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While the lakes are frozen in Northern Wisconsin, winter drags on, days are short, and I scour the interweb for boats and dream of the ice melting. Rather than hoard that useless knowledge of boats that only I find interesting I decided to share it via this site. I know, lucky you, right? Well I’ve found that others like my discoveries and now I search for them year round and share them no matter the season

OnATrailer.com was inspired by one of my favorite automotive sites – bringatrailer.com. If you like this site and have an affinity for automobiles, you’ll like that one as well. I am really not a fanatical boat guy. I’ve always liked boats for their design or sound more than a bond to actual boating. A Donzi’s sleek lines or Holman Moody’s tuned exhaust flowing through the hull give me such a testosterone boost my nipples actually harden.

The boats I choose are all over the place… sometimes unique or rare, maybe just something I found cool or interesting. I tend to lean toward vintage makes and models, but you never know, horsepower and the capability to turn fossil fuel into power and noise get my attention as well.

My descriptions are most likely injected with some opinions, truths, inaccuracies, sarcasm, profanity and occasional misspellings, but realize if I posted it here, I liked it. So don’t  get all uptight and whiney if I poked fun at your princess.  After all, it’s just me and I haven’t quit my day job to run this site.

I try to post new boats several times a week. If you have something you want to share, drop me a note. If you like this site, tell others, link to it, and sign up for the e-mail updates.

OnATrailer.com – Because 71% of the earth is covered in water.

3 thoughts on ““Aboat” Us”

  1. Love the site. BAT has been my #1 read for years and I always longed for a boating version. I wish they would display a plug for OAT as many of those readers would appreciate your content. As for me, I own a 1967 Donzi Ski Sporter with a 351W and live near Jacksonville, FL. Thanks for the great effort!

    1. Thanks Stephen, I was out of town for a week working and didn’t have posts. I’m a huge BAT fan as well. Not sure our pals over there would plug it, but… I have a 1972 Correct Craft Mustang with a Holman Moody. I’ve been searching for a Donzi like yours though!

  2. Hi, I stumbled onto this site and was really enjoying the boats. I have been trying to decide weather or not to buy a older fiberglass speed boat with the name of Rowdy Sandollar. Has anybody even ever heard of them?

    Ron Janashak

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