging sign isn’t huge, measuring only 12×17, but it’s near perfect. Seller claims it to be new old stock (NOS) with only a few light scratches. If you ever had concerns about your outboard motor oil being safe lubrication, and 100% Pennsylvanian, this old advertising sign would let you rest easy. Find this vintage Pennzoil Americana on eBay in Madera, California with a $600 Buy it Now.

Pennzoil Outboard Motor Oil Sign
Hang this vintage Pennzoil Outboard Motor Oil sign on your dock and the one guy still pre-mixing his outboard oil just might stop in for a fill up.

Vintage Grain Belt Beer Sign with Wooden Boat Pulling Water Skier

Look ma, one hand!! This vintage Grain Belt beer sign features all the collectible marks – water skiing, wooden boats and beer. The man is being hauled around the lake on a very short tow rope while waving for his homeboys to toss him another Grain Belt. The people in the sailboat, on a lake devoid of any obvious wind, are no doubt muttering “fuckin’ waterskiers” as they try to avoid the wake of the classic Century tow boat. The only vindication for the silent sport sailers comes when the drunk on Grain Belt skier falls and drowns because he’s not wearing any type of flotation device. Yep, this classic Grain Belt beer sign definitely tells a story. You can find this beer sign on eBay in Milaca, Minnesota for $449 Buy it Now. You can find Grain Belt at your favorite malt beverage mart.

Grain Belt Water Ski Beer Sign
I’m open! Toss me a Grain Belt and I will catch it one handed.
Grain Belt Water Ski Wooden Boat Beer Sign
How does that sail boat intend on going anywhere on that glass calm lake?

Lucky Lager Chris-Craft Cobra Beer Sign

In 1956 there’s nothing you probably wanted more than a Chris-Craft Cobra and to get Lucky. Lucky Beer that is. Lucky used this to their advantage with some risqué creative encouraging you to “Go lively, get Lucky” and while you’re at it “swing to exciting beer flavor” – damn, Lucky, you’re outrageous! The featured Cobra makes this a double-whammy collectible for both boat and beer enthusiasts. The nearly $1,500 price tag makes it only slightly less expensive than an actual Chris-Craft Cobra. Read: exaggeration. If you’ve always wanted a Cobra light-up beer sign, or simply just a light-up beer sign full of sexual innuendos, head over to eBay and pick this Lucky Beer sign up in Harper Woods, Michigan.

Go Lively Get Lucky Beer
Look how close she’s sitting to him. That’s close. That’s because he drinks Lucky Beer. That and he’s filthy rich. He’s got a flipping Chris-Craft Cobra. Asshole.
Lucky Lager Chris Craft Cobra Lighted Beer Sign
Vintage 1950s transformer should start your house on fire in no time. If I had a Chris-Craft Cobra in my shop though I’d buy this sign and up my insurance policy just in case.

Mercury Outboard Motors Sales & Service Vintage Clock

This vintage Mercury Outboard bubble clock is the cat’s ass. This Pam Clock Company vintage advertising model is in running condition – both clock and lights – and measures 15″ in diameter. I’d put this in my living room, although my wife would re-hang it in my shop. Great addition to any Mercury or Kiekhaefer collection. Buy it Now or Make Offer on this Mercury Outboard clock via eBay in Danville, Virginia where it’s listed for $695.

Vintage Mercury Outboard Motor Clock
Mercury Outboard Motors with Kiekhaefer logo vintage clock.
Vintage Mercury Outboard Sales & Service Clock
Vintage Mercury Outboard Sales & Service Clock

Union 76 Outboard Fuel “The Finest Pre-Mix” Porcelain Sign

A very cool Union 76 sign for the vintage collector at a very uncool price. This round sign is a 42″ double-sided porcelain Union 76 Outboard Fuel advertisement. The seller states the condition is “great” however, photos seem to indicate it’s poor. A fair amount of missing porcelain on both sides with a little rust built in for good measure. Now, I prefer the non-perfect, just not at perfect pricing. Then again, show me another one for sale. If you gotta have the Union 76 Finest Pre-Mix sign, then here’s your opportunity for $2,000 on eBay in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

Union 76 Outboard Fuel the Finest Pre-Mix
42″ round double-sided porcelain advertising sign for sale – Union 76 Outboard Fuel the Finest Pre-Mix