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2005 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196

When you’re talking a 2005 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196, you’re talking one damn fine ski boat. It’s simple and classic and nothing can beat a Nautique’s pulling ability and nimble handling. These 20 ft. Correct Crafts are like driving a fine sports car on the water. The Nautique’s acceleration and turning ability are simply breathtaking for the driver.

There’s not too much to dance around when it comes to these championship ski boats. There’s a 330hp Excaliber PCM engine for muscle. The Nautique has Perfect Pass installed with GPS cruise control system. This makes it easy for anyone to hold the right speed when pulling a skier, you can even save multiple users in them. Pick the right skier’s name, jump in the water, hit it and you’re off. It’s a beautiful thing. This Nautique is a skier’s dream!

This Correct Craft boat will pull skiers for decades to come in the shape that it’s still in. The Buy it Now price seems a little high for the year, but with the low hours this one is toting I think it’s totally fair.

2005 Ski Nautique 196 Interior
This is a die hard skier’s dream. The 196 has room for your spotter, driver and the 330hp PCM Excalibur engine. What else do you need?
2005 Correct Craft Ski Nautique 196
It’s almost as if this Ski Nautique is begging for someone to jump in the water behind it… who’s next? who’s next?


1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow

This 1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow is a rare wooden runabout in excellent condition. I usually like to see through to the wood grain on classic wooden V8 runabouts. However, this vintage Chris Craft has me feeling like Goldmember from Austin Powers… “I LOVE GOOOOOOOLD!”

These 19ft. Cavalier Golden Arrows are rare with only 64 of them ever made. This vintage runabout has a wooden hull and vinyl top (where you see the gold color). The well kept Chris Craft also features a tandem axle trailer and full cover.   With a rebuilt Chevy 350 V8 pushing the water it’s sure to have that classic inboard V8 rumble that I love.

If you love vintage V8 inboards as much as you love GOOOOOOLD then this is definitely one to consider.

1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow Tandem Axle Trailer
Classic V8 inboard runabouts like this Cavalier Golden Arrow will have you outclassing your fellow boaters on any body of water.
1964 Chris Craft Cavalier Golden Arrow Interior
Well kept inside and out, the interior looks clean on this 1964 Chris Craft.

1988 COLE Performance Super Hawk Speedboat

One movie quote to sum up this 1988 COLE Performance Super Hawk – “I feel the need, the need for SPEED!” That’s right, from the 1986 hit movie Top Gun. The Tom Cruise fighter pilot classic and this COLE Performance Speedboat were released just two years apart so I’m feeling period correct with the correlation. This Super Hawk looks downright FAST! I want to jump in the drivers seat and burn through one of the 30+ gallon fuel tanks at full speed. Come back to the dock for the patented Maverick/Goose high-five low-five action with whomever is co-piloting for me that day. Then jump back in the driver’s seat and dispose of that second  tank through the 454 Magnum Mercruiser this Super Hawk is packing.

The current bid seems more than reasonable at $14,500. Even the Buy It Now Price for the Super Hawk is fair at $16,500. It’s a turnkey ’88 COLE Performance Speedboat that’s  ready to fly. We covered the 454 Magnum Mercruiser but didn’t mention the Bravo Outdrive, custom stereo, VDO gauges, custom lights, and there’s much more. Seller describes it as a Speedboat/Sport/Ski Boat that does 70-80 mph… if it’s me I’m leaving the skis at home, pumping “Danger Zone” through the sound system and only backing off the throttle to fuel up. If Top Gun had been a screenplay about high performance speedboats, this is the boat Maverick would driving.

1988 COLE Performance Super Hawk Tandem Trailer
This Super Hawk features heavy duty marine grade non-fade vinyl interior, new carpet, tandem axle trailer, and classic ’80s go-fast styling for days.
454 Mercruiser Magnum Bravo One Engine
The 454 Mercruiser Magnum Engine will fulfill all of your speedboat desires in this ’88 Speed Hawk from COLE Performance.


