1969 Regatta Custom Family Ski Boat

Manufactured in Downey, California, these Regatta Custom Family Ski Boats didn’t see a lot of distribution outside of the west coast. This one – obviously modified – is also in Rochester, Minnesota. Seller claims it’s only one of four known to exist, although a sales slick for this boat advertises “The second refreshing change in 11 years!” So clearly they were manufactured for over a decade, and a couple of changes every dozen years was enough to keep things fresh. The highlight of this boat is definitely the red Mercury Kiekhaefer outboard motor, which is unfortunately not included in the sale. The nicely restored boat is listed here on Craig’s List though, anxiously awaiting your choice of power plant for only $2,000.

1969 Regatta 16' Custom Family Ski Boat
This 16′ vintage Regatta ski boat looks to be nicely restored. Seller says this is paint, not gelcoat. Check out the Kiekhaefer peeking over the transom.
1969 16' Regatta Ski Boat
I would strongly encourage the new buyer to find the same outboard the seller has chosen. It fits this boat like a great toupee.
1969 Regatta Ski Boat Interior
Interior looks to be very nicely done in fresh white vinyl with blue accents. Throttle controls appear to be modern, but most likely don’t go with the sale.

1960 Bear Cat Twin Outboard

This little gem showed up in a Rochester, Minnesota fiberglass graveyard. The seller claims it’s a 15 on a 10 scale of rare – a fifty percent rare scale exceedance. I will say a quick search of the interweb brings up zero mentions, photos, or anything related to this brand/model of boat or similar. The seller calls it a Bear Cat tunnel hull but my hunch is the Bear “Cat” name comes from the word catamaran, which also describes the hull. It’s nothing so cool you absolutely have to have it, but with a proper restore I think it could be a fun towable. It appears largely intact and comes fitted with twin Johnson 40hp outboard motors. Find it on Craig’s List in Rochester for $2,500.

1960 Bear Cat Catamaran Tunnel Hull
The interior is spartan, looks like a lone speedometer is all you get for driver information. The twin-stick outboard controls are probably difficult to get parts for/replace if needed.
1960 Bear Cat Tunnel Hull Catamaran
Google couldn’t even find another one of these. So rare is an accurate description. I’d like to see the manufacturer’s plaque for more details on this boat.
1960 Twin Johnson 40hp Outboard Motors
If one Johnson is good, two is certainly better. Twin 40hp Johnson power this catamaran-hulled oddity.

1949 Chris-Craft Sportsman U22

This Chris-Craft Sportsman U22 is in need of total restoration. Seller claims it’s mostly intact with the exception of the motor housing and the front seat frame. It comes with a 283 small block engine in running condition. The seller does a nice job of presenting the boat’s condition though a variety of photos. If you’re looking for a project this boat is offered at $3,000 with no reserve in Middle River, Maryland.

1949 Chris-Craft 283 Small Block
Seller says the engine is currently winterized but has video footage of it running and that compression is good.
1949 Chris-Craft Sportsman U22
Largely intact, but needing a lot of wood work, this Chris-Craft Sportsman has all the important pieces to go with it. Including the tandem axle hay trailer.
1949 Chris-Craft Sportsman U22 Interior
Windshield, gauges, wheel all look original and in restorable condition. If this weren’t 2,000 miles round-trip, I’d be trying to figure out how I could make it my winter project.

1955 Chris-Craft Cobra 21′ Supercharged

Probably the holy grail of Chris-Crafts this Cobra is hull number 007 of the 21′ variety. With right around only 100 examples ever produced, this boat is as rare as any – including the famous barrel backs of the late 1930s and early 40s. The original 354 Chrysler Hemi had some period modifications done to it, and although not true to stock I don’t think they should hurt the value. These boats consistently sell in the $100K+ range and this should be no exception. It’s offered on Hemmings in Camas, Washington at $159,500.

1955 Chris-Craft Cobra 21' Interior
The interior of Cobra 007 looks pristine and is claimed original. I love the period McCulloch supercharger gauges left of the wheel. They look the part and are even rapped in the same black alligator skin as the rest of the dash.
1955 Chris-Craft Cobra 21' Fin Hull #007
The coolest part of the Chris-Craft Cobra, outside of its gorgeous gold shark fin? Hull number 007.
1955 Chris-Craft Cobra Supercharged
Twin McCulloch superchargers gave the 354 Chrysler Hemi 10psi of boost (5psi per). A four barrel Carter carburetor is housed in an aluminum pressure pot, which per seller produces a 40% increase in horsepower.