2006 Mastercraft X30

This low hour, well kept 2006 Mastercraft X30 will provide a lucky buyer endless fun on the water. I can’t think of a better buy then this X30 for a young family with some disposable income. Of course anyone would love a brand new Super Air Nautique G25 or a Mastercraft X46. BUT most people don’t have a disposable $150,000 sitting around. For a 1/5th of that price you can get an X30, a killer wakeboard boat. A 2006 Mastercraft has everything one of those brand new behemoth bad boys has and without the retirement fund erasing price tag. In a couple of years I’ll be looking to upgrade our 2000 Maristar 230 VRS to something like this X30. The wake tower, speakers, and size all pack a few more fun factors for the kids.

You get a plenty capable MCX 350 Vortex HO engine. The open bow and wrap around seating of the X30’s can handle 16 passengers! Plenty of room for your kids, their friends and if you are friends with their parents well then hell bring them along too. This Mastercraft is going on 12 years old which is not old by boating standards, and has less than 350 hours on it. My wife and I put almost 200 hours on a boat in a summer just cruising around on the weekends.

I thought $30k seemed low for a Mastercraft this size and upon further review was correct. NADA puts these X30s a little higher than that for fair market value. So the starting bid is fair. Still six days left on the auction, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. If I had found this Mastercraft two years from now I wouldn’t of told you about it. I’d be on my way to Texas to pick it up!

2006 Mastercraft X30 Interior and Tower
Clean X30 Interior with new carpet, tower, rack, and speakers. Open bow and wrap around seating for 16 people.
Mastercraft Extreme MCX 350 Vortec H.O.
MCX 350 Vortex H.O. has more than ample pull for all of your watersport needs – wakeboard, wake surf, waterski, tube – and yes that’s with a full boat too!
2006 Mastercraft X30 Rear Deck and Tower
When you wipe out behind this MC X30 you’ll still hear the tunes jammin’ even if it takes them while to circle back for you. Regardless, best to choose a reliable spotter 😉


1985 Hydrostream Vegas XT Yamaha 225 VMAX

One of a kind 1985 Hydrostream Vegas XT with a 225 Yamaha VMAX, ummm – YES PLEASE?! I didn’t need a sip of coffee here this morning after coming across this fast little bastard just an hour into the auction. This 225 VMAX powered ’85 Hydrostream kicked my ass right into gear! CLEAN custom speedboat with great color, custom cowling graphics to match, slick trailer with custom aluminum wheels,  mint interior w/ room for 4 passengers, JL Audio bluetooth stereo, 2 stainless props (one for cruising, one for thrills) and the list goes on. Green LED Lighting, while I’m usually not a fan, bring it on in this case! It’s a Hydrostream Vegas, the neon lighting fits it perfect, and remember what happens in Vegas… I love everything about it other than it’s not  mine.

If looks and options weren’t enough, the seller reports the Hydrostream Vegas XT will do 92mph which is scary fast on water. Find a local radar run, strap on a helmet, hit that throttle and show everyone WTF is up!

NADA reports an average retail on these ’85 Hydrostreams around $2,450 and suggests a list price around $6,600. Opening bid on this one is $100 of course with nothing on the books yet. It deserves to go for up around that list price, wouldn’t be surprised if it creeps higher with that. Who knows, it’s early on but no ones watching it yet. With no reason for selling reported it could be urgent, maybe you can swoop under the radar and snag it for a steal. Oh wait, there’s one person watching now…. THIS GUY!!!

1985 Hydrostream Vegas XT Dashboard Console Gauges
Driver console features JL Audio bluetooth stereo and Hardin Marine gauges.
1985-Hydrostream Vegas XT Yamaha 225 Vmax
Everything about this Hydrostream is clean and the 225 VMAX packs plenty of firepower for this speedboat
1985 Hydrostream Vegas Vmax Interior Seats
Great contrast between the black leather seats, carpet and the sparkling lime green gel coat.

1988 Supra Mariah Open Bow with Tower

Affordable wakeboard boat with plenty of options…

Here is a 1988 Supra Mariah Open Bow Ski Boat with tons of extras. This is a GREAT starter boat to get you out on the water wake boarding and/or skiing with friends and family. I’m usually against throwing wakeboard towers on older ski boats, but with that I’m talking late ’70s – early ’80s. I just don’t like messing with those old school lines, but when you get into the late 80s and early to mid-90s and can find a solid runner in good condition… have at ‘er, option the hell out of it.

If you can find one already set up then all the better. This ’88 Mariah checks off most of the boxes on my list for a Wakeboard starter: Monster Tower w/ Wakeboard Rack, 8 Wet Sounds Speakers (6 in boat and pair of cans on rack) w/ Subwoofer and Amp, Custom Cover, Bow Cover, Bimini Cover and Double Axle Trailer.

The open-bow gives you ample space for passengers (probably rated for 8 people) and the 454 engine will give you plenty of towing power for any water sports… a few fat sacks along the sides of the engine compartment with a  full crowd of passengers would provide plenty of wake for wake boarding or surfing. You just need to find room for the cooler.

The starting price of $13,100 is slightly above the NADA value, but NADA is not accounting for all the add-ons here. With 5 people watching the auction at the time of this writing you might be able to come in right around that price and that is totally fair to get your party on the water this summer.

Supra Mariah Interior with Tower and Rack
Open Bow Supra Mariah with clean interior, Monster Tower, Rack and Wet Sounds Speakers
Supra Mariah With Custom Cover
Custom Boat Cover on Open Bow Supra Mariah



1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow or Blue Steel?

Because like Derek Zoolander’s trademarked pose, when done right you just can’t look away from professional restoration like this. I for one have never seen a Chris Craft Silver Arrow before. For good reason as this one is hull #31 of just 92 of them ever made and comes from a 50+ year private collection. A quick search on our site here shows this same boat for sale back in 2015 for about the same price, assuming it’s the same seller of the private collection and all. The Silver Arrows were one of Chris Craft’s first attempts at producing a fiberglass and wood combination runabout. #31 here went through a 3 year full on restoration which stripped/prepped/refinished the Philippine Mahogany and rebuilt the 312ci, 195 hp Ford Interceptor Engine. This auction includes the trailer and a new custom Sunbrella mooring cover as well. The Buy It Now price on Ebay appears hefty at first but with plenty of time left on this auction it’s worth keeping your eye on as rare as it is. Buy it, strike a pose and you’ll be the talk of the lake.

1959 Chris Craft Brochure
Original 1959 Chris Craft Brochure
1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow
This 1959 Chris Craft Silver Arrow underwent a full 3+ year restoration and belongs to a 50+ year private collection.
Chris Craft Marine Ford Interceptor
312ci and 195hp Chris Craft Marine Ford Interceptor

1964 Century Resorter – Lil’ Woody

There’s never anything wrong with a Lil’ Woody…. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This Lil’ Woody here has a lot going for it in my opinion, starting with the asking price of $4,528 on Ebay. It was recently donated to a national charitable organization and is being sold at no reserve. There are quite a few eyeballs on this one and for good reason. It’s a 1964 Wooden Boat from a reputable manufacturer with trailer and powered by a V8 for under $5k. Sure there are a few dings and scratches, but that’s to be expected with that asking price. The interior looks decent and seller states it could use a nice detail. Nothing any common boater is scared to undertake. The few small rips in rear interior could be repaired for minimal cost before summer arrives. The seller does not include engine type but our best guess is a Chrysler 318. As long as the motor is running strong it should create a nice rumble that will spark more than a little wood on your favorite body of water. If this wasn’t located on the other side of the country in the middle of winter I’d be on my way to check it out this weekend.

Century Resorter 1964 Interior
Somewhat clean interior, nothing a quick detail can’t fix.
Century Resorter - Engine
V8 yes…. Chrysler 318 or Ford Interceptor?