1958 21′ Chris-Craft Continental

One of my favorite Chris-Craft models, the Continental has unique style, fins, wood, and power. This one is need of a total restoration but the seller has already rebuilt the 455 Olds power plant and has freshly-upholstered seats that go with the sale. Those are probably the easiest and least expensive parts to this restoration though, as all the wood needs to be refinished. Find it on Craig’s List in Novato, California at the not-so-affordable asking price of $14,250.

1958 Chris-Craft Continental
1958 Chris Craft 21′ Continental with 455 Olds V8.
1958 Chris-Craft Continental Fin
A through hull exhaust and fins. What else could you ever ask for?
1958 Chris-Craft Continental Interior
The 1958 Chris Craft Continental interior looks to be complete including a non-period marine radio.

1958 Arena Craft 19′ Direct Drive

This old 19′ direct drive is powered by a Ford 312 Interceptor with dual carburetors, or at least will have to take this seller’s word for it, no photos of the engine. The boat itself is an interesting design typical of the late 1950s. The owner claims it needs some “floor work” – whatever that means. It’s currently listed on eBay in San Jose, California with one bid at $500 and the reserve not met.

1958 Arena Craft Ford V8 Direct Drive
I’d like to have the old Bronco in the background to tow it with.
1958 Arena Craft Interior
Lefthand drive with all the original gauges.

1966 Correct Craft American Skier

This 1966 Correct Craft American Skier looks to have the original Ford inline 6 cylinder. Seller notes it to be 120hp and in perfect running condition. I prefer the older Correct Craft ski boats with the solid color hulls, but this boat shouldn’t last long in good mechanical and cosmetic condition on Craig’s List in Lansing, Michigan for only $1,400.

1966 Correct Craft American Skier
The seller didn’t post many useful photos, but both trailer and boat look decent for the $1,400 asking price.
1966 Correct Craft Inline 6 Ford
Seller says the engine runs out very well and “sips” gas.

1978 16′ Chrysler Conquerer

This Chrysler is far better looking than any K-car. Chrysler dabbled in the marine industry from the mid 1960s until the mid 1980s. The boats had smooth lines but the motors were mostly known to be unreliable. This original example is very clean, but at the $8,900 Buy it Now price on eBay I don’t think this one will be leaving its Plymouth, Michigan home anytime soon.

1978 Chrylser 115 Outboard
The matching Chrysler cowl is from a 105hp outboard, but the seller claims the original 115 cowling is included in the sale.
1978 Chrysler Conqueror Interior
Check out the big Chrysler logo on the dash behind the steering wheel. Original interior is described as used, but clean condition.
1978 Chrysler Conqueror 16
The designers in the Chrysler Marine division were far more creative than the motor counterparts.

1962 Switzer-Craft Shooting Star

It’s a double-Switzer Friday – this one is a 1962 Switzer-Craft Shooting Star 14’6″ fiberglass racer in need of a total restoration. This would be a boat rescue done for nothing more than love, as this one is pretty far gone. Interior is original but not even salvageable. The boat itself appears decent on top, but the bottom shows long cracks, holes, and a lot of fiberglass damage. The very optimistic Celina, Ohio seller has it on eBay with a starting bid of $3,500, reserve not met. Perhaps this one should just be free to a good home?

1962 Switzer-Craft Shooting Star
1962 14;6″ Switzer-Craft Shooting Star looking to be saved from the scrap heap.
1962 Switzer-Craft
The hull on this old Switzer will need a complete overhaul. Large holes are apparent in additional listing photos.
1962 Switzer-Craft Shooting Star
It appears as though most of the stuffing in these original vinyl seats is most likely mouse nests. The seller may have inadvertently set the reserve at $3,500 instead of $35.00.

1953 Switzer-Craft Baby Bullet

This little 10’6″ Switzer-Craft Baby Bullet vintage racer hasn’t been registered since 1976 according to the hull stickers. Although the owner claims it hasn’t seen the water since 1965. Stored indoors on a homemade trailer, both the boat and vintage Evinrude outboard motor appear to be in excellent original condition. Find it in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Craig’s List for $4,000.

1953 Switzer-Craft Baby Bullet
Switzer-Craft baby Bullet with vintage Evinrude outboard tiller hooked up to a cable steer system.
1953 Switzer-Craft Dunphy Wheel
The steering wheel reads “Dunphy” – not sure if Switzer subcontracted the wheels, or perhaps it’s a replacement from a Dunphy boat. The vintage speedometer is a very cool feature as is the “Bud’s Sport Shop” placard over the wheel.
1953 Switzer-Craft 10'6" Baby Bullet
You can see a bit of the homemade trailer, or perhaps better classified as a transporter